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[NSW, QLD, WA] 100,000 Free Original Glazed Doughnuts @ Krispy Kreme


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How to get your free Krispy Kreme doughnuts
Participating Krispy Kreme Australia stores include:


Central Lee (Sydney CBD)
Parramatta (Level 1)
Parramatta (Level 5)
Mt Druitt
Sydney Domestic T3
Sydney Domestic T2


Redbank Plains
Shell Nudgee
Pacific Fair
Albert St (Brisbane CBD)
Acacia Ridge
Surfers Paradise
Brisbane Jetstar (Domestic Terminal)


Whitford City
Cannington and Hay St

Offer not available through Online Orders, 7-Eleven, or Woolworths.

Mod Edit: Krispy Kreme SA are also participating - [SA] Free Original Glazed Doughnut @ Krispy Kreme SA (Excludes OTR Stores). Quantities are usually limited however (likely to sell-out throughout the day).

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  • The banner link on their website leads to "It appears the page you were trying to reach doesn't exist anymore, or maybe it's moved."

    • Not yet started

      • All good. Linked page now re-established

  • +5

    Doesn't appear to be any instructions on how to get it so I assume you just rock up?

  • +6

    Not available in Victoria, they assuming what we all know that this 7 day lockdown will be extended.

    • +9

      Thanks to dan he is watching over our belly size

    • 😭

    • And they say NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY. Nothing for VIC, NT, SA, ACT, TAS????

  • +1


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      Wait what there was a bb donut? Sob…

  • +12

    Speaking of KK, don't bother with those newly released Arnott's TeeVee snacks KK flavours. Disgusting. Took one bite and filed them in the bin.

    Think rock hard arrowroot biscuit with sickly sweet generic icing.

    • +2

      i like teevee i like donuts i like KK so the combo should be fine for me

      • Me too, but this is a frankensteinian mashup that's gone horribly wrong!

      • +2

        I like Coke and coffee, but I didn't like the coca cola coffee

        • +1

          That coffee coke was truely disgusting. Perhaps the worst coke product I've tried.

    • +2

      Yeah, can't say I was a fan. Almost broke my teeth biting into one!

      • I'm glad it's not just me!

    • +2

      Yep they are terrible.

      I'm gonna have to make some hot coffee or hot milk just to let them dissolve in them to make use of them.

      I regret it now I bought three flavours but at least two of them are at work which supplies free hot drinks so I guess I can put them in there.

  • Damn No SA,

    • +1

      KK SA are also doing it.

  • +1

    Does one person get one doughnut? Or a half dozen / dozen?

    • Only 1 OG doughnut. It's not worth unless you live next door to KK.

      • Hahaha, I do! But in the city. Petrified of the lines.

  • +1

    The most dough-licious day of the year has arrived and to celebrate, we are giving away 100,000 FREE Original Glazed doughnuts.
    Aussies can treat themselves by visiting a Krispy Kreme store on 4th of June to receive a delicious FREE OG to celebrate the day!

    • +2

      Sounds like you only get 1… not worth it.

      • +2

        that should be your daily donut quota

        else blue cat becomes blue box ;)

        • +1

          I wish…
          Krispy Kreme is way too expensive for me to eat regularly, so I don’t have any chances of becoming a box soon…

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    Petrol cost more than one free Original Glaze. Pass

    • +1

      but the sugar… its priceless

  • i cant remember what event, last year KK was giving away 1 dozen away to each person.

    • Which store?

    • That's because COVID was around
      Here's the event btw

      • +2

        yea that is the event ! i went around to 2 KK stores with my partner and collected 4 dozen that day good times

        • -1

          I can almost feel the donut in my hands now.

          I haven't had a Krispy Kreme original glazed for so long.. I guess that's one thing the blue mountains is missing I realised.

          That and a kfc but we have a new chicken place now to help out poulets.

          • @AlienC: Poulets must be scared, I saw they have even got an EFTPOS machine finally!

            • @mskeggs: Lol wait seriously? They are but cash only any more oh wow yeah this is serious then.

  • +6

    Victoria Update in latest email:

    "Victoria! It’s the National Doughnut Delay. Given the unfolding situation, there will be a doughnut giveaway delay in the state of Victoria until Victorians can celebrate safely again"

    • +2

      Seems they've learnt from their mistakes at least

  • send us Melbournians a free KK in the mail for free, give us something…

    • +7

      You can get a free COVID swab and a vaccine.

      • If only the vaccine were available to everyone.

  • +6

    All these for a single doughnut?

    • +4

      Married Doughnuts are unavailable.

  • -2

    i’d rather pay for a daniels then eat krispy krap

    • Trump, is that you?

      • jealous?

  • We need to claim a day for NObD before all the 365 days runs out.

  • Is the time waiting in line worth a doughnut?

    • +1

      Going by the past experiences, they just set-up a pop-up, with stacks of donuts just outside the store and handout one Glazed donut covered in a small butter-paper - that's it. So its pretty fast moving even if there's a long queue.

  • mmmm. melts in your mouth extreme sugary hit.

  • Again during lockdown for vic..

    • Mate, you can't have it all! You had the 3 free condoms deal yesterday only for Vic… 3 condoms vs 1 doughnut

      • I know which glazing I’d prefer

  • what about free shipping to melbourne

    • delayed ~ you'll get another one after lockdown is over

  • Are these available yet? Anyone picked up?

    • yes - brisbane city albert st

    • Yup! Acacia Ridge

  • -1

    Pretty easy to collect. Just need to wait in 5 min line.

  • Just got one from Central Lee (Sydney CBD) store, no need to wait XD thanks!

  • Victorian day is happening this Friday, July 9