Don't Buy a Sony TV! (A Fly Got into The Screen, and Apparently, That's 'OK')

Just a warning to others… regarding Sony & warranty claims…

Just under a year ago, bought a $2500 Sony Bravia Android TV… love it overall, but…

Last week, noticed a fly on the screen, turns out the fly is in the screen, can't remove it…

  • Make a warranty claim, they claim 'insect infestation' voids warranty, I corrected them on the word 'infestation' (and kindly reminded them I live in Tas, not nearly as many 'insects' as QLD).
  • I claim if an insect can get inside the screen, the TV isn't 'fit for purpose', plus a whole heap of other stuff, get an email asking for more personal info for a refund, but in the meantime..
  • Sony rep calls me today, offers me a new TV… ok I'm happy (for 20 seconds), then says they offer me to purchase a new tv from them, at a discounted price of $1900 for a tv they claim is worth $3600.
  • This would mean the $2500 + $1900 ($4,400) for a TV worth $3600 with no fly stuck in the screen!

I'm beyond words.. naturally at this stage I just want a refund, as the rep even claimed their screens can't be 'sealed' due to heat dissipation issues.. again I believe this in turn means not fit for purpose. $300 TV from BigW my daughter has, no files, LG and 2 x Panasonic before the Sony, no flies…

Anyone else experienced such horrendous support when it comes to a claim with Sony? Naturally I'm going to fight it, lost all confidence in a brand that made what was a much loved tv… Very disappointing!


  • Fly only just moved in within the last week, it's more of a gnat than a 'fly' (tiny, looks more like a few dead pixels from the couch).
  • Clean, modern (2012), fully sealed house, no pool's, spas or pet feeding indoors (no cats).
  • Common issue with Sony replacing numerous TV's (outside of AU), a google search 'sony tv fly in screen' will give a number of these.


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    'insect infestation voids warranty' - If this is the case i dont understand why your are complaining?

    My personally have never had an issue with Sony IMHO they have really good customer support. Why do you have flies in your house? how could you not notice this for ages? why is it Sony problem that you cant care for your purchased product?

    this isnt a software or hardware fault this is a user issue

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      Lol. One fly is clearly not an infestation. And what, you've never had a fly or bug in your house? Please.

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          I don't disagree with you. It's definitely not a Sony problem. It was your patronizing tone towards the op is what I didn't agree with. That's all :)

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        Sony do not use the word infestation in their warranty

        General Exclusions and Limitations
        2. To the full extent permitted by law, but subject always to 1.1, the Standard Warranty will not apply:
        2.3 To damage, malfunction or failure resulting from alterations, accident, misuse, abuse, fire, liquid spillage, mis-adjustment of customer controls, use on an incorrect voltage, power surges and dips, thunderstorm activity, acts of God, voltage supply problems, tampering or unauthorised repairs by any persons, use of defective or incompatible accessories, the operation of a computer virus of any kind, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions or entry by any insect, vermin or foreign object in the Product.

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    Late to the party, but you could remove the bug with an Electric Toothbrush

    • Seems like a good, simple and inexpensive solution to remove insects.

    • great suggestion if it works… but, that toothbrush is not electric?

      • It is.

  • After 31 years enduring the critters of the wet tropics in Far North Queensland we visited Tasmania and discovered a far more natural animal paradise.
    Scandelling a Japanese manufacturer is like blaming Toyota for not knowing that Tas roads have not been biult by Japanese engineers. Panasonic literally went broke building their producs more reliable. Canon cameras let less critters in but people still buy other brands. How about giving us a macro shot? Is is a CSIRO fruit fly? Perhaps the greenies sponsored that animal just to remind you that you are not alone on this planet.

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    If I were you, I'd get a TV repair company out to fix it for you.

    It'd be like $200 or less, they'll come by, open it up, remove it the fly, put it back together in less than an hour.

    If the TV were older / less valuable, I'd try to do it myself, but for something that expensive, worth paying to get it done without snapping the plastic clips or whatever.

  • This tv is so clear, looks like there is actually a fly on the screen…

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    I would have reported it as a dead pixel, then the techs would have come and replaced the LCD, and your back to normal (not 2020 normal!)

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    I was a hardcore Sony fan and had an xperia phone.

    One time i rinsed it using running tap water and was damaged.

    Sony refused warranty claim as it was water damaged. Ridiculous as the phone was supposed to be ip55,57 waterproof. Sony rep sent me a copy of warranty t&c and highlighted water damage is not covered by warranty.

    I went through consumer affairs and sony offered full replacement, but I insisted on refund and moved on. Never bought a Sony product since then.

  • TVs are made in controlled environments. If they weren't not only would this be more widespread, they'd be issues regarding importing products where pests reside in.

    Don't blame the manufacturer for a random fly on your tv. Sucks but not their fault.

  • This might be the solution *<:o)

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    Are you sure its not just someone's avatar. I seen avatars with a fly to make you think there's a fly

  • Super annoying! If you paid with a credit card, check if their insurance will cover it.

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      On finance.. latitude…

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        TVs on finance, what a time to be alive.

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    It insect infestation mate TV mouse paigle in centre west eat into it not coved

    • wtf did you even mean to say?

  • Arright.. broke out the hitachi magic wand and a suction cap.. no good.. fly is behind the LCD, it's not giving in yet.. no spiders or birds willing to take up the contract… Macro shot with the broken Sony RX MK II failed so sorry to those who wanted a macro, obviously (to me) I'll be buying the pana tz220 next instead of another RX…. I'll try again tomorrow…

    • Ants are your only hope now.

      • Which breed do you think might be most successful?

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    Fwiw I had ants get in to my 3 year old Sony tv a year ago. I figured the tv was stuffed and I was going to be up for a new one, so had nothing to lose by trying to fix it myself. If you google around you’ll probably be able to find some guides to dismantle your tv. I was able to save mine and remove all the ants without damaging the tv and still use it to this day. You might feel you shouldn’t have to, but it’s worth a try if all else fails.



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      woww, nasty but well done

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        yeh wow indeed, and well done indeed!

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      thats impressive lol

    • Wow!

      Do you have any idea what they were feasting on in there?

      • No idea, I don’t think they were actually feasting on anything. I called up a couple of repair shops at the time to see how much they’d charge to pull it apart and one of them mentioned that they were probably looking for warmth and a place to nest.

        Usually I don’t mind bugs, but something about seeing hundreds crawling in my tv really got to me at the time and it still grosses me out reliving it!

  • Try some mortein

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    Contact Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

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    Spiders got into my Acer. I think they improved the image tbh.

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    Waiting for the ACA episode

  • The age old "bug" in the system… insects getting into tech is literally where where that term comes from!

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    Can you ask Sony to remove the screen and the fly, at their cost? If it's built that way for easy access to repair, then it should be a straight forward job for them.

    • My thoughts exactly but even if it's "impossible" to separate the led layers they surely could replace his panel in the least.

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    I have a 65 inch commercial display from panasonic, and a cockroach or beetle got inside of it. i have owned hundreds of displays over my lifetime and have never had this issue. Panasonic wasnt having any of it. Quoted me a fair price of $300 to remove it. but ended up taking it apart and using an air compressor to blow the bug out. My personal opinion is that if the display is still in warranty the manufacturer should cover it unless you actually have a bug infestation…

    i dont understand how the bug gets into the middle of the screen and gets stuck hahaha.


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    THIS is dumb post. Nobody is going to fight your fight for you… unless it's class action…

    I've had the x7000 x8500 and x9000 models in the E,F AND G models… their top models are the best LED you could've bought in that year… maybe you got an OLED and there i agree L.G. and even Panasonic are better.

    I don't think Sony will budge on the whole "fit for purpose" on the grounds the fly got in. I know some people use TV's in open "entertainment areas" around bbqs etc or in restaurants so it can happen quite easily…

    However this is just the 1 in 1 million bad luck kind of things that happens in life to everyone sooner or later… more or less.

    At this point you have to goto the ACCC and get into commercial litigation at a tribunal.

    You've talked enough to them. So do it or 🤫

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    Why is there gnats in your house?

    Would you also make a warranty claim if you let a thief into your house too?

  • A fly entered my car dashboard, do i get a new one of those?

  • I’m going to add to the chorus of people saying it’s not a defect, it’s unfortunate bad luck that could happen with any tv.

    I certainly would hate it to happen to my TV, but I wouldn’t be blaming the manufacturer, and if they offered me a cheap replacement I would take it!

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    I side with Sony on this one.

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    Quite a number of people on here really are a bit intellectually challenged. It certainly is possible to design a TV that has adequate ventilation for the electronics without providing access for bugs to get in-between the LCD panel and the panel cover. It's clearly a design fault and Sony is unwilling to admit to this and puts the blame back on the consumer under the guise of "infestation".

  • Wow, fly in tv… I love OzBargain more everyday.

    Just my 2 cents: where there's a way in, there will be a way out. Good luck!

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    Absolutely staggered by the amount of people who are on Sony's side. They obviously know this can happen, its in their warranty exclusions.

    Imagine spending $4k on a TV and an ant gets in due to a design flaw and the company just says suck it up? Clearly that is not fit for purpose.

    $4k TV ruined by an insect… lol what a joke.

    • This is how LCD works, and this is not a Sony issue. There are multiple layers, so stuff can get in. Sealing the TV would increase costs, and it does not affect many people to address it.

      It is like complaining a small rock can crack a windscreen.

      If you want to avoid the problem, buy an OLED tv. They are designed differently.

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        It really baffles me why some people have to insist on making such utterly useless comments. You obviously have no idea how an LCD screen is designed and your analogy has absolutely no relevance to the topic.

    • Many a brow-beaten corporate fanboy here — lOok iTS iN te WarRantY cONdiTioNz!

      Amazing how the memory hole deepens AND widens when The Checkout has been off air a few short years.

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    this post reminded me to watch "The Fly" again

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    I also have ongoing warranty dispute with Sony. My TV has faulty panel where the part is not available.
    The TV turnon for milliseconds and then red light blinks 6 times. Google search shoes it's pretty common faulty with Sony Bravia.

    Sony has offered me new model at discounted price which implies I will be out of pocket by $1.5k. I am pushing for like to like replacement as don't want to pay any extra money. Hoping for the best outcome.

    • Would like to hear the outcome, it appears their general approach to warranty claims with TV's in our case is to continute to have money coming in than paying out on a claim… goodluck!

      • This doesnt seem right. Its happened at least two times if your name is Ash, is what Sony is doing legal?

        This could have an outcome going to ACCC or both of you on current affair program. Current Affairs has a good record with these types of problems for the consumer.

      • My 4 years old 65W850C has been upgraded to KD75X9500H for $920. Looks like good outcome considering this TV is selling for $3700 at all major retailers.

        • Did you have to haggle to get this rate? Or do they just offered it to you?

          • @ozbaragan: 10 emails and 5 phone calls

            • @Ash-Say: Thanks. I got offered $1900 (75x9500h)at first for my damaged kdl50w800c but negotiated down to $1300. You got a better price. 😊. Have they picked up the old tv? And do you packed it the new tv box? The box is to big for my old tv.

              • @ozbaragan: Mine was 65 inch and your appears to be 50inch so you got almost same deal.

                My TV is with their technician so I won't have to worry about any packing.

  • thanks for everyone posting how sony sell new tv's at a discount as warranty. no pay no fix seems to be reality which means ACCC court case needed - but they're all wfh so forget it.

  • how'd you go AshPete02, did you log a case?

    • Haven't progressed, got flooded with work and haven't had any time to worry about this - intent to take it further, need to contact accc first, at least the issue was logged prior to stated warranty expiration.. will post when/if I get an outcome.

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