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LinkedIn Premium Discounted Price (A$18.18/Month for 6 Months) When Cancelling (Normally A$36.35/Month)


I was cancelling my LinkedIn premium account and got all the way to confirm cancellation when it showed this message
"Stay for just A$18.18/month for your next 6 months (normally A$36.35/month) Take advantage of all Premium has to offer - check out exclusive insights, learn new skills, use InMail to optimize opportunities, and more."

Since I cannot repeat the process to give the exact steps, I took a copy of the text to share, in case there is any premium members who can benefit from this!

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    serious question… why do you pay for linkedin?

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      I see no other reason than recruiter spam.

      Hi, I see you are currently working checkouts in a supermarket, would you be interested in a CTO position at for a hedge fund company I am recruiting for?

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      To check a company's tenure rate when I apply for a role as well as getting a general idea of other applicants.

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      To find my potential dating partner?

      By the way, I just saw your profile on Ozbargain and your beautiful hand caught my eyes. I am interested in communicating more if you are single. This is the first time I would ever go against protocol of doing business only on Ozbargain. I will wait for your response soon hopefully.

      From Nigeria with love,
      Richman the Prince

    • Linkedin Learning (formerly known as lynda.com) and who viewed my profile are the things that are handy with premium subscription.

    • Was about to ask the same thing

  • Is LinkedIn premium worth the buck ? Has any been able to get hold of an opportunity (job) by direct messaging an individual outside your network connections ?

    • Isn't messaging someone outside your connection normally termed as "spam / stalker" ?

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    Deal if you are employer

    • Or an active contractor / consultant. Pointless for employee or even job seeker.

  • Waste of money in my experience. LinkedIn is great as a professional social media, but not much value in paying for it.

    Maybe if it stops them using you as a product, but I doubt it.

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    I have subscribed for 5 odd years. Now I just it canceled but I didn’t get the promotion. It seems they don’t really care. Okay then, thx OP the post I saved 100%.

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      Don't worry, LinkedIn really does care. They will be offering you free and reduced rates in the near future.

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