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[PS4, PS5] It Takes Two $44.96 @ PlayStation Store


Buy It Takes Two once and get both the PS4™ and the enhanced PS5™ version was $59.95.

Embark on the craziest journey of your life in It Takes Two, a genre-bending platform adventure created purely for co-op. Invite a friend to join for free with Friend’s Pass** and work together across a huge variety of gleefully disruptive gameplay challenges.

Master unique and connected character abilities in every new level. Help each other through unexpected obstacles and laugh-out-loud moments. Embrace the heartfelt story of a fractured relationship.

It Takes Two is developed by Hazelight, the industry-leader of cooperative play.

PURE CO-OP PERFECTION – Invite a friend to join for free with Friend’s Pass**

GLEEFULLY DISRUPTIVE GAMEPLAY – From rampaging vacuum cleaners to suave love gurus – with It Takes Two, you never know what you’re up against next.

A UNIVERSAL TALE OF RELATIONSHIPS – Discover a touching and heartfelt story you’ll treasure – together!

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  • +18

    One of my favourite games of the year. Every gamer must play it.

  • +15

    Most creative game I've played that wasn't made by Nintendo. The amount of gameplay variety and creative ideas in this game is crazy. They'll bring in something entirely new for a few minutes of gameplay and then just move onto another new idea.

    Theres one sequence where it turns into a 2d fighter and it lasts for like 30 seconds and then just moves on, theres a top down diablo like dungeon crawler part, 2d platforming, pirate ship battles, puzzles, boss battles, flying sequences, physics puzzles, bullet hell type bosses and just sooo much more. For a 15 hour game to do this is wild. Constant fresh gameplay ideas and different settings.

    The absolutely perfect co-op game. Good for non gamers too as its not very punhsing with deaths.

    • +2

      PS platform has had heaps of creative games.

  • +3

    This is easily one of my favourite games ever, I can't think of another game I've had so much FUN with playing with a friend. My only disappointment is that since getting 100% there's nothing new to play.

  • +1

    Thank you for posting. Finally pulled the trigger on this one because of the discounted price.

  • +1

    It's by the same director/designer(?) as A Way Out and they are very similar in gameplay, slight differences in mechanics.

    Main difference i've found besides the mechanics is in It takes Two, you're characters are very small, so because everything is larger around you, if you aren't good at navigating the camera in a 3rd person view, it can be sometimes be hard for casual gamers to track where you are and where you need to go.

    • +3

      Very similar in gameplay? I found they were really nothing alike at all

      • meant the whole co-op part of it.
        - requiring your partner do things before you can do things
        - doing things together

        but how that is used is different.

  • +4

    This is an awesome game.

  • If I buy this for PS5, can I play the game with my wife on the same console with me using the PS5 controller and my wife using my DS4 controller from my PS4 days?

    • +3

      As far as I can tell, DS4 is only compatible with PS4 games, so - no.
      You can buy the PS5 version, but install the PS4 version, which works for both DSense and DS4.

      • Thanks. I'll give it a go with PS4 version

        • -1

          That's the shit think about Sonys transition very confusing. Xbox you buy the game and it's supported by both consoles and controllers are also cross gen.

          • @Jklaro: Well I just tried the demo, which only comes in PS5 flavour and, as @gryhawk suggested, the DS4 controller is not supported. It's a pity the demo doesn't come in PS4 flavour for all the PS4 peeps out there, never mind just me!

            Edit: While I couldn't find PS4 trial version in PS store on my PS5, it shows up when I log in to PS store on PC, so I am downloading PS4 version now.

          • +3

            @Jklaro: Because Xbox's controller didn't make any improvements, hence the backward compatibility

            • -1

              @fukajk: Yer no improvements because it didn't need to.

              Also doesn't explain why they can't just have say one version of assassin's creed that can be played on either ps4 and ps5. Instead they choose to charge extra $10 for a ps5 version.

    • I can confirm that the PS4 version of this game works using either the PS5 or DS4 controller on a PS5.

  • Any thoughts as to whether it's best played with controller or mouse and keyboard?

    • +4

      Definitely controller. There's a lot of 3D platforming which will be difficult without one.

      • Thanks.

  • Anyone played this with a non-gamer? I wanna see if my wife will enjoy it or not.

    • +2

      If your wife enjoys puzzles she will definitely enjoy this game, the puzzles are pretty fun and require the thought of both people, as well overall not being too difficult

      • She does! We've been enjoying escape-room boardgames.
        Thanks, I'll pick it up.

        • +1

          There are certainly quite a few spots of the game you will both really really enjoy then!
          You're welcome

  • so is this game is a 2 player local co-op?

    • +3

      You can play it local or online

  • +4

    Is there a physical copy of this game?

    • +1

      Seems to have only released physically O/S for example ozgameshop looks to have a copy. More expensive than this though.

  • to tango?

    • ..to produce a.. "sequel"

    • +7

      don't expect too much in terms of game quality

      Couldn't disagree with this more. The quality is exceptional. Some of the writing is pretty bad but when you're with a friend pretending to be a divorcing couple who have been turned into dolls it's actually much more interesting than I expected it to be. The whole elephant level is probably the most WTF I've been playing a game in years.

      • The whole elephant level is probably the most WTF I've been playing a game in years.

        I have watched my friends from the States playing this when I had the chance on Discord and that was the part they were up to due to time zones and work obviously. I felt SO bad for the elephant as a spectator. If I was in one of those shoes, I would have bitched out and play something else

        The game in my opinion is far better than A Way Out even with my limited exposure to it. I have played through A Way Out with a friend but he's gone back to studying.

        • It's bright and colourful not as dark and gritty as A Way out, mostly.
        • The large variety of mechanics in the game are very beginner friendly. The bright and colourful art style helps it out more to people who are struggling to figure it out. Don't get me started on spear fishing in A Way Out.
        • The difficulty is very lenient that one person who is somewhat competent at video games can clear certain parts of the game by him/herself
        • Comical and interesting dialogue between the characters that give enough depth of who they are.

        If your on Steam, there is a Pass for this game to share one copy of the game between two people online. I'm not sure about other platforms.

  • +5

    An incredible experience and one of the best co-op games I have ever played. It is quite astonishing how many different gameplay styles are featured in this game and what's even more amazing is just how polished each of them are. There is so much charm, creativity, variety and interactivity throughout the entire game which makes it truly something special. Highly recommended!

  • +3

    Awesome game, my wife loves it and she rarely games these days. Super fun and has creative challenges.

  • +1

    Played this through with my 6 year old son over a month. We both loved it, highly recommend it.

  • +1

    Watched some streams of this game and love it!

    But I’m a solo gamer and don’t have any friends to co-op with :(

    • +4

      It does take two solo gamers to play! Let's play together man!

      • Add me on PSN ZeeMan82

        I haven’t bought the game yet though haha

    • +3

      Yeh, add me on PS5 and let’s play together! :)

      • Add me on PSN ZeeMan82

        I haven’t bought the game yet though haha

        • +1

          Me neither! Tell us when you bought the game. I will still add you though lol

        • Edit - Double post.

        • You bought the game yet mate? Tomorrow is the last day on special!

  • So this is not a single player game as the title suggests?

    • +2

      Depends how good you are with your feet and multi tasking

      • High school mate once beat us at goldeneye using his feet.

  • Fantastic co-op experience! Way cooler than I was expecting.

    I bought a physical copy from OzGameShop and am about to sell it on Gumtree so if anyone is keen feel free to shoot me a message here. Unfortunately I’m locked down in Melbourne so it’ll have to be sent by post.


    I haven’t read the OzB rules in a while so maybe this comment violates one - if it does, sorry and just let me know or delete it

    • Hey mate, shoot me a message :)

  • +1

    In case it bothers anyone, 2 player on separate consoles is still split screen. I ended up playing with my son on one TV which was easier to co-ordinate anyway and in any case, doesn't subtract from gameplay. The prior game, A way out is discounted too at $11.98, so hoping it is as great as this game.

  • a friend hahahahahahaha

  • Enjoyed playing with my 4 year old but he found one boss level quite challenging.

  • I just bought this game two days ago for $60 from the psn store. Any idea if they have price guarantee or something like that?

    • +1

      have you downloaded it yet? That is sometimes the limiting factor.

  • can not wait for this games joins xbox game pass

  • $29.99 usd if you want to save a few more bucks with a US account. About $38/39Aud


  • Wondering when this game will hit EA Play (as a free game). Currently have the subscription and don't wanna spend if it's going to come to the sub anyway. Also already have it on PC with EA Pro, but the experience is much better playing off the PS5 + Big TV. Great game overall.

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