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30% off All Coffee & Pods + Delivery @ Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters


Hey Folks,

We're almost half way through the year.. and we're here to celebrate with coffee!

We are offering 30% off all coffee + pods until midnight Tuesday!

The even better news, you can use the code as many times as you like over this time. So, get in quick.

On offer - Use code: midyear30

  • Hollywood Blend (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/hollywood-blend-2/) - Lights, camera, action! Our Hollywood Blend is popular, fashionable, and loves the spotlight. It's best described as a cup of chocolate coated blueberries. $33.60/1kg, $12.60/250g
  • Blackbird Blend (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/blackbird-blend-2/) - Not for the faint hearted. Best described as a cherry ripe, it's a rich blend that cuts through milk vigorously and can also be enjoyed as a robust black coffee. $33.60/1kg, $12.60/250g
  • Indonesia, Sumatra Kerinci (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/indonesia-sumatra-kerinci/) - A crispy Single Origin. Remember toffee apples? Crisp refreshing apple covered in thick, sweet toffee. It's a treat that only felt acceptable to eat as a kid, but when toffee apples come in coffee form, who can resist? Not us! $38.50/1kg, $14.00/250g
  • Colombia, Las Guacanas (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/colombia-las-guacanas/) - A salty Single Origin. This coffee was picked following a strict ripeness criteria and hand sorted. Whole cherries were fermented inside plastic tanks for 200 hours. The cherries were then placed on raised beds to dry at a temperature of below 35 degrees celsius, until the ideal moisture was achieved. Tastes like Green Apple & Miso Soup. $38.50/1kg, $14.00/250g
  • Guatemala, La Pila (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/guatemala-la-pila/) - A jammy Single Origin. If you're the type of breakfast go-er that spreads their jam thickly on toast, then you'll love this jammy coffee. It's raspberry jam on sliced sourdough with a decadent shaving of milk chocolate. No need for breakfast with this coffee. Tastes like Raspberry Jam & Milk Chocolate. $38.50/1kg, $14.00/250g
  • Ethiopia, Uraga Claret (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/ethiopia-uraga-claret/) - A wild Single Origin. This supernatural coffee is wild and fruity. In supernatural processing cherries are picked perfectly ripe. The cherries are then piled on top of each other to increase temperature (this is the fermentation part), which helps to intensify those wild fruity notes. Tastes like Red Grape & Bubblegum. $42.00/1kg, $17.50/250g
  • Brazil, Sitio Moinho Grande (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/brazil-sitio-moinho-grande-2...) - A sweet Single Origin. Female producer, Lelena Oliveira was born in 1947 and started with coffee at the very young age of 9 years old! With 64 years work experience, she is now responsible for the production of specialty coffees on her property. Lelena believes that love and affection are the secret ingredients to her super sweet coffee. Tastes like Lychee & Brown Sugar. $38.50/1kg, $14.00/250g
  • Brazil, Sitio Das Montanhas (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/brazil-sitio-das-montanhas/) - A tropical Single Origin. Producer Marconi Oliveira's, farm is located in the ‘Alto Caparó region. The region has high altitude and outstanding growing conditions for coffee. Marconi, carefully selects the cherries before harvesting and ensures quality is upheld at every step along the way. Tastes like Guava & Lemonade. $42.00/1kg, $17.50/250g
  • Decaf Blend (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/decaf-blend/) - A decaf coffee that doesn't taste like decaf. Our blend is sweet, creamy and seriously delicious. It's also a natural sugarcane process, which means the caffeine has been removed naturally, making it completely chemical free. $21.00/500g
  • Blackbird biodegradable & compostable pods (https://fatpoppy.coffee/product/blackbird-pods-x-10-pods/) - Our popular Blackbird Blend is now available in pods! Our pods are both biodegradable and compostable. Come in box of 10 pods. $9.80/per box.

Don't own a grinder? No worries! We can grind for the following brew types:

  • Espresso
  • Stovetop
  • Plunger
  • Aeropress
  • Pourover
  • Batch Brewer
  • Reusable Pods


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  • +1 vote

    Definitely one of my top 3 favourite roasters in Sydney right now. I can highly recommend any of their single origin filter coffee roasted beans without any hesitation. They are consistently beautifully roasted. I brew v60 at home every day, and Fat Poppy have always been delicious. Always.

    If you have not already, please give these guys a try!


    What grind suits cold brew?


      Hi d0rift,

      We recommend selecting 'pourover' as the grind when making your order.

      Hope that helps!


    Is there a reason why pick up is not possible?


      Hi bucketbong,

      Thanks for your message.

      We don't have a retail space so just offer delivery at this stage. Pick up is something we are however looking into being able to offer in the future.


      Team FP