WFH Full Time - Chair Recommendations


WFH full time in the IT Web DEV space.

My current chair which is a few years old isn't very comfortable anymore and has a nice butt print.

Looking for a new chair before EOFY to claim on tax.

Recommendations? I'm happy to spend max $300. Happy to buy online or from Officeworks. I am based in VIC. Probably get one for my wife as well but she doesn't WFH often as she is a primary school teacher.

I have a sit-stand desk if that makes any difference and a carpet roll matt protector already.




    I recently tried out these gaming chairs and found them comfy (lumbar & neck support cushions were something I was looking for in particular in a chair). Liked this one which was reasonably priced & came with 3 years warranty. Budget was around $200 max.

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      Would not recommend. PU leather wont last and lumbar cushions are hit and miss compared to full mesh.


      Bought the $299 “ultimate” one of these from office works and had to return it within a month when the back rest literally cracked apart from the seat when I leaned back. I am definitely a big guy but still well within the stated max weight rating for the chair. Luckily I didn’t fall back and hurt myself.

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      I bought this just before lockdown, so far it's good.

      Lumber support adjustable
      Head rest adjustable
      Seat can be adjusted forward
      Can tilt back which was very useful when I was watching po… I mean anime yesterday.

      Class C office chair. Not sure what that means.


      Have had one for a few years now, have worked from home 99% of the time for the last decade.

      It's pretty good.

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    I wouldn't bother with a gamer specific chair…

    Considering you'll be spending several hours a day in it, don't cheap out.
    It might be worth stretching the budget to get one of these. I've got a second hand leap v1 and it's been great.


      If it says "Gaming" in the description - AVOID. These are never good quality.

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    Get one that has at least 5 hrs of use specified. IMHO I would get a chair with a minimum of 8hrs use and a 10year warranty like:

    If you search ozbargain for "Buro Chair" you will find that they have been on special in the past. I would check out the companies mentioned to see if they are on special.

    I would also go into officeworks and sit in the charis to see which ones you like as you may not like the chair above or you may as you need to get the right chair for you.


      The buro is the best at that price point.
      Owner here after 5 years and no issues.
      Initially baulked at the price, but did plenty of research and so happy with decision.


        +1 the Burro. I use them at home and for staff at the office. Everyone loves them and as comfy as it was when I first got it


    there's a heap of businesses closing down and they're getting rid of their chairs (and tables/shelves etc).. might want to check out gumtree
    ALSO, there's a office surplus store in Burwood that sometimes gets Steelcase chairs in


    I agree with above comments, you're better off spending $1k~ for a chair if you're WFH full-time.

    Last year when pandemic just hit, felt I needed a new chair, was using a $150 officeworks chair. Purchased a $350~ buro metro-ish. 1 Year down the line, after months of complaining to myself because the breathability in the fabric doesn't support you sitting there for 8+ hours, I purchased a Leap V2 for $950. Definitely worth the investment. And you're better off spending it once rather than multiple times.

    Highly recommend going with either a Leap v2 or HM Aeron. Most Aerons go for $600-700 on FB Marketplace.

    I however preferred the Leap.


    I purchased a $200 office "racer" style chair a few years ago - while it felt great in the store, not long after i hate this chair! It is to narrow, the foam has lost most of its cushioning. Complete waste of money.

    Looking for something decent ….thats cheap lol!

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    I ended up getting this and really enjoy it. I'm WFH full time too.

    I had an Officeworks racing chair prior and the faux leather just falls apart after a while. The ThunderX3 has been great so far and the mesh back has indeed kept my cool in summer.

    It's got a nice wide base too so caters for quite a few bums.


    I got the [Scarborough[( from officeworks.
    Been using it since March '20 and still like new, 9+ hours a day.


    I got this onefrom Kogan and its obviously no good for 6-8hrs but not bad for small streches.


    I purchased one of these a year ago for home

    Great chair, been in daily use for two people night and day. The cushion is still top notch, with 2 people using it it is constantly being adjusted and we both find it comfortable for extended periods of use. I’m 6’1” and have the seat at its highest position and my feet are flat on floor.

    I have a friend who is 6’3” and he loves his chair from them too.

    Service was faultless and delivery was quick.