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Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid (1,272 Items from 865 Creators) - US$5 (~A$6.81) @ Itch.io


I was waiting for this since I heard about it on Reddit. I have had many hours of enjoyment and inspiration from the Racial Justice bundle last year. Bundle of 1000ish things, games, soundtracks, assets, TTRPG, tools, etc. Haven't looked closely enough to unearth any real treats yet but for under seven bucks Australian for the couple of hours wading through weird TTRPG rulesets will be worth it for me personally…

Edit: The creator of the bundle has posted to Twitter there will be further additions "next week", so if you were on the fence about the value of the inclusions in the bundle it might be about to get bargain-ier!

Edit the second: More games and creators added. Deal remains great value for money!

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      All profit from this bundle will be donated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. The UNRWA has provided food assistance for over one million Palestinians, and continues to do so in the territories with heavy destruction. They also provide emergency mental and physical health protection for those in the region. https://www.unrwa.org/gaza-emergency

      • -70

        I genuinely wish the residents there rebel against their Hamas govt rather than making propoganda videos to get sympathy from other countries.

        Again, I'm not against UN help, but here it's a different situation

        • +11

          Please remember, If you support the other side of the fence or do not support this side of the fence, you'll be downvoted :(
          No logic and/or evidence can save you.

        • Looks like your comment irked some 67 Hamasians already

        • +13

          That's how Hamas does its business: Attack Israel -> make its people get killed -> show it to the world -> win political support from its people and money from other Arabian nations. Without such moves Hamas has no business to do at all.

        • +1

          Unfortunately UNWRA supposedly an unbiased UN entity is not always an impartial party in the conflict..

          UNRWA; the most influential agency in the Gaza region has issued a rare condemnation of Gaza armed terrorist factions after its officials discovered a tunnel at the location of an Israeli missile strike at Zaitoun school (under UN administration).
          Hamas has been caught out again using Palestinian schools and hospitals to hide and fire deadly missiles at Israeli civilians.

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        UNinvolved in peace

      • +11

        Biden State Dept: “No Guarantees” Gaza Aid Won’t Boost Hamas’s Terror Arsenal.


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      "Buy 1,020 items for $5", which includes something like 600-900 games. That sounds like a deal to me.

        • +25

          So then don't buy it.

  • +24

    I'm surprised the op hasn't been charged with anti semitism. Loony zionists are everywhere.

    • +8

      Free free Palestine from the river to the sea.

      • +31

        Free Palestine from Hamas!

      • +1

        Ah the usual Pro Palestinian genocide chant makes it way to OZB. Take your hate elsewhere. You either know you're calling for the annihilation of Israel and Jews 'from the river to the sea' or you're a very useful 'type'. Either way, people like you deserve nothing but ridicule & disrespect, you have a similar mindset to some of the worst human rights abusers & mass murderers the planet has ever seen.
        Your solution is to solve a 'refugee' problem by creating an even larger one. Actually, you want to solve it by way of murder judging by your chant.

    • +7

      Ozbargain isn't the media, a central bank, a government or social media.

    • -1

      Antisemitism is the oldest firm of racial discrimination.Just over 70 years ago 6,000,000 Jews were murdered by the Nazis for one reason and one reason only - they were born Jews.
      Of the 6,000,000 , 1.2 million were children.
      It had nothing to do with them being Zionists.
      Once again antisemitism is rearing its ugly head. There are only an estimated 15,000,000 Jews in the world, with over a half that live in the tiny country Israel, that they want to live in peace in. That is the loony Zionist dream.

      • Antisemitism

        Oh, please!
        Jewish people don't have a monopoly on being the only Semitic people on this planet.
        Arabs (including Palestinians) are also Semitic-speaking people.


        • You obviously are an antisemite!. The term antisemite applies only to Jews.
          The Jews have been singled out for persecution, in almost every country they have lived in for more than 2,000 years. The only reason why was because they were Jews.
          There are only 15,000,000 +- Jews in the world. There are are more than 2 billion Muslims.
          To try and makeout that being an antisemite is to be anti anyone from the middleast is a distortion of the truth and reality.
          The education system in Gaza, the Westbank and most Arab countries is Antisemitic. Children are indoctrinated from a very early age to hate jews, and to glorify killing Jews.
          Rather than try and play with semantics, and make out that antisemitism is not aimed at The Jews, study actual history, and truth.


          • @bspark: An honest question back to you.

            Children are indoctrinated from a very early age to hate jews, and to glorify killing Jews.

            Do you think that Israeli children are indoctrinated from a young age, to demonise Palestinians so that their killings can be justified as well?

            • @b2dz: Ahh I'd really love to hear from the person that negged my above comment.

    • +4

      People should pick up a history book and do some rudimentary research on reality, rather than swallowing Hamas propaganda dreamed up in the last few decades. "Zionist" is little different to saying "Aussie" or "Maori". It literally means someone who has some pride in who they are and merely wants the continued unimpeded existence of their own kind and independent nation, on the basis it's been THEIR ancestoral land for hundreds of years (not anyone else's).

      In a nutshell, after several wars, the Israeli government forced their own people to abandon certain areas. Israeli people lost homes and businesses often with little to no compensation, leaving it open for Palestinian squatters to move in, rent free. It was an admirable attempt to keep the peace but Hamas has refused to let it work. More is never enough. Someone cited it in here, their little ditty about "to the sea" is literally a war cry, Hamas wishing to drive every Israeli man, woman and child into the ocean to extermination so they can have someone else's property that never belonged to them.

      There's zilch wrong with people wanting to CONTINUE LIVING and remain an independent democratic nation on land that has been theirs for hundreds of years!? Especially when the place never belonged to other people wanting them to leave who are not the original inhabitants.

      Most of us prefer to believe in the "brotherhood of humanity" and we like to think most people aren't out to deceive or harm us. It's why so many online scams still reap victims. But liars, thieves, and every other criminal behaviour does exist. That leaning toward compassion and generosity is also how Hamas rakes in million$ (billion$?) a year to continue bloodshed: thanks to the good-hearted, well-intentioned people, donating to something they think is a good cause.

      So please do a bit of research first people. If you "just want the stuff", have at it. But if you're doing it "because blah blah"… can you really feel in your heart or conscience you've done something good when it's being turned into rockets and bullets and the people you wanted to help get none of it? Did you really help or just help Hamas continue inflicting suffering on everyone involved?

  • +58

    Thanks OP. I love this deal. Haters gunna hate.

  • +37

    It’s a shame that people here dont have the maturity to just focus on the deal anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be interested to listen if someone had something insightful, unique or amusing to add, but they simply don’t.

    • +5

      Best I could come up with on short notice was OPs username checks out, but then I showed myself out. Your comment is my favourite thus far though.

    • +3

      It's not a deal though. Nothing worthwhile in the bundle.

      • +55

        So don't buy it.
        99% of the stuff on ozbargain isn't worthwhile to the individual us. We are all here to snag that 1% with our name on it.

        • -38

          99% of the stuff on ozbargain isn't worthwhile

          then don't use ozbargain.

          Have some respect for the community and take your politics out of here.

          • +19

            @MechanicalCanine: Wow. What are you talking about? I love ozbargain. It is more than just the frontpage. I'm literally saying that 1 in a hundred things would be of interest to a member. Take a look at every single post. I'm being generous at 1%. But that spectrum of products is what keeps us coming back, that and the community itself.

          • +13

            @MechanicalCanine: That sounds like a political view right there.

        • +3

          @seamonkey - you couldn't have summed up the brilliance of this site any better. When you hit that 1% it makes you feel like a king and when it's not I know I'm happy for those who it is.

        • Have an upvote Seamonkey - to take the bad taste of Canine out of your mouth.

          Plus I agree with you 100%. Excellent summary.

      • +31

        So people with more time than myself have made a spreadsheet and let you sort out all the games with steam links, sort by review etc.Check it out here. And here's a list of some well reviewed on steam games to start with. BRJE stands for Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, a similar bundle itchio did last year.

        Overwhelmingly Positive
        *Nuclear Throne BRJE
        *Mini Metro
        *Smile For Me
        *Pikuniku BRJE
        *UNBEATABLE [white label]

        Very Positive
        *Spring Falls BRJE
        *Bullet Heaven 2
        *Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You
        *Bleed 2 BRJE
        *A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build
        *Milkmaid of the Milky Way BRJE
        *Bleed BRJE
        *Minit BRJE
        *Luck be a Landlord
        *Escape Room - The Sick Colleague
        *Dépanneur Nocturne
        *Underhero BRJE
        *FRAMED Collection
        *Sky Rogue BRJE
        *Cosmic Express
        *Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! BRJE
        *Long Gone Days BRJE
        *Windosill (2009) BRJE
        *Landlord of the Woods
        *Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows BRJE
        *Soundodger+ BRJE
        *Circa Infinity BRJE
        *GNOG BRJE
        *Switch 'N' Shoot BRJE
        *Micron BRJE
        *Super Win the Game BRJE
        *Sophie's Dice
        *What Comes After
        *Plunge BRJE
        *Un Pas Fragile BRJE
        *Before I Forget
        *Grapple Force Rena
        *Robot Wants It All
        *Halloween Forever BRJE
        *The Endless Empty
        *Silicon Zeroes BRJE
        *They Bleed Pixels BRJE
        *Another Perspective
        *Soul Searching
        *Anodyne BRJE
        *Spooky Station BRJE
        *The Hayseed Knight
        *Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials
        *The Night Fisherman BRJE
        *Cats are Liquid - A Better Place BRJE
        *Choice Chamber BRJE
        *Beglitched BRJE
        *Signs of the Sojourner BRJE
        *Democratic Socialism Simulator BRJE
        *NEON STRUCT
        *Glittermitten Grove BRJE
        *BlackJack Math
        *Luna BRJE
        *Moon Hunters
        *Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition BRJE
        *Haque BRJE
        *The Floor is Jelly BRJE
        *Yi and the Thousand Moons BRJE
        *BasketBelle BRJE
        *Alchemist's Castle
        *Future Unfolding

        • Wow that’s a lot of work from the creators! Thanks for sharing!

    • +1

      Somehow I think you'd feel different if these purchases bought the bullets that killed your toddler. There are times when "think about where your purchase goes" is whiney nonsense. This isn't one of those times.

  • +95

    Who is reporting this as illegal/inappropriate?
    Hate those days when you wake up, then see something like and feel ashamed for being a human being. 😟😕

    • +45

      Don't let the turkeys get you down. I look at it the opposite way. When I see aholes around me in the wild, it just reinforces the whole 'thank f I'm me' realisation in my head. The loudest voices almost always know less about the specifics of a controversial issue than the average punter. Usually on the Murdoch diet.

    • +20

      Description in link contains following text "They live under Israeli authority that discriminates and subjugates Palestinians to the point of persecution and apartheid, simply for being Palestinian"

      The Israel is an apartheid state claim many see as an offensive statement. I have no problem with donating to UN for the cause, I have a problem with the description containing politically charged statements that many find offensive.

      Given the current coalition in Israel that is about to take rule contains members of an Arab Muslim party, yep Apartheid…

      • +24

        So what, the description is bad. The description writer is not getting the money and is not using it to buy missiles. It is used for humanitarian help and then I really do not even care who is right or wrong as all innocent victims deserve help.
        Remember, this is a deal website not a political forum so personally I do not want to get into a political discussion.
        If we considered ethics, morality, false statements, and political leanings of company CEOS here I guarantee that there would not be many deals on here.
        Plus really the deal is about whether or not it is a bargain and undoubtedly that is.
        Any political discussion belongs into the forum or better elsewhere.
        Just my two cents.

        • +4

          I agree with you but similar comments to yours should be made when a certain pre-made meal deal is posted or a book from JK Rowling or Jordan Peterson.

          Unfortunately politics are very often brought into deals whether they are good or not here.

      • +17

        So just to be clear, that statement is inaccurate in your opinion? So everyone gets a pass not for what the Israeli government was yesterday, is today, but what it might be tomorrow? I just don't understand that logic.

        I remember the week my brain changed forever. I was in the French countryside. Invited to dinner parties over the week. Many Iranian families. Wow. Nicest people I'd ever met in my life - so many of them. That was the week I realised in my immature brain that I must forever separate people from their woeful governments. People don't do that well enough with the wonderful Palestinians. I do realise Israeli's are equally wonderful and that's kind of the point. Personally Im thrilled to see that corrupt pos about to lose power. Long overdue.

        • +9

          Palestinians living in Israel get to vote in elections, have for decades. The Arab Muslim party has also been around for ages, not just suddenly sprung up for this election that you seem to imply.

          Meanwhile Abbas, ruling the Palestinian Authority, is into the 16th year of his 4 year term.

          Also, I never criticized Palestinian people, or Iranians, but please throw out an implied smear against me for something I never said.

          • +11

            @rheags: What about the Palestinians in the occupied territories (the majority)? They get no vote. The Palestinian authority (also corrupt) isn't a government, they are not a state under any definition.

            So what's left is an enforced apartheid of an ethnic majority population, to ensure a Jewish minority population maintains control of the Israeli government. Actually quite similar in practice to the South African model, if you look past all the biblical/ Zionist angles of 'God promised us'.

            • -1

              @B-Moose: Why would they get to vote? Two state solution means they get their own state with everything that entails. Unless you support a single state solution which gets us straight back to Yogoslavia kind of situation.

              • +6

                @AncientWisdom: The Israeli government has over the last decade or two abandoned even the pretense of the goal of two state solution. And who could blame them, when the status quo occupation/ gradual settlement model suits them just fine.

            • @B-Moose: LOL. It must be nice to live such a sheltered life focusing on something like 10% of the facts.

              What you're proposing is like inviting German-occupied France during WWII to come over and vote in the English election, while also gullibly assuming the French will vote independently with zero concern about the Germans threatening to shoot them upon returning home if they vote wrong.

      • +9

        We should deny facts because some people get offended by facts?

        • +5

          Yeah over in the east people get offended if they say things like Tienanmen square didn't happen.

          • -7

            @Turd: no comparison - indulging your anti china hate again…

            • +7

              @petry: Dont hate China, hate the government that runs it

      • about to take rule contains members of an Arab Muslim party, yep Apartheid

        It's almost as if they will be there just so people can't say anything "apartheid-y".

        • -1

          yeah like the unrepresentative 'female' members of the coalition wanting to ban abortion, cover up rape, and release the details of women suffering violent physical abuse….

          • +4

            @petry: Here we go again.

            • -3

              @brendanm: 'It's almost as if they will be there just so people can't say anything "apartheid-y".'

              so fox , so murdoch , so meaningless

        • +1

          That makes no sense. If you don't understand Israeli politics maybe it's better you don't show it by commenting.

          • @AncientWisdom: I assumed they were corrupt but trying to look good, like all other politicians. I honestly couldn't give a rat's ass about Israeli politics, I simply think their stupid religious war is stupid. If you think people should die over children's stories, more power to you I suppose.

        • +1

          Dood. Your ignorance on the issue is astounding.

          • +1



            That's rad man

            Your ignorance on the issue is astounding.

            My sky daddy story says that something happened here. No my sky daddy story says it's my land. Let's kill each other over fairy tales. Should about sum it up.

            • @brendanm: With ya man.
              Everyone should see Zeitgeist to fully understand the ancient deceptions that underpin so much pointless conflict.

              The revelations therein got many knickers in a twist, as I recall the online discussions from 07-11. You can guess which side objected most, hint: they foisted a "religion" on the world, after ripping it off wholesale from those that enslaved them for so long.

  • +7

    Thanks. Haters gunna hate

  • +31

    Would we see these hatefull anti Palestinian style comments if this was fund raising for Tibetan people who to are being oppressed by an unjust state.

    • -2

      name a 'just' state please ?

    • +8
      • +12

        Propaganda rubbish. Human Rights organisations continually demonstrate bias for treating people with a universal level of respect and advocates for the most vulnerable.

        OzBargain is no place for such extremist views. Now where were the ‘Australian made’ posts from March/April last year…

  • +12

    Great, we have imported nonsense twitter rants to the comments section, kudos everyone.

    By the way if you don't have anything to say/ask about deal there is a button next to headings just click that +/- and move on. No need to hear your political views.

    • +7

      there is a button next to headings just click that +/- and move on. No need to hear your political views.

      You have to comment to neg the deal.

  • +23

    Great cause 🙌

  • +55

    A big part of what the Israeli lobby does is intentionally create pointless arguments so discussion either gets locked or reduced to "it's too complex." It's really not, and if you rationalise your way around turning the Palestinians into anything other than victims then you're on the wrong side of history.

    • +1

      While I tend to agree partially with this, at the end of the day, both of them are fighting over a fictional book. The whole thing is stupid, people are being killed for this.

      • +25

        …no? The Palestinians already lived there lol.

        It’s the other side who pulls out quotes from a story book in justification for torturing the Palestinians.

        • I wasn't denying they already lived there. I'm saying the whole thing is stupid with no point. I sure don't support Israel.

          • +10

            @brendanm: there is a huge point if you look at it geopolitically. who is the biggest backer of Israel? what's to gain from having power projection and a close Ally/Vessel state in the middle east right after WWII?

          • @brendanm: "If i did not steel it, someone else would":D

        • -11

          Guess who made that argument first?

          “The Israelis already lived there lol.” So that argument gets you no where. If you think that’s your nail on the head, then you lot gotta another thing coming

          • +10

            @Hunterex: No, because the Palestinians objectively already lived there. They’re not basing their stake on some trans-racial religious identity. It’s an objective fact.

            Maybe it will screw things up for the Israelis, but the situation for Palestinians who are victims of genocide, ethnic cleansing and torture would only get worse if the Israelis decide to increase the genocide, ethnic cleansing and torture.

            • @ausmechkeyboards: uhh that applies to about 20 plus countries currently who are factually guilty of supporting genocide, ethnic cleansing and torture, plus the others actually doing it.

              • +11

                @petry: How does that excuse what the Israelis are doing?

                Are you suggesting it’s ok for the Israelis to carry out ethnic cleansing and torture because others do it?

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