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[eBay Plus] Logitech MX Keys $139 Delivered @ Titan Gear eBay


Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

  • Increased Key Stability
  • Smart Illumination Backlighting
  • Connect to Multiple Computers
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Up to 5 Months Battery Life (Without Backlighting)
  • Windows, Mac, Linux Supported

300 available

Part of eBay Plus Weekend - Also available Dell S2721DGF for $359 Delivered

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  • +11

    Absolutely excellent keyboard for productivity. Pair it with an MX Master mouse and you're set!

    Love the premium build quality, feel of the keys, the customisability and being able to use it with multiple devices.

    One thing to note is that connecting it via USB only powers it, it doesn't do data via cable.

    I think this might be the best price for it so far, combine with gift cards and you've got yourself a very solid deal.

    • +2

      combine with gift cards

      'Discount' Gift Cards

    • I have exactly this combo in the office and its great for office use. At home, I am currently on the G613, a really regretful buy!

      • +1

        I bought mine for WFH use and have been taking them to the office on the random days I go there. Seriously great combo. Tempted to buy another combo to leave at work, but can't justify the cost…

        • I just wish the mx master mouse was a bit lighter though. I use the G603 at home as I use it for gaming.

          • @John Doh: Still rocking the G9x for gaming. :D

            • @Munki: I had that earlier, failed on me in 3 months unfortunately. It was a gift from US and could not return it. While it lasted, it was a great mouse for sure.

              • @John Doh: Really? 3 months? That's pretty surprising. Must've been very unlucky. I've got two that are still going strong.

                • @Munki: Yes, the left mouse button double clikcing is a common issue. I even replaced the omron switch but the problem came back pretty soon. Now my G603 middle button started double clicking. mwave happily replaced it. Losing trust in logitech. :(

                  • @John Doh: That sucks. Might have to give Razer a try!

                    • @Munki: I thought about it. But there are more Razer haters than logitech, hence still on logitech :D

                      • @John Doh: I'm in the same boat, logitech is the lesser of two evils atm. Have you seen the new Steelseries Prime Wireless mice? They could be the ergo 'end game' for me. I think they're releasing July 31 though. Bit of a wait.

                        • @robo11: No I havent checked them, getting old, more responsibilities at work -> less time for gaming. :( WTH!

                      • @John Doh: I have to admit, I'm so out of the loop with mouse technology (especially for gaming).

                        Also, high end Dell gaming mouse? Not an Alienware?

                    • @Munki: Oh BTW I got a free wireless high end dell gaming mouse from dell as they sent my DGF pretty late. I am yet to open it. I thought I will sell it, but I feel my replacement G603 might not last and I might need another one soon. :D

      • I have the G613 and I LOVE it … horses for courses I guess?

        • Exactly! I got the G613 and G03 so that I can switch between the desktop and work laptop. But the moment I opened and used the keyboard, I realised these tall, long travel keys are not for me. I also find the pointy edge and narrow head of the keys not so comfortable compared to membrane keyboards, which are wider and more flatter. To add to the problem, the G keys on the left makes it worse. I accidently use them thinking they are Ctrl. Switching between Mac Command and windows Control keys was already a problem and the G Keys adds to it. Even now I make so many mistakes while typing. I might probably like the G9XX series keyboard, but they are too expensive. I guess I will just sell this and get a cheap 10$ membrane keyboard lol.

      • I used to carry my mx vertical mouse between home and work, only WFH these days. Still got a G502 as well for a change. MX vertical has The 3 device switching and would pair up well.

        Good price on the MX Keys, was a bit late to The party but don't have two devices at the moment.

    • Can the mouse and keyboard run off a single receiver device?

      • +1

        I'm pretty sure it can!

      • 100% yes. I do it so I can easily switch between devices. Use 1 from keyboard to 1 machine and the other one from the mouse on the second machine. Switches flawlessly.

        • Sorry, are you saying that the mx mouse connects to the keyboard?

          • +2

            @ifreddo: No, the receiver can take multiple devices. You get 1 receiver with the keyboard and another one for the mouse. So you just plug one receiver to one device and the other on another device. You can connect both the peripherals to the same receivers.

            There are keys you can press on the keyboard to change devices (1, 2, 3) and a button to cycle through 3 devices for the mouse.

            • @Munki: Love a good explanation for dummies. Appreciate it.

              • +1

                @ifreddo: No problems. To make it easier, keep the peripherals on the same number when you're connecting to them (i.e. keyboard and mouse both on 1).

                • @Munki: So can you switch by clicking one button and switches both keyboard/mouse from Computer 1 to Computer 2?
                  Or you press the switch button on keyboard then switch button on mouse?


                  • +1

                    @Bumhole: I think the Flow feature from the Logitech Options software is supposed to allow that, but I've unfortunately not been able to make it work.. I just manually press the buttons on each device (there are dedicated keys on the keyboard and a button under the mouse to switch between devices).

    • One thing to note is that connecting it via USB only powers it, it doesn't do data via cable.

      How much data are you trying to store on your keyboard?

      • +1

        If you need to access the BIOS before startup, this keyboard won't work because the wireless modules don't kick in until after startup on Windows machines.

      • +1

        I guess what he means is, you can't plug and play the keyboard, it has to connect via bluetooth or dongle (if any)

  • +3

    This also connects to your mobile phone so you can type with your keyboard for your imessage, whatsapp/facebook chat

    • Omg! That’s perfect! Should totally be a selling point in their marketing material.

      Edit: just bought literally just for this feature. Hope it’s as seamless as everyone makes it out to be.

    • Love it for responding to messages on the iPad. Seamless experience.

      • +16

        Oh my god it’s json bourne

        • +12

          Get some rest Pam, you look tired.

  • +2

    Worth the $4.99 for 1 month sign up! Thanks

  • +1

    The escape key is non standard width and the function keys are far too close (should be higher, further away) from the number keys.

    USB C = good and unifying logi to multiple dongles? Great but the layout, not so much.
    Still using my K800, love it. Hell of a keyboard. Work threw out 70 of them, I managed to snag 4.

  • +1

    What is this nonsense.

    I don't need another one but this price is unbelievable…

    • +4

      Try this. I took away all my mechanical keyboards after getting this one.

      • +1

        I already have two lol.

        • +2

          Dont tell me you dont need third one mate

      • +1

        you didn't use enough lube!

    • +1

      Just bought a second one too…might need some counselling. 😅

  • YAssss
    thank you OP

    Was waiting eagerly for this one

  • While I have bought this keyboard thanks to OP
    anyone can comment on Keychron K4 compare to this?

    Anyone have use em or can shed some view?

    • +2

      Keychron's are Mechanical and MX Keys are Membrane ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the MX Keys 2 is coming out soon? If not i'll just buy this and claim it on tax.

    • +2

      I figure even if it does, I’ll just take this to work and have the 2 version at home.

  • Best keyboard ever. Got 2nd one :) great price, thanks Op.

  • +1

    Don't need one but I bought any way, to many positive comments for me to ignore

  • Such an awesome price. Great promotion by titan gear.

  • Is this low profile? It looks really tilted. And you can’t have it flat is that right

    • you can add rubber bumpers if you want it elevated flat. I'm sure it's an easy mod alongside a wrist palm rest. And yes, these are low profile.

  • Great price and great product. Just bought one from wireless1 days ago very happy with it. Feel like type much faster with it.

  • +1

    What's so special about this keyboard?

    It is the price of a high end mechanical keyboard, but it isn't a mechanical keyboard

    • +5

      The features. And some people prefer low actuation typing without disturbing family and to ease their suffering from the heavy CLANK CLANK of my e-mail prose.

      • +1

        There's a proximity sensor that automatically turns the backlight on / off, so it preserves battery when you're not actively typing on it.

      • Still not quite selling it to me. ATM it just sounds like any other membrane keyboard (which it probably isn't).

        I mainly made the comparison to a mechanical keyboard since they are generally more expensive because of how they are made

    • +2

      It's basically just a fancy low profile membrane keyboard with selectable bluetooth profiles that you can quickly switch between, so it's handy if you have multiple computers or laptops that you swap between.

      • +1

        Ah, it sounds like it would go nicely with an mx master.

        I have a laptop and desktop that I regularly switch to, but it hasn't irritated me to the point where I need this feature just yet. I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future

        • +1

          It's also built really well, certainly comparable in build quality and feel to similarly priced mech keyboards.

  • Finally pulled the trigger on a new keyboard purchase, thanks OP !

  • I bought one recently for my second workstation and whilst it is nice, I think for fast typing I still prefer my full size mechanical keyboard.

    • Give it time. I was the same after switching from the K750 solar after nearly a decade. The switch is worth it.

  • +1

    Love the keyboard but the biggest issue I have with the keyboard is what I have with all keyboards.. The FN key.. Why not just add another row!?

    • +2

      You can set the keyboard to standard function keys using the Options software.

  • Been looking at this for ages and finally pulled the trigger too! Thanks OP!

  • +3

    Thx, Didnt need it so I bought one

  • I have k380 at home, what makes this one superior besides this one got obvious more keys? genuine question….

    • I have the same question. To me, there are 3 differences. Firstly, K380 is not a full-size keyboard. Secondly, it doesn't have backlight. Finally, AAA battery instead of USB C. Other than those 3. I think there are quite similar.

    • I have the K380, and in all honesty the thickness and rounded keys really annoy the heck out of me. I mistype a lot with it. The keys on the K380 are not at all as tactile as something like my daily driver K810. The MX Keys is like the newer generation of the former godlike K810's.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.. had my eyes on this for the home office. Anyone seen a good deal on MX Master 3 mouse?

  • Please note that while you don't need the Logitech Options software for the full functionality of this keyboard, if you need it to customise the MX Master 3 mouse, it can be fiddly to get working on some machines. I can't get it to run properly on my home desktop, but it works fine on my work SurfaceBook 2.

  • I know it is a white backlit keyboard, but can you set lighting effects on it?

    • This isn't a gaming keyboard, bruh.

      • Wouldn't hurt to have those features, bruh.

    • +1

      No lighting effects.

      • +1

        Thanks for confirming :)

  • Thanks op, got my wife one

  • None left

  • +1

    Excellent price for one of the best keyboards out there. I use it to quickly switch between work Dell laptop, Mac mini and Tablet.

  • +1

    Damn missed out, when I first looked very few had sold.
    Great weekend deals

  • Damn missed this

    • +2

      Because …cables 😅

      • It's not that bad when it's a braided cable. I personally prioritise typing experience far over wireless, and the G610 really is so nice to type on compared to membrane keyboards like this one. It also has that satisfying clack sound of old keyboards. But I understand.

        Btw it's $139 for the Blue switches + free metro shipping @Mwave.

        • Haha I've got one for a year now and love mine. This sold out and always popular so can't be that bad really. Not a gamer and mainly for the home office so flashing coloured lights don't appeal. also prefer a quieter keyboard. Also love multiple devices when paired with the MX master mouse..

          • @jasontworld: That's one of the reasons I got the G610, it has a clean look with just a simple white backlight. The Red switches for $149 are the quieter option and are easier to push. There's also the DasKeyboard brand for mechanical keyboards that look more professional. A lot of people don't seem to know about mechanical keyboards which is a shame.

        • +2

          The typing experience on the MX Keys is amazing. You've clearly never tried them.

          • @Munki: Nothing beats a mechanical keyboard for gaming or typing, and the G610 has a clean look with just a white backlight. The MX Keys must be the best out of the membrane keyboards. I've tried many cheaper Logitech keyboards and iPad cases, and they've been underwhelming.

            • +3

              @Techie4066: So…Have you tried the MX Keys?

              • @Munki: No, but it's a membrane keyboard, and a more premium one compared to others or laptop keyboards. It can only be so good, there is no trickery going on here.

                Really just depends on what you're looking for.

                • @Techie4066: jenniferlawrenceOK.gif

                • @Techie4066: Wait you haven't tried it and you're saying it's rubbish? Haha I won't say mechanical is rubbish because i haven't tried it though..

                  • @jasontworld: Emphasis on "(rubbish?)". I don't buy every keyboard on the market, I did my research and stuck with one. Of course I know what membrane keyboards feel like, Logitech or not. Once you've experienced mechanical, you know. The downvotes in response to a suggestion are so unnecessary.

                  • @jasontworld: The quality of mechanical keyboards vary wildly too, as do the three main cherry/keys/switches options
                    (I got the Drop Ctrl High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard and it's great)

                    • +1

                      @G-rig: Yeh Im not here to blast mechanical keyboards but I don't get how someone can call the MX keys rubbish when they haven't tried it that's all.

                      There's heaps of reviews that say the MX keys is one of the best (membrane) keyboards but mechanical and membrane have their uses.

                      Different uses for different people but it's not the right thing to say it's rubbish because mechanical is the only way to go?

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