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Reject Shop - 30% off All Tesco Food


30% off all Tesco food at Reject Shop.

Some items I have tried that are really good value:

Sunflower oil - 1L for $1.75. Woolworths generic is $3.50 for 750ml

Instant rice 250g - $1.33. Great for camping.

Peanut butter 700g - $2.80. Cheapest peanut butter per gram anywhere, and it tastes good.

Tesco Tuna chunks in spring water 145g - $0.50. Product of Ghana. This is lower quality reddish meat however. The sunflower oil tuna is made in Ecuador.

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The Reject Shop
The Reject Shop

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  • The Fajita seasoning is also good, as is the fudge.
    At 30% off, absolutely worth having a browse of the selection.

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    Do they have any Waitrose products?

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      Tesco only

  • Tesco chicken soup for 70 cents.

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    Why was the Tesco food rejected in the first place?
    Tesco homebrand is already questionable.

    • Brand synergy

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    Wouldn't be 30% off if it was flying off the shelves.

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      The original prices were too high and similar to other supermarket prices. With 30% off they're now enticing.

      • I wouldn't say enticing. I would say ok.

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    Isn't Tesco a UK supermarket? Why do they sell their stuff here?

    • Keen know as well

    • Surplus of some type…. Why OZ though? Maybe….brexit and trade treatys/deals not being able to fob it off in Europe now?!?…. Anyone's guess unless someone is in the know.

      • They are all made in asia. They are probably dumping this stuff everywhere they can.

        • Woolies imports iceblocks/poles/pops from Canada, and still makes money off it…

      • Dumping produce would be highly unlikely given there are many UK based discounters that would eagerly take the surplus produce at discounted prices to sell on (home bargains, b&m, heron foods etc). It probably has something to do with the fact that produce in australia is overly expensive when compared to the UK and so even with shipping costs it can still be sold here with a profit.

        I am speculating of course

        • Most likely selling here due to quality issues - labelling, MLOR, ingredients not accepted in the UK - numerous other not too spec issues.
          Tesco has rejected the stock, and it cannot be sold in the UK due to probably licensing of the Tesco label.

          So it's made it's way to Australia where they don't have to worry about licensing.

          or below partnership where the reject shop becomes a selling agent of Tesco.

    • In the UK only supermarket that might be nastier with their own brand would be Lidl (which is an even cheaper version of Aldi).

      • I find Tesco’s own brand food pretty good, and often better than some. Their ‘Finest’ range is almost as good as M&S food.


    • It is but it also owns loads of other things such as restaurants and cafes that are branded both as chains and others that look like independents. A few years ago it bought a big UK wholesaler / cash and carry which means it now also supplies its rivals including local independent corner stores and the UK equivalent of IGA chains!
      One of their international businesses is an international wholesaler which means lots of countries sell random ranges of Tesco products (either with or without the branding). But, this week they have just announced that they will be closing down the international wholesale business next year which means TRS won't be selling their stuff in the future.
      Why do TRS sell Tesco stuff? Who knows, but I guess they want to have a range of food to slightly compete with Colesworth on certain basic/value items and don't feel they are big enough to do it on their own so would prefer a partnership with someone who buys in bulk so can get the prices or maybe it was just a trial to see how it went with the plan that if it went well TRS would introduce their own brand products?
      Another fun fact for you! Since last year, the cards in The Reject Shop are supplied by a UK card shop chain called Card Factory.

  • The dark chocolate blocks come down to $2.10 too which puts them on par with half price Woolies 100g blocks. As far as dairy free dark chocolate goes, I’d put it on par if not a little nicer than Lindt and way better than Frey’s. So only worth it at 30% off.

  • tuna made in ghana and ecuador, now i've heard everything.

  • I have tried the flour it isn't good :( and who would have thought you could go wrong with plain flour?

    • Can you please elaborate a bit, how it is not good? Is it the taste? Is it hard to make bread etc out of it?
      I was thinking of getting some earlier since I use a lot of flour for making breads & naans. Thanks.