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Motorola Razr (2019) Noir Black $455.05 + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


Yet another price drop. At this price, Im genuinely considering switching out my OnePlus Nord just because of the novelty of a foldable phone.

Or you could hold out for yet another price drop

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    Even with this price drop , it's had a number of issues with screen breakage and all that. Hard sell considering the weaker processor too.

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      Hinge failure seems to be the biggerr risk in terms of intended operating life (2-4 years).

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    Its hinge is fragile.

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      How did Motorola become so unhinged?
      They were once kings of the fold phone empire

      • Fold-able LCD is still relatively new technology.

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    And only e-SIM :(

  • Sorry for off topic: do you like your One Plus Nord? Thinking to buy One Plus Nord or wait for Nord 2

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      Tbh i kinda regret buying a OnePlus here in Australia as one the after sales support from Kogan is mediocre at best and I still haven't received android 11 which kinda sucks for a OnePlus

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        You have a OnePlus - just use a custom ROM which has bigger community support than any manufacturer themselves can achieve!

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          Don't most ROM's break Google Pay?

          • @appxl: yes, and i use google pay quite frequently. also the oneplus was the reason why i switched away from custom roms, as i want a clean and stable os.

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            @appxl: there is a root detection bypass for google pay which works well:


            • @Leho: Interesting, I just re-bootlocked my phone to use it. The standard phone is working better than the ROM I was using (Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite) so I will keep this as is, but have saved the github page for future use.

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    would love so see this price for the galaxy FLIP :)

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    Was about to post the same :)

    ~$455 with the 5% coupon posted by doweyy.

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      nice. Also Gen 2 5G version on sale which has physical + esim (dual sim) $760

      • +2

        MUCH better deal IMO

        The processor on the 1st Razr was an absoloute POS, not to mention the insane improvements to the hinge mechanism.

      • +1

        No longer available

      • Wow crazy price of rrp

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    Click and collect only? No delivery option. Only available in Toowoomba, Maroochydore & Townsville?

    • about the right list of places where such novelty design should be properly appreciated

      • lol

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      Imagine living in one of those places, you would be first in line at every jb sale

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    "novelty of a foldable phone"… about as novel as a wonderbra… they were all like this leading up to the turn of the millenium.
    Next up, phones with keyboards.

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    Placed the order, available for delivery.

    • Looks like there's none left now.

  • considering theres not many stores with stock doubt there be another price drop

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