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Audio Technica LP60X Turntable $188, LP60XBT $239, LP2X $339 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hifi has sale prices on the budget Audio Technica turntables:

Audio Technica LP60X (Black) $188
Audio Technica LP60X (Red) $188
Audio Technica LP60XBT $239
Audio Technica LP2X $339

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  • what happened to the price of lp120? it skyrocketed.

    • What did the LP120 use to cost?

      • I just did some research and this lpx one is a new range and original lp120 was discontinued. So that is the reason behind the increase I guess.

        • If you are wanting one (LP120), check around various audio hi-fi specialist stores. or get JB-Hi to check their nationwide network of stores for orphaned "remaindered" stock. A lot of these places may also be doing their EOFY stock takes. Always worth checking out in my experience.

          Also, I notice that JB's appear to be still carrying stock:

          • @et tu brute: The JB HiFi link is for the new LP120X version (not LP120)

    • Been around the mark it is now since I was looking at them over a year ago. I ended up spending a bit more and getting a decent Pro-Ject table instead though.

      • which model?

      • @BradH13
        Ironic, but most most Audio-Technica and Pro-ject turntables are manufactured in the same factory(ies) in China to spec. Claims of superiority of one brand over the other could be questionable unless independent quality control measures are in place.

        • I guess they will still have different designs, despite being made in the same factories.

        • Never claimed brand superiority. Just that I paid more for a slightly more 'up-market' Pro-Ject model (Debut Carbon Evo) compared to the AT LP120X.

          I don't really care for brand wars.

  • Would the LP60X be on par with the Bauhn turntables sold at Aldi for $99? I've seen them as low as $70.


    • +2

      That Bauhn one shown is using the same (very cheap) OEM mechanism that almost every budget turntable uses. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002326988366.html

      The LP60X whilst still not a fantastic unit, is still much better than those containing that generic mechanism. At least the LP60X is a custom design with an AT cartridge.

  • Which one is the best model?

  • Can't believe I missed out on this. I'm so so mad at myself! Been waiting ages for a good deal on turntables and I miss it when this comes out :(

    • Same here, kicking myself!

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