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Schweigen 90cm under Cupboard Rangehood w/ External Motor $1146 (+ $200 Cashback), $0 Delivery to Most Area @ Appliances Online


I love my Schweigen Rangehood, once you go silent Rangehood you can never go back.

Schweigen is running a new promotion where there are cashbacks for their products.

  • $200 cashback for an Eligible Product with a customer’s purchase price between $1000 and $1999
  • $300 cashback for an Eligible Product with a customer’s purchase price between $2000 and $2999
  • $350 cashback for an Eligible Product with a customer’s purchase price $3000 and above


Redemption Form and T&cs here

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  • +1

    +1 this is a good design and good product. Fans are located in the roof so less noise in the kitchen. Price is good too.

    • +3

      depending on home, either on the roof or on the wall. I have a double storey home, so motor is on the wall

    • where does it go if you have a 2-storey home?

      Thanks OP, so it can go on the external wall

  • +2

    Price is good compared to normal price.

    I went with a Sirius instead, which are cheaper and according to the installer actually just as good as Schweigen.

    Having the motor in the roof space makes a huge difference in noise levels. Previously, with the cheap rangehood that came with the house, it was not really possible to have a conversation with someone if one person was next to the rangehood.

    • +1

      I am also planning to get the Sirius - https://www.winningappliances.com.au/p/sirius-85cm-under-cup... with the SEM2 motor. Have a double storey house so the only option is to vent out through the wall. I hope the motor sound is not audible in the kitchen as we have fixed double glaze windows in kitchen.

      How's your overall experience with Sirius ?

      • We got a canopy one in 2015 with the SEM1 motor. Going strong.

        Just don't use aggressive cleaner on the buttons or you'll wipe the ink like I did.

  • Anyway to upgrade existing rangehood in a double storey?

    • Some brands can exhaust out through a wall, but obviously you've got to be happy with that solution (having a fan outside the wall)

      • I have heard it is extremely noisy outside the house

        • My Whispair is on the roof and isn't too bad at all (at least from ground level)

          • +1

            @ESEMCE: Thinking about one of these but my concern is whether neighbours would complain about potential noise. What would you compare the noise to?

            • @shuffle1: Noting that ours is a Whispair, not a Schweigen, not that I expect any great difference.
              You can barely hear it at all at max speed and ours is the high power motor variant (we rarely run it at full power).

              It's no louder than the noise our Evaporative Cooler Makes at full power, and probably quieter.
              It would have to be an exceptionally picky neighbour.

          • @ESEMCE: I was told by my installer that wall units are noisy. Don't know about on the roof. Our motor is in the roof with an exhaust on the roof. Can't really hear it outside, but there is some noise in the bedroom under the motor.

        • mines on the wall and barely a murmur

  • awesome product..quite inside and all the sound is external, but when im outside, i can hear the motor loud and clear; similar to my reverse cycle compressor outside..

    • you may wish to get it looked it. My motor is barely audible, the open space should "absorb" (sorry) a lot of the noise

      • i have the SP motor doing 1600m3/h.. vs this one at 650m3/h maybe thats why..

  • This guy did a good install in Melbourne


    • Hey, how much did the installation cost you? Was it a new install or replacement? Also which model did you end up getting? Thanks!

  • +2

    Specs: Max Air Capacity 650 m3/hr is quite low.!! unless opt to different model at extra cost.

  • -2

    Noisy pieces of crap. There's one in our neighbourhood, well audible when walking down the street.

    If you want an off-board motor, get one that has the motor mounted in the roof-space. Then it is quiet both indoors and on the street. Better weather protection too.

  • Max Air Capacity 650 m3/hr. Do you reckon it is enough suction?
    I heard the number > 800 is good extraction power.

    • My Schweigen is 650 m3/hr, never had an issue with extraction personally, ymmv.

      The only criticism I have of Schweigen, which they have appeared to have fixed with this new range is the use of LED globes instead of my current ones halogens.

      Thankfully I found LEDs which fit after the fact.

    • +2

      I have this 90cm rangehood but with the 1600 motor for going on 6 years now. Whilst 650 is likely fine for most occasions i am glad we got the 1600. When I'm stir-frying like a god and there's delicious aromas (smoke) a-plenty I do need to put it on level 4 or sometimes 5 to cope with it. That said for most times level 1, 2 or maybe 3 is fine.

      Re noise, even on level 4 or 5 the noise from the motor poking out the top of our roof is almost imperceptible from a few metres away. I'd never go back to a rangehood with the motor in the unit itself.

      • +1

        Mine have been going since 2010…

        • That gives me some hope.

  • I have a canopy one, with external motor too. It is super good; powerful and quiet. However you have to install it correctly. the exhaust duct must have a 90° bent, otherwise noise of the motor will travel straight down, won't be that quiet.

    • Indeed, you need to get an experienced sparky to install for you.

  • +1

    This one looks like a better deal. Upgraded motor. $949

  • I find the suction on this is not powerful enough. I got it installed recently, it has 2 90 degree curves though

    • it has 2 90 degree curves though


      • I see the comment is confusing.
        The exhaust vent (from the main unit to the motor) instead of going straight up to the roof I had to make 2 bends so that I could pass it through the ceiling joists. So the bends reduce the suction power. However, I did not think that it will reduce the suction by that much.
        On the bright side its extremely quite.

        • So, you reckon without bends it would have good suction?

          • @mhc: Yes, I would think so. The installer mentioned that as well. It still works alright, just not as efficient as the suction power mentioned on the specs.

  • +1

    Great units. Once you experience the silence you won't go back.

    Only downsides are installation can be expensive and the bulbs are tricky to replace.

    Found after a renovation where the unit was removed and replaced a part was lost and difficult to source from the company.

    • Agreed. There isn't many opportunities to hear them in action, to experience it yourself. With modern open plan kitchen and living areas the standard exhaust can really overpower conversations/tv volumes. That's my 2 cents, and i didn't end up getting one cause of the price :( I went with a bosch.
      Edit- from memory, you'll want the highest power motor to keep up with ya competent family cook who uses oil.

  • +2

    650 m3/h is very low extraction rate. If you actually want a rangehood that does a decent job at removing smells and grease, you'll want closer to 1000 m3/h.

  • airflow is very low, personally i went with Sirus SL906LEXCEL850 twin motors with 2000m3/hr. We do a lot of asian cookings as well as beef steaks , no complaints so far

    • We have a quasi summer kitchen, so that's where we do most of our smelly (read awesome) cooking.

    • Are these easy to clean? Looks like you can't disassemble it?

      • it has 2 commercial grade baffle filters, just throw in the dishwashing machine every week, very easy to clean. The twin motors are internal though.

  • can stack with shopback?
    looking for a canopy 900mm with 1600m3

  • Falmec are better build quality than Schweigen.

    If you're on the west coast, go to Westcost Rangehood Installers. I picked up Falmec unit with external 2100m³/h motor for $1400 - 25% discount on RRP. It has baffle filters instead of mesh. I couldn't smell the bacon I cooking the other day whilst standing in front of the stove.

  • The 60cm version looks to be having 900m3/h. Are there any silent ones for this size with suction power above 1500 m3/h?

    • +2

      They're not silent (especially not at full power) but on low, you barely know it's running.
      On full power, they're probably comparable to a standard rangehood running on low.

      The air capacity is down to the power of the motor. Since they're separate units, you should be able to choose the high power motor for more airflow.
      I was able to do this with my Whispair.

  • +1

    Check the schweigen clearance centre: https://www.schweigenoutlet.com.au/ you can pickup higher end models with LED lights and 900m3 + suction for similar price point.

    We've been prebuying our appliances for the new kitchen. Now just need to find a good deal on a Bosch series 8 induction to go with it…