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[PC] Cyberpunk 2077 $34 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Yep, I'm going to wait for it to be $3.40 before I get it. For those who can't wait, it's the same price as the PS4 deal but with free shipping.

Box says digital download but offers shipping date, so not sure what's going on there.

Physical box with digital code in the box (thanks peeps).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Box says digital download, but offers shipping date, so not sure what's going on there.

    No disc included, just code to download it. Finished it and all the endings and quite enjoyed it regardless of issues.

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      Awesome game that has been released about a year too early under investor's pressure, quite a shame. Seems like some will follow the popular sheep meme and bash it.

  • got it, played it for an hour, cant get past the first training mission :/

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      Game crashing on your system? If you have GOG version (non-Galaxy) make sure you manually download the latest patch.

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        no i just suck and cant beat the first android training mission where you poke to robot and then dodge

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    Box says digital download, but offers shipping date, so not sure what's going on there.

    They send you a case with just the download code in it

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    Thanks for this - I like the look of all the extra content in the box too. I played about 20hrs of it and then refunded on GoG. I didn't hate it but it wasn't worth the asking price at the time - this is much more reasonable.

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      After this post I went looking.. GOG offers refunds up to 30 days… That's pretty damn good.

      Thanks for the tip :)

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        Cyberpunk specifically had to grant refunds regardless because CDPR made a statement saying as much.

  • I will wait until it reaches 0.34

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      Will wait until it’s free at EpicGames

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    I watched this being finished on a ps5 after many patches.

    This is still 14 dollars too much.

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    Does anyone know which store version it is? Epic? Steam? GOG?

    • Most likely GOG, can anyone confirm?

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        Yes, GOG. See questions on the item description.

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    God, I really want to want this game

    • … buy it?

      • But I said I really WANT to want it….implying im not really sure that i do want it.
        its a good price, but i guess im just put off by all the controversy surrounding it on release.

        • It's not worth it, 2/3 of an amazing game but there's a good third either broken or more importantly, entirely missing.

          Sections of the map just not worked on at all. Missions with lines missing or poor writing.

          This is a 2 year fix, not a 6 month.

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      it gets a lot of flak but my experience of the game was quite good. i got 2 bugs within my first 2 hours but after that, nada. my main problem was the FPS, it might have had some sort of memory leak as the FPS seemed to get worse over time, i did some things and looked up solutions, managed to find a way to fix it mostly, in the end. it's a pretty good game, just a lot of rough edges, though they might have fixed some of them by now as i played it maybe a week after release.

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        Its reassuring that there are plenty of people who have had good experiences with it. I missed out this time, but its almost certainly going to be this price again at some point. I should just jump on it next time and give it a shot for myself. I need more games that push my PC hard, RDR2 looked incredible, and im sure this will too. :)

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          just be wary of some of the reviews. i know 2 people who went into the game wanting to hate it (one of them constantly goes on hour long rants about the game and CPDR despite the fact that he didn't even want to play it in the first place, hated the witcher and used a trick with GOG to pre order it for about 40 bucks using Russian regional pricing) and i don't doubt there are more people like this.

          there are issues, no doubt, but i think a lot of people just wanted to hate the game because of the constant praise surrounding CPDR on sites like reddit.

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    Pre-ordered on Steam, was delayed twice or thrice, still haven't played past the tutorial 🤣

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    Cant believe i pre-ordered this shit :L

  • Does anyone know which pc gaming service this plays well on gog, steam or another

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    It shows 45 dollars on my end?

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      Same - Amazon’s algo no doubt pushing price up

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    Am I missing something it’s $45?

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    I'm playing on PC (high end system) and it's a good game at best. Sadly overhyped and under delivered.

    I expect Far Cry 6 to be the more entertaining game, unless buggy controversial releases are ya jam.

    • I love the far cry series (Primal being the exception)

      • Even Far Cry 2?

        • Far Cry 2 is by far my favourite of the series.

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            @600dollarman: That's an uncommon opinion.
            I found the game very tedious. No fast travel (the bus system doesn't count), quickly respawning checkpoints and absolutely adamant enemies which will chase you down at all costs, not to mention they drive faster than you. The cars which constantly needed repairing because a couple of bullets. The straw that broke the camel's back was the fact there was no autosave. I always forgot to manually save it every once in a while so when I was killed it sent me back 3 missions. Never finished the game because of it

  • Looks like it's the same price for PS4 as well.

    EDIT - Sorry, didn't see the PS4 mentioned in the post. Thanks for the heads up OP.

  • Not bad game on PC just disappointing after hype.

    Could of been awesome if left a another year to work on.

    Still I did enjoy it.

  • If they fixed the bug as quickly as this deal lasted …

  • +3

    Bugs aside it was an ordinary hollow game afterall. I was hoping for a no man's sky level turn around on development but there's not been any news coming from CDPR that gives you optimism.

    • Well everyone knows what happened to No man sky but they did do a massive turnaround and go it to a state where it is now which should have been from day 1.

      I think the issue is publishers demanding time frames that are not possible and games to be released in certain peak sales seasons just for the buck and worry about the backlash later.

  • Good price for a great game.

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    Love this game.

  • This game reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. bugs galore but has a cult following and decent game.

    Not that it's worth 34 dollars, I'll wait for the bargain bin prices.

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    is the game finished yet?

  • Good game just hella buggy at launch. 6/10 would not play again

  • Played on Series X.. Frame rate sucks so bad I gave up after the second mission. Waiting for them to fix it. Hopefully by the end of this year.

    • Started the game on Xbox One and finished it on Series X. Terrible on the former, playable IMHO on the latter.

  • This game had the most ridiculous hype curve, and is very much a victim of it.

    The game itself is great. The atmosphere is incredible, the individual missions and side quests are all fairly involved and unique for a game of this type and the gameplay is playable enough, given that's never been this genres strong point.

    In my experience, the bugs weren't anything we don't see on the releases of other similar titles like fallout 4 and Skyrim (on release). I played it on PC, so i can't speak for consoles.

    But boy, there was so much hype about this that it would be impossible to ever live up to the lofty imaginations of people who literally expected it to be a life simulator where you can do anything. Other people expected it to be bigger than Grand Theft Auto. Perhaps I've been around games for long enough now that i find it fairly easy to discern marketing spiel / to how realistic videogame frameworks can be, so it was obvious to me what this was going to be, so it met my expectations just fine.

    • I played it at launch and put about 60 hours into it from memory. Pretty much a bug-free experience for me. I never really followed the hype nor expected it be the second coming of the Messiah and quite enjoyed the game overall.

    • +1

      Thanks largely to the YouTubers out there. Every bloody post was like, OMG CYBERPUNK GOTY, or CYBERPUNK AMAZING THIS AND THAT… can't trust or listen to anything on YouTube when money is involved. Most of those gaming channels lost all credibility from me.

    • And what about the NPC's? The police are broken! I agree with awesome atmosphere, the city feels alive and real but just not finished in the mechanics, I.e. car steering.

  • is this playable yet?

  • I wonder if they're going to stick to the release of the next gen versions, maybe one day this will be a "no man's sky" redemption

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    Cyberbug 2077

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    Man, this game could have been amazing, but it was just so large in scope. It didn't need to be. Enjoyable, but got about 15 system crashes on the PS5. I wish Rockstar made this game with these gameplay elements. I feel like the world is missing that GTA secret sauce.

    But, what they made was good, just overpromised and under delivered!