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30% off Selected R. M. Williams Boots Delivered (e.g. Comfort Craftsman $399, Was $595) @ David Jones


Couple of options including Slate & Bark. Most sizes in stock at time of posting. Fingers crossed they don't cancel!

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Suede ? EWWWWWW

  • Slate very nice. And DJ discount cards?

    • I met this problem a week ago when I wanted to get something at DJ but with GC - they've pulled all their GC services from the ones that are available to me, Suncorp and NIB :/ Not sure if there are others still offering but it doesn't seem like they do that anymore.

      • Ahhhh thought so, jumped on to Suncorp rewards and yeah didn’t see anything

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      Extra 10% for David Jones cardholders - takes it down to $359.10

    • You’ll be hard-pressed to find any discounted gift cards nowadays.

      Your best bet would be to use discounted Coles gift cards and use them to purchase David Jones gift cards at Coles, but that seems like a bit of a hassle to save 3% or 4%.

  • Anyone know where to get the size F's on sale? Always either G or H

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      Anyone know where to get the size F's

      Looks like DJs… don't give a F? =p

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      Try assefs if they don't have it. They might order it for you.

  • FYI the Bark are a roughout suede. They don’t need polishing etc. while I don’t have them, they’re probably one of my favourite looking RMW and great for smart casual wear.

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      IF I spend 4 hundy on a pair of boots, I'll make sure it fits to use every single day, not just for smart casual wear ! Maybe I'm just not that rich.

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        I think just answered your own question

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          He didn’t ask a question

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        Better to let them rest on rotation than wearing every day to allow the leather to dry. They'll last a long time if you take good care of them.

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          This guy gets it.

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          Honestly how long do you expect them to last ? I’ve worn mine pretty much every 5 days a week for the last 8 years. No sign of breaking just yet. For 280 that I spent; it works out to be $35 a year so I’m already happy with that.

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        Better if you rotate shoes than wear the same pair everyday , they need to air out

        • Don't forget shoe trees to keep the shape and leather from creasing and eventually cracking.

          Amazing how much longer things last when you take care of it, saving money in the long run.

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          Damn I have been wearing the same pair for the last 8 years and they haven’t shown any sign of breaking yet. I’ll push it to see how long it goes before it breaks without airing it.

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            @tomleonhart: That’s impressive . Usually at round the 5 year mark you’d need to replace the heel rubbers since they’re all worn down. Depends a lot on how you walk and on what surfaces though . I’ve had mine for 9 years , replaced heel rubbers once and about to get them resoled since there is basically no grip if it’s wet

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    nooo chestnut :(
    the wait continues. thanks for a great deal though OP

  • Are theses suede line colours? Slate looks like chestnut.

    • Slate looks greyish to me, doesn't look suede like (looks like finished leather)

  • what is the sizing like? they wear large or tight?

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      Best go in store to get fitted. I'm a 9.5 (US) in sneakers, 8.5(US) G in RM's.

      • Ah wow… This price should be in store too?

      • Not an option in Victoria :-/

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        8.5 US? Aren't RMs in AU sizes?

        • -1

          Not sure if trolling

          • @Drakesy: RM Williams now has both AU (UK) and US sizing now printed on the boxes

            • @sydney_kings: Ahhh, so they're re-appropriating UK sizing.
              now it makes sense.

        • I thought it'd be appropriate to compare US to US sizing. 8.5 (US) is 7.5 (AU/UK) on the box.

    • +1

      Highly recommend getting sized up in store. I found out I was about 2 sizes down and if you're spending this much on shoes you'd want it to be perfect!

      • Thanks!

    • I am usually a US10.5 but where 9 in RM Williams and they fit perfectly.

      • looks like the sizing is a bit messy :D

        • Best get sized at a store
          I was the same 10.5 normally
          Sized as 9.5

    • I was sized 1.5 sizes under what I'd normally wear, in a wide H fit. Seems consistent with their online chart.

      Either go in store, or try their sizing chart online.

  • Anyone know much about the moulton leather of the slate colour?

  • Damn haven't got myself fitted yet but took a risk and ordered one..

    • Just make sure you pay with credit card and not paypal if you intend to return them after. Paying with paypal and returning to DJ results in a returns card that forces you to spend with DJ in the future.

      • In my experience, DJ will refund PayPal but it has to be escalated to Customer Service who take a couple of days to process it

        • Damn I afterpaid it. Let's see what happens.

        • That wasn't the option given to me when I returned an item. And I wasn't a big fan of a $600 gift card considering I don't spend a lot with DJ.

    • +5

      RM have a size chart on their website. Matches up to what their staff sized me up to instore, but that size is not something I ever would have ordered. It's 1.5 sizes smaller than what I'd normally wear.

  • Online Only?

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    Not a bad price but shame about the colours. Makes sense that DJ are trying to get rid of these unpopular ones.

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      Yeah my thoughts exactly.

    • Price not bad? These shoes are expensive to me!

      • Well if it was black or chestnut or some of the other versatile colours (rum/dark Tan), then yes, the price would be really good and it would sell out right away! For example, there was a recent deal with the iconic for around $440 and the blacks and chestnuts sold out in like an hour.

        With these colours (slate/bark), the price is still decent but they are much more often discounted (especially at outlets) since they're not as versatile/popular. But hey, even if they aren't considered as nice visually as the main colours by the masses, they'll still be as comfortable and so in that sense they're a decent buy!

  • Crazy Horse leather is suede or leather!?

  • Can't even find what Moulton is………

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    Those classics one has never been on sale…

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    Rm Williams is so expensive! I can't believe the price. My range is usually just $200 for a business shoe

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      $200 won't get you a goodyear welted shoe that can be resoled.

      At $200 you're going to get a low quality overpriced shoe made in China.

      Retail price on RMs is too expensive but at the $400 mark I think it's reasonably good value.

    • +3

      How long does your $200 business shoe last?

      I have a pair of Chestnut RM's which are 10 years old, been worn to work daily and have been resoled once. They have a couple of small scuffs but are otherwise in very good condition. They can be worn with chinos, jeans, suits.

      $400 for a pair + $165 for resole over 10 years makes them reasonably good value I think! I also don't need to go shopping for new shoes to wear to work each year…

      • Did you get it resoled from RM themselves or another cobbler?

      • I bought a shoe from David Jones, Antoine and Stanley and have been wearing it for 6 years and still good. Maybe just lucky? Honestly, I can see gradual wear and tear coming though. From everyone's justifications I can understand how a $400 shoe would be worth it.

        Can't see A.S. brand anymore anyway

        • +1

          You've been wearing them for 6 years on a daily/semi-daily basis? That's an impressively long time, considering Antoine and Stanley shoes all seem to be bonded with thin rubber soles. I've never had a shoe like that last more than 1-2years of regular wear.

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      “$200 for a business shoe”, so one pair is $400, duh!

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      $200? What's so good about a business for $200 that a $50-100 shoe from Hush Puppies can't provide.

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      I agree. Are you on CEO salary that your shoes are $500?
      I general $400+ is expensive for the average person who wants decent shoes and will not be wearing 4x /wk.

  • Damn, Rickaby in black not included.

  • Has anyone ever been to the RM William factory outlet in Adelaide?

    How do the prices there compare?

  • Order got cancelled

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