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[Pre Order] Viomi Alpha S9 Robot Vacuum $799 + Delivery @ Xiaomi AU


As per title. They have added a lot of features for the price of $799 preorder (delivery in June)

Auto-Dumping 2.0
2700Pa Strong Suction
5200mAH Large Capacity
950W Strong Dust Collection
381mm Ultra-short Air Duct
5 Floor Map Storage

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  • Looks good

  • This looks like an equivalent to the S6 but with an auto emptying dock?

    • Not sure if S6 does Y mopping. Also, I can finally see the the cross cleaning of the area when more than 1x selected. Have not followed other models, but really wanted it from the beginning. Still dont know why they still use one brush

  • I don't like the disposable bags and mops. Seems very wasteful to me.

    Otherwise, looks quite cool!

    I enjoy the ESL marketing material, which also throws the word 'mysophobia' in :P

    • +1

      as with others like these, reusable ones will be/already are available

  • How long does the water tank last? Can it be refilled from a storage tank in the base?

  • Wow I've been looking for a bot with auto bin, didn't realise this was a contender.

  • Sooooooo Tempted :-)
    Does anyone have any feedback on these…

  • Ok - just pulled the trigger …
    Fingers crossed ;-)
    Thanks OP!

    • Hey just wondering how you are going with this vacuum?

      • Hi there,
        I really like it…
        It works a lot better than I anticipated.

        Occasionally it gets stuck, but typically that’s my fault for leaving a lose cable around…

        But for the current pricing of $600, I’d definitely recommend one.

  • I read xiaomi vacuum has software issues?

  • No white color :(

    • +1

      I actually like black. My Xiaomi Gen1 always gets dirty looking after just a couple of cleans

  • Is this the best one so far?

    • it's not the best one, but probably best for $ vs features

      • +1

        I have the Xiaomi Gen 1 just like you for about 3 years now. Still going strong. Paid about $315 back then and wasn't sure or should I upgrade. This is 2 times more expensive than the Gen 1.

        • agree. Just depends what you use it for.
          Having dock that cleans the dust bin is the future. Not sure about mopping features - still sceptical it can do a decent job for my 150sqm flooring. But with automation, I want it to clean the floor every day and I just replace the big bag once whenever its full

  • Where do you get the June delivery date? Does it show up after ordering?

    • was right on the front page. Now says "IN STOCK"

      • ah nice, thanks for confirming

  • +2
    • even better!

    • Just love how the price of something brand new drops by $150 a couple of days after buying it. Thank you shopper protection credit card.

  • ok that was weird, vacuum just arrived. I wasn't expecting it that fast.

    • please share your experience with it. Especially self emptying part

      • +7

        ok, so here's my initial thoughts. Keep in mind I have had the original Mi Robot for the last few years, which has been pretty good, except it kept stopping on slightly thick carpet and it's mapping ability was very limited (doesn't save maps and can't find itself if moved).

        Firstly I had trouble adding the S9 to my Mi Home, as I have a lot of iot devices already set up on China region. I switched it to Australia and it added fine. I realise there's a modified Mi Home app that allows you to see devices in multiple regions. I will have to ponder how I want this all set up in the long term.

        I let it do it's initial run last night to map the house, then I refined the partitioning of the rooms it created. Later on I also added the no-mop areas and a couple of virtual walls near toilets.

        This morning I filled up the water tank and attached the mop head with a disposable mop pad and let it do a vacuum + mop of a section of the house with tiles and wooden floorboards. I noticed it went onto the carpet (this was before I set up no-mop areas), so I'm assuming it doesn't detect and prevent it. I noticed if you take out the water tank/dust bin it doesn't leak any water, but if it's in the vacuum and you flip the vacuum, some water can leak out. Might need to put some something on the ground where it docks to protect the floorboards.

        I love the self-emptying function. It's a bit loud for 10 seconds, but what do you expect? It didn't get stuck on the carpet, but it did get stuck between a wall and toilet base, while climbing the toilet base (it likes to climb). So I've put a virtual wall there so it doesn't waste battery life trying to rectify itself. It does try to climb some stool bases depending on their design, but doesn't get stuck. It's just more annoying watching that and hearing it navigate on it.

        I am so far really liking the mopping capability, which I didn't put a great deal of importance on due to what I'd hear others say with other robots. I think this is because the S9 has a combined dust bin and water tank, whereas others require you to change between the two functions. So if you can dock the S9 on floor/tile and you have a large continuous area that is moppable, you can have set up the water and wet pad before you sleep, then have it vacuum and mop and all dry before you wake up. This is what I will be doing. Except I have one bathroom separated by carpet, so I will pick it up and move it there to finish vacuum + mop. I tried this earlier and was able to detect which room it was in without an issue. Then I will remove the mopping pad and let it do carpeted areas later in the day.

        I haven't watched it closely to see how well it can avoid cables and other junk, so I will do that next. Let me know if you guys have any specific questions.

        One thing that threw me off was the Alpha in the name. The box has no mention of Alpha. I thought maybe it had the UV sterilising function, but that's actually the S9 UV. Also, the black colour looks great. There's a faint purple ring on the top that almost looks like a nice led light.

        • Thank you! I have Gen1 too. I am pretty sure it did not get stuck on the carpets early in its life. Maybe after some firmware updates its gone worse or maybe the drive motors weakened with age.

          • @SergeyAU: Mine happened from the start. I ran it on low settings and that helped. I also tried trimming the brush a bit. But it would tend to stop in carpeted areas that didn't get as much foot traffic, eg. under a bed, where the carpet fibres are sticking up more.

            Anyway for $649 I think the S9 is phenomenal value, since the Roborocks and Deebots seem pricey (closer to 1k or more), with some shortcomings (smaller battery capacity).

        • Hi. Thanks for detailed review. Please let me know which device did you choose when you selected Australia as a region in the Mi app? also which credit card do you have which offers shoppers protection as I need to apply for the same as well. thanks in advance.

          • @zasheikh: I selected Viomi S9 manually when pairing with Xiaomi Home app. Scanning the QR code didn't work for me.

            I have 28 deg card, but I don't think you'll be able to get shopper protection now.

    • how are you finding the vacuum?

  • +2

    Price dropped to $599 + delivery on Mi Store website

    Probably wait and see if they drop the price on their eBay store (free delivery) to get additional 12% off using PEOFY12 if you’ve got eBay Plus

  • From Mi official ebay:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer that. You can make your purchase via our official website here: https://www.mi-store.com.au/viomi-s9-robot-vacuum-automatic-...

    Should you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards,