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Samsung WW85T3040WW 8.5kg Front Load Washer (White) $479 Delivered (With In Store Purchase) @ JB Hi-Fi


Powerful cleaning in 18 mins1
Clean lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently. The Quick Wash program can get a small load of washing done in just 18 minutes so you can have more time to do the things you love.

Hygienically Clean
Keep the door and inside of your washer hygienic with Drum Clean. It helps remove detergent residue and dirt from inside the drum by using a combination of soaking, pulsating and high-speed spinning.

Manage laundry finish time
With Delay End feature, you can pre-set a wash cycle to end up to 24 hours in advance. It helps avoid damp clothes from sitting in the washer for too long and from smelling musty.

Peace of Mind
Digital Inverter Technology utilises strong magnets for a quiet and powerful performance. By eliminating the use of brushes, it provides outstanding durability backed-up by an 11 year warranty

3.5 Energy star rating

3.5 WELS water rating

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    For anyone with Ebay Plus in Sydney, Wollongong & Central Coast Delivery Only, alternate here : However only 2 available on Ebay

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402805809362?var=673053107592 $ 445.55 ( Delivered ) - PLUSF5

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      $451.25 with RAC

    • Am i the only one seeing delivery fee of $ 455

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        No you're right - I didn't really do my dues here. Saw store pickup was available but didn't look further - only a limited number of stores with stock, otherwise I actually get $504 for postage hahaha

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    Was offered this in store about a week ago with 2 years standard warranty. I was convinced that it would not last after the warranty runs out.

    • I dunno. I got the cheapest, smallest, store brand washer from Masters (yeah, that long ago) and it's still working fine over 5 years later.

      Washing machines don't have a huge amount of fault points and are generally very easy to repair.

      • Lol. You just reminded me that my Samsung washer also came from Masters.
        Still going strong and hasn't burst into flames yet.

      • Ditto— except I bought a fridge and microwave from Master's a few months before they keeled over (FML!). Fridge faulted, but repaired under warranty.

        Washing machine? Homemaker from Kmart, bought used for $200 in 2009 and still going strong. Go figure.

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    For an extra $120 you can get a 10kg Hisense that seems to get plenty of good reviews. And before you say "but it's a Hisense" my understanding is that Samsung have a terrible track record for their washing machines so it's possible a better brand.


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      Thanks mate, just bought one of these after Appliances Online price matched it.

      The sales guy said it was a 'very sharp price' but they had to match.

      $654 with delivery charge added (condition of price match).

      Getting delivered tomorrow too instead of several days/weeks from JB.

    • Yeah Good guys salesman said Samsung washing machine was the most returned item in the store

      • Just got this. Appliances Online said they couldn't match to JB as it wasn't in stock but could match to Appliance Central for $625

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    LG washer going strong after 12 years. Tempted to upgrade to this just because of its bigger size, but if it aint broke, why replace it?

    • Same. Mine as well for 9 years. Been following washing machines just to get a bigger size as kids are now both at school age.

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    Just watch the capacity. Some washing machines state a certain load weight, but are actually smaller than the equivalent in a different brand.

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      So you have two 7kg brands if one is bigger capacity than the other, then what you say is right, but hey if it’s actually the other way around, and guess what what you say is again right.

      So the only time what you say is wrong is if two brands have EXACTLY the same capacity.

      Now it would be really helpful if you tell us the brands you are talking about, otherwise we don’t know nothing. 😀

      • I have a Kogan machine (8kg), but it doesn't fit what my old 8kg Hisense machine could fit. I suspect the drum is smaller, but I need to go in and measure some drums of other 8kg washing machines to determine whether I'm right or not. The reviews will be the most helpful as people often state whether the machine is smaller than expected.