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Keychron K4 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with 1x Free Extended Mousepad $129 Express Delivered @ EZPC eBay


Buy 1x Keychron K4 and Get 1x Fantech MPC900 Cordura Full Size Mousepad (RRP $49) @express delivery

Keyboard Specification-
*Connection Method: Wireless (Bluetooth) / Wired (Type-C to USB) connection to 3 devices simultaneously
*RGB Backlit: 15 Types of RGB Backlight, you can change to white LED or turn off the light by button
*100 Keys: With Numberpad
*Mac Keycap Layout: Friendly design for Mac user
*Gateron Mechanical Switch: Red / Blue / Brown
Please notice that this is without Aluminium Frame and not Hot-swappable version

Mousepad Specification-
*Size: 900x400x3mm
*Durable Cordura Fabric Material
*Anti-Slip Rubber Base

**************Limited Stock Only**************

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  • Store in title please.

    • Added, thanks for mention

  • This or pay double the price for a G915?

    • +1

      Definitely this unless you want low-profile that badly or you're willing to pay extra for the logitech aesthetic. The only differences i see in the g915 are the look, the low-profile keys and the dedicated buttons on the top (the keychron should have FN shortcuts for all of these features, ofc not as convenient as just having a button)

      Overall build quality should be about the same and from what I've heard, the switches on the G915 are essentially Kailhs which shouldn't feel much different to Gateron.

      • +1

        Keychron has slim profile keyboards on their website for sale. Have one and do recommend for typing and working. Bluetooth is trash for fps gaming though at least in my experience.

      • +1

        Main different with the K4 is the layout, its gimmick is the compressed layout whilst maintaining a numpad. I picked up a year or so ago when I built a backpackable itx PC, and found my normal keyboard to be slightly too long for the backpack. Numpad was important to me, otherwise I a TKL would have been a better option.

        Key wise, you do miss out on the Insert and Printscreen keys.

        Happy enough with the keyboard so far via wired, haven't really given it a spin via bluetooth.

  • so do i need to buy a bluetooth receiver and plug it to pc to get this to work?

    • Depends if your PC has integrated Bluetooth already. Most modern PCs should have this. If you have integrated Bluetooth, then no you don't have to buy an adaptor.

      • Haven't looked at the listing in this, but my K2 works either wireless or can be wired too. Would have thought all keychron 'wireless' boards would be the same, since they'd need usb connectivity at least to charge

        • +1

          Wow, people really are crazy with the downvote button as of recent.
          I'm guessing the only way to have avoided this one would have been to open the K4 manual and quote it. I'm not sure why they're so against people trying to help, after all, they can also just Google themselves.

          The keyboard(the K4) has a switch which lets you change between cable, off, and Bluetooth.

          • @ihfree: Off topic: How do you know a post has been down voted?

            • @jetblack: On the right-hand side, you'll see the score if the comment has been voted on, next to the + and - button.
              If you click votes underneath the post, you'll see the number of downvotes and who has upvoted your comment.

    • You can also just use it with the included USB-C cable in the box if wireless is not important

  • Was about to buy but not hot swappable?

    • There's another variant, see my comment below.

  • +2

    These keyboards in blue tooth mode can’t get into bios. It must be hard wired to do so.

  • hi Rep, is this with the aluminium frame?

    • +1

      I think not. The description is silent on aluminium, so would assume not.

    • +4

      This one from the same seller, $20 more for aluminum frame and hot-swap.

      • ^worth it if you'd be interested in trying different switches in the future. Will save you having to buy a whole new keyboard.

  • So the bargain is free mouse pad?

  • +4

    Hi rep,
    could you do a deal for the K4V2 alumunium frame based with the palm rest?

    • Yes, this would be a good little combo. The keyboard is so tall, definitely needs a palm rest.

  • Nice keyboard and Cordura is a great mousepad material, although a bit hard for some people's preferences.

    Full-size Logitech G610 is $139 (Blue) or $149 (Red) free delivery to Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Canberra @Mwave, ending today.

    • +1

      Thats wired though just FYI

      • Yes, no extra Bluetooth module needed, no connection interruptions, no lag, no batteries, plug and play.

        • +2

          …which Keychron K4 can also do when you put it into wired mode - and at the same price gives you the option of 3 wireless devices.

          • -1

            @Kill Joy: As already explained, the G610 is a full-size alternative. Thanks.

  • Nice wireless keyboard. The mousemat is really fit for my desktop.

  • +3

    i just got this. it is a nice keyboard and the mousepad thing was a nice bonus. very happy.

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