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Google Pixel 4a 5G 128GB $549 Delivered (Registered Telstra ID Required) @ Telstra


Dare I say a real bargain for this phone, lowest I’ve ever seen even.

Google Pixel 4a 5G is currently $549 outright with a previously registered Telstra ID, $250 off RRP and $50 cheaper than this deal not long ago. However, if you have not owned a Telstra ID, you’ll need to add an upfront mobile plan, minimum $55 for at least 1 month, bringing it to a total of $604 to be able to check out.

The professionals out there will probably not forget to price match Officeworks for another 5% off or use their 10% off giftcards at JB Hi Fi.

Happy hunting!

The iPhone 12 and 12 mini are also on sale for $200 off RRP for all variations on Telstra website. Same requirements with Telstra ID apply.

  • iPhone 12 mini: 64GB ($999) | 128GB ($1079) | 256GB ($1249) link
  • iPhone 12: 64GB ($1149) | 128GB ($1229) | 256GB ($1399) link

For new customers, you can avoid the $55 upfront mobile plan at checkout with a $2 prepaid sim, thanks APN Adelaide

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  • Has anyone used both 4a 5g and 4XL?
    I have 4XL, but I need a phone with (ultra) wide lens. On paper 4a 5g seems like a downgrade.
    Can anyone comment how they compare in real life?

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    I managed to price match JB Springvale. They accidentally sent me 2 links to purchase at $549 so I can give one link away if someone wants (PM me)

    • It has been used. Good luck trying to price match to everyone else

  • Mjamie is it ok if you can send pm with the link. Kindest regards, I'm in Vic and looking to buy this phone.

  • JB Hifi no longer has Pixel 4a 5G on their website and therefore not possible to do price matching in store it seems.

  • I just ordered pixel 4a 5g from Telstra. Not a problem at all. I created new ID, input driver licence, and then, that's it. (I called Officeworks, but they don't do price match from Telstra)

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      Weird I did the same and it rejected my order saying I need to pick a plan when I created a new ID.

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    Just ordered it thanks OP. Signed in using my old Telstra ID and scrolled to the bottom and clicked next instead of choosing a plan and it let me check out at $549 with $0 ongoing monthly cost.

    • Seems some can do this - wish I could! Fails for me if no plan is selected…

    • did the same today for an iphone 12. but they wanted to see my ID's instore which i did. said i will receive it within the week. i didn't have to pay a cent yet though.

      • UPDATE:
        Incompetent staff at Craigieburn Telstra store haven't put my order through, and asking me to come back to store again. The mall being in a high risk covid exposure site, we are trying to cut back visits outside and these people are trying to get us out of home. When everybody else had learnt a lesson out of the pandemic, some ppl haven't even if it directly impacts their business/store closures.
        I'd rather try to price match with JB over the phone.

  • I signed in with an old Telstra ID I used years ago for a mobile phone, but haven't been active since. It still needs me to be on a plan to get the phone for $549. Will buying a $2 Telstra SIM from Coles solve this?

  • Just bought this one in store. You must be with Telstra. Or you need to subscribe on the spot. The cheapest they could offer was 45$ for 2GB. So it brought the price up to 594$. Asked about 2$ sim card. The guy said no. Anyway, very good deal I'm my opinion

  • Debating whether or not to get this…currently have Pixel 2 XL that still has pretty good battery and the only thing is a power button that doesn't actuate half the time. Will a deal like this or better come back within the next half year? I want to stretch my 2XL for a little longer if possible.

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    Can confirm it works,
    Bought a $2 Telstra prepaid simcard from Coles
    Activated on the website
    Created an account
    Got Telstra Id
    Bought the phone for $549

    • When you activated your SIM, I'm assuming you didn't recharge?

  • Out of stock (it has been a full 27 days since the post went up)

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      Updated. Thank you

    • Aah man.,.was thinking of buying this evening but gone..

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        It's been in and out of stock a few times in recent days. It was showing in stock a few hours ago and I finally bit the bullet as it seems like this is the last chance to get one apart from paying full price direct from Google. Although I suppose nothing is for certain until it's in my hands…

        • Ah I see, thanks for that heads up - I'll keep an eye on it then