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[eBay Plus] $5/ $7/ $10 off Select Items - e.g. $0: Digital Thermometer, 50pc Mask, Logitech H110, $3: Belkin Dual USB Charger

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  • Does anyone know when this promo finishes?

    Do I hold on for tomorrow, or burn my remaining slot tonight!

    • Just use an alternative account and sign up to the trial?

  • @skido could you please add this?

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    Looks like Pro Gadgets is participating, though not all items are eligible, if you're after a Spigen case it's worth a look.

  • Looking for a 2M USB A/C to USB C. Everything is 1M :(

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      2m cables added to list! there's quite a few

      • Cheers skido. You're a champ!

    • Everything is 1M :(

      Where you see everything is 1M? I am looking for a short one for car.

      • Check AliExpress, they got 0.25m one's…

        • Need a good one for Android Auto cheap one have problem

          • @superforever: Nope. Cheap doesn't mean bad.

            You can buy the cables the seller is selling here direct from the manufacturer on AliExpress.

            Try Vention, UGREEN, Baseaus cables, etc. They are all high quality.

  • Skido, any chance of a usb c to hdmi cable?

    Or usb c to 2 x hdmi hub would be cool too.

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      It’s available now

      • cheers, i got one.
        Thanks Skido!!

        • What do you use that for?

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            @hex7272: just a usb hub for my desk as my pc is behind my desk and im lazy

  • Hi Skido, love your deals and thanks for the great effort you put into your posts.

    Can this casing be included too as part of the deal? Logitech AnyAngle Stand Protective Case for iPad Mini

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    • That product also works with $10 off via afterpay (not stackable)

  • Thank you OP. Got a 1m & 2m usb-c to usb-c cable , and a $5 usb-c flash drive

  • I have used 2 times and the 3rd time I got error "Code has applied to an order". Is it somehow linked in a way? I have 2 ebay plus account for me and my partner but I bought it and shipped it to my detail in both accounts and in the 2nd account after 2x purchase, code doesn't work anymore.

  • Digital Thermo Restocked and logging out .

    • hi, this has been added - along with a few other products (might need to check the bottom of the list)

      for those who haven't used their code yet, its worth to keep checking back on the mega link - as items are still being added (including more freebies)

      • Any chance could make the fitness wheel roller $10 (free)? :D

  • Thanks OP, got 2 Mi USB-C Cables and one Belkin Charger for total of $3.

  • max 3 uses yea?

    • Yup.

  • Expires soon at 12am?

  • Got a $5 10W wireless charging pad, free HDMI and usb C cables
    Thanks OP

    • Mind sharing the link for the wireless pad? :)

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        I ordered this :)

        There's also a stand for $7

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        • The first pad links puts out 1.5A, the charging stand puts out 2A so is a better buy provided your device support the faster charge standard.

          • @Agret: They both have the same inputs of 5V/2A or 9V/1.8A, the first doesn't list the outputs in details or the image where the second says 1.5A.

            They're both 10W wireless chargers, likely the same output in amps.

  • I’ve placed 2 orders with this code but have been getting ‘you have already applied this code to an order’ in eBay now (different sellers).

  • Any cheap rechargable lamps?

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    Solar sensor lights and a rice cooker deal please!!😎

  • Thanks OP! Truly a legend.

  • The big link titled "$0-$10 - Cables, adaptors, sd cards, USB drives, mouse pads and other accessories" just links to a Verpeak Cast Iron Kettlebell

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      click on the weight drop down box

    • Look at the weight dropdown box

  • got free masks, any other thing to get for free ?

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      The $0-$10 deal in the OP still has some iPad cases and various adapters for free.

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          Luckily I wasn't planning to use these to perform my next open heart surgery

      • Code stopped working on that ard 12pm est

  • Any Free items remaining?? I have couple of code still.

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      Likely junk, better to invest in inkbird or a brand that actually works well and will last

      • not junk
        i got one of these and it still works.

        only thing good about inkbird is the Bluetooth and app support

        • The hardware is completely different, yours is likely inaccurate and takes forever to get a reading

          • @TEER3X: That is what you "think" only. I got one from Kmart for $5 and the reading is like in a few seconds.

          • @TEER3X: does not take forever..
            also you have no proof of how accurate these are..

            unless you have done test on both with a third one that you know for certain is the most accurate..
            you have no proof to make this statement..

  • Has this expired yet?

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    Anyone who is still keeping track of this thread (and has a pet dog),

    Free LED dog collars are now up (different colours and sizes avail) - link here

    More info about product (including size chart) - here

  • In case someone is looking for a car charger, I just bought this - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/282763150167

  • just a dumb question, OP's link takes me to a seller named IOT Hub and when I add the item the description of it states Cast Iron Kettlebell instead of the item I selected. Is this ok to proceed? The item I've selected is actually listed by the same seller for a higher price.

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      It shows the image of the actual item at checkout, so I assume it's fine.

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    Looks like the kettlebell page has more cables and a selfie stick added, free with the coupon.

    • Got the selfie stick !! Atleast something I got free

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    They got earphones and neck pillows now.

    • neck pillow says can't be applied to my order

      • Are you trying it on the neck pillow listed on the kettlebell page, or the separate listing for it? Seems to be working fine on the kettlebell one.

  • @skido
    any smart watches/bands?

    • i waa looking for same apple watch 42 mm (Watch 3), but no offer. pls let me know if you come across

  • Getting a coupon error now?