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Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 Webcam $69.95 (Was $89.95) Delivered @ Creative Australia


Was looking for a webcam and saw these were back in stock and on special. Has some good reviews for the price. Free delivery 3-9 days duration.

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    Is it manual focus?

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    Its been cheaper at $59 delivered from Creative

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      That was the V1.


    Does anyone have this, any complaints?


    Anyone have any feedback on these including video & mic quality? Also, if it requires software install as to be used on external monitor with a work laptop that is locked down?

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    I got mine and am very happy with the quality, both audio and video is great, especially good in low light rooms. Mine worked out of the box with no additional software required. However I installed the creative app as it lets you enables some features like auto mute for example.


    cancelled my c925e order to get this. The $60 price difference is worth the gamble.
    I actually care less about the video and more about the audio since I want to replace my current USB mic and webcam for an all in 1 solution (trying to reduce desk clutter). I'll probably use the mic on the creative live for discord as well so I'm hoping its sufficient!