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[PC, Steam] Free - Tell Me Why (Was $28.95) @ Steam


As expected, the game is now free via Steam.

Tell Me Why is the multi-award winning episodic adventure game from Dontnod Entertainment in which twins use their supernatural bond to discover the truth of their troubled past.

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    Despite the image in the deal link saying 'Episode 1 Free', this is just a confirmation that the full game is free (but only for June). Not my cup of tea, though, I lost interest rapidly when I tried it on the xbox game pass.


      So after June you can no longer play?


        It says 'free in June', and All Chapters are FREE for the month of June! But I don't believe they can remove it from your library if you add the game and all episodes into your account.


          I’m sure they can, but they don’t


            @Meconium: They absolutely can (I got caught up in a game company cancelling a slew of keys in Steam for their game from what they said were fraudulent key providers. Turns out they caught my key provider, Fanatical, up by mistake so they reissued a key for the people who bought it from there. But it was a new key they gave us - the old one was gone and the game wasn't in my library until I added it anew. They didn't reactivate the old key).

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    If you already claimed chapter 1 when it was free months ago then you can use this link for the rest


      thanks! I was going to ask how to get chapter 2 and 3.


        it's only showing the base game for me, not chapter 2 or 3

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      Why do anything at all right

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    Ain’t nothing but a heartache…

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      Ain't nothing but a mistake

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        I never wanna hear you say…


        Now, Number 5!


    What do you mean by 'as expected'. Is it a shit game?

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      It went free on Xbox / Windows Store, Steam was the other main place it was for sale. Someone previously said Steam would be going free soon (the other stores went free yesterday). So it was expected Steam was going to go free too.

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        It was free on Steam yesterday already.

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    I loved Life is Strange, Before the Storm and the sequel but I don't know what it is about this one. I just couldn't get invested in the story / characters. I wonder if that's my inner sub conscious bigot or was the writing just bland and the characters crap in this one? I found the "power" they had to be boring as well. Or maybe in 2021, I just expect more from an adventure game then walk around clicking till it progresses the story? #telltaleneverforget

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      Yeah I played it on Gamepass back when and I'm not sure what to make of it either.
      It wasn't 'bad' per se, but it didn't seem like there was any conflict or driving force either like in Life is Strange, just these siblings revisiting their childhood home and reminiscing about their somewhat abusive upbringing, poking into their past as they gear up to sell the family house and that was about it.

      I actually didn't mind the characters, their use of powers and some of the character growth, (especially the one stereotypical 'redneck bigot' at first who tries to make an effort by the end.)
      The environmental vistas were amazing to gaze out at and the artistic style from LiS1 compared to this has shown Dontnod has come a long way, but ultimately I can't really remember much more that stuck with me from the game as a whole.

      Maybe I'll give it another run on steam and see if it grabs me this time or not.
      Can't complain at it being free on all these respective platforms in any case.

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    very bad user score at 5.4

    I dont know about you but time is important to me and I wont be playing this game.


      The Metascore is 75 and the Steam reviews below are better.

      Very Positive (85% of 2,837) ALL TIME
      Mostly Positive (78% of 215) RECENT

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      You need to be careful when relying on user scores for games/movies that feature controversial content. It's very easy for a large group with a particular agenda to add a negative swing to the score. It works both ways though.

    • -2 votes

      I always trust user reviews above any of the big game review websites. My distrust for the game review websites has plunged so low now that I completely ignore any rating they give, going so far as to relook at games that they consider bad and receive poor ratings.

      A trend I'm noticing is that games that dabble in the correct political agenda get high ratings from these review websites but poor user reviews. Games that have incorrect politics have the opposite effect.

      Apparently this game is another festival of woke, and the review ratings reveal that to be true.


        Maybe I missed this, but what is correct and what is incorrect? Is there a definition?

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          If you don't push lgbt characters or strong female leads in new games then many of the review sites included on the metacritic ratings now give you a negative review for not being inclusive enough.

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    I don't like Mondays?

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    Funny how some people complain even when free. It's a free game, pick it up or ignore it - simple!


      I like reading the comments to find out whether a game is worth putting onto my (already) long list of free games that I haven't played.


    Cheers :)


    so this is for the 3 'episodes' correct? some people say it's only for the 1st one, now i'm confused…


      The first episode is normally free, for the month of June they are giving away all 3 episodes. Once you activate it you can keep forever, no need to download it right now either.


    Is the game locked to 30fps?