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[Club Plus] SCA Heavy Duty Alkaline AA or AAA Batteries - 24 Pack $4.20 C&C /+ Delivery @ Supercheap Auto


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AA 24 pack
AAA 24 pack

Available in 18 packs too for $3.50:

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  • +6

    Land fill junk they leak or have short life don't waste your money spend a bit more .

  • Needed some for motion sensor lights thanks

    • +2

      Power gone in 2 days

      • +1

        Its true. These suck and I still have 50 or so to churn through

  • -1

    Varta or GTFO!

  • +3

    I use these a lot in AAA size and they are fine.

    They really shouldn't call them "Heavy Duty" because that implies they are shitty carbon-zinc chemistry.

    • +3

      I feel so cheated! How can none carbon-zincs claim to be heavy duty, that is some serious false advertising!

  • +2

    Don't do it guys. I bought it during lockdown in 2020. Batteries last 1/4 of the time compared to energizer standard batteries from the supermarket..

  • For camping light and similar low power gear, I'm happy with Kmart alkaline ones and they don't cost much either

  • Thee are actually medium duty batteries

  • +1

    I'd classify these as low duty batteries after using them on my Energizer LED headlight bought from Bunnings. They went flat in about an hour of continuous use. I agreed with what Spock said these are rebarged land fill junk. This is not a bargain considering their very short life span compare to other brand

  • +1

    How can these batteries be classified as both Heavy Duty and Alkaline at the same time as the former is absolute rubbish (really old battery tech)?

    • LoL. I have been using them regularly. Only reason I'm responding - is your use of neg vote. They don't leak as some claim. If people experience they don't last as per expectation then use them wisely in devices like mouse, keyword, clocks, remotes etc and you wouldn't be disappointed unlike demanding appliances.

  • Any good deals for 9v batteries for smoke alarms?
    Was waiting for the battery world promotion deal but it does not look like they are doing it this year.

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