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10kg Washing Machines: Top $399, Front $499, 7kg Dryer $249, Dishwasher $299, 75" Smart TV $999, Kickscooters from $349 @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi catalogue.

Special buys for Wednesday 16 June are wooden toys.

Full credit to the original Facebook poster.

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    Any existing users, pls can you give your feedback for 10kg Washing Machines: Front $499, 7kg Dryer $249..?

    Which brand is this?

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      If it's Stirling, we bought a front loader, opened it and returned it because the seal was faulty (all twisted and probably would have leaked). Swapped it for another machine and same issue. Gave up after that.

      • Bought a 9kg Stirling last year. Use it twice a day, every day, 6 days a week. No issues.


    • 3 year in home warranty on the dryer.

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    Interestingly the Segway scooters are only available via online purchase and only deliverable to certain postcodes.

    I wonder if they deliver to NSW? And if they do, will they warn buyers they can only legally be ridden on private property.

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    Ask Aldi if the machine breaks down after warranty if anyone has spare parts.

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      Yes, try and find an Aldi staff member not trying to ignore you. 😂

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        I'll save you the frustration, they didn't a few years ago.

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          I've had no issue with the Stirling top loaders getting repaired under warranty and then after that had expired. Just called the number.

          • @phluffed: Afaik private local companies do the repairs but only have spare parts for a few years. My friend got a full refund when they couldn't fix his washer under warranty due to lack of parts

  • Hi guys , can any one tell me about this monitor, thinking to buy two for my office needs

    • Monitor? I only see a TV.

      TV's can be used as monitors but it's not ideal, depending on your use-case.

  • Electric scooter Vs ebike? Which is more practical

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      Before you even consider them, make sure that they are legal in your state first.

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        They’re not, at this point I don’t think I care anymore

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      "practical" varies according to the person and their circumstances

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    For anyone that hasn't partaken in these Aldi sales before, be prepared to go and line up hours before the store opens.

    I rocked up half hour before open and the line must of been 75 people long. And they only have half a dozen of each big ticket item

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      Half a dozen? You are doing ok then lol.

      Every single time I have been they have had no more than 2 of the big ticket items, and for the last year they are usually missing a couple completely (but still advertise them up to the day of the sale knowing full well they would not arrive in time).

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    Just a heads up on large weight washing machines. They’re not what you expect unless you get one with a larger external cabinet. If you get a ‘standard sized’ one (roughly 600x600mm) the drum won’t be much bigger than say an 8 or 9kg one. I got an LG 12 kg one and it’s barely bigger than the Samsung 8.5kg one I replaced. You won’t get much of an extra load in (one thing I wanted).

    I asked LG and they said (and it sounded like a guess) maybe heavier duty parts.

    • Well said!! So sneaky sneaky. The extra load capacity is the most important aspect for us too.

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        and you’ll only get the total weight on one cycle. Any special cycle has a much reduced allowance (they are all like that).

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          I picked one up recently and the full load I could fit in was only about 7.5kg but it was advertised as 10. My clothes aren't made of lead so I would probably need a 30%bigger tub to hit 10kg. I have no idea who they work this stuff out or if there's standard

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    Can anyone comment on the dryer?

    • This.

      • This

    • it's a dryer. there's not much to go wrong in a cheap one like this it will last forever.

      if you use it regularly it will cost a fortune to run. get a heat pump one instead, they're more expensive to buy but heaps cheaper to run. i picked up the ozbargain favourite esatto one for about $500 and it's great.

    • 3 year in home warranty on the dryer.

    • It looks to the same (or similar) to the Heller HCD7E Dryer.

  • Anyone know if the Samsung robot vacuum is any good? Was thinking of getting Roborock S5 Max unless this one is decent. Cheers
    Edit: just saw post above. Reviews don't look that good. Anyone here with person experience? Probably just stick with the roborock

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      i've heard the other robot vacuum that Aldi get in are really good, it's unfortunate that it's not the case with this one.

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        I have the other one - Deebot and it’s wasted $$$. Doesn’t work. Was sent for repair, and still doesn’t work. I don’t have time to go back and forth trying to get it fixed.

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      Get the roborock/xiaomi. Don't feel like you have to get the s5max, they are all at least decent. This one isn't a smart vac I believe, so won't compare, you are paying for the name

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    Avoid this 75", you're much better off with the Hisense 70" S5 for $895, better panel, good upscaling and I can guarantee much better motion handling than this tv.. 3-yr warranty too!

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    Is it just me or this 10Kg Aldi washing machine looks like copy of a Bosch washing machine?


  • Noob question here, is the TV good enough for PS5/XBX? I mean it has HDR but is the frequency rate enough? (>60)

  • can the dishwasher fit in sedan's front seat.

    • nope, tried it…will need at minimum small SUV or hatch back … or wing door cars. eg. DeLorean

      • Great, an excuse to get the delorean out of storage

    • sedans are honestly so useless, had to get rid of mazda 3, nothing fits, got a mondeo hatchback (looks like a sedan but the whole gass lifts up) and holy shit the difference is night and day, no more sedans

  • Hey guys, do you think Harvey Norman/JB would price match if Aldi goes out of stock? And do you think I could get it earlier from if I price matched it now?

    Here are the links from Harvey Normans site

    E10: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/segway-ninebot-kickscooter-e...
    E25: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/ninebot-kickscooter-e25-elec...

    Here are the links from JB's site

    E10: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/segway-ninebot-ekickscoot...
    E25: No E25 at JB :(

  • I've never purchased the big stuff from ALDI before but want the washer & dryer - they don't help you take it to the car do they? You need to bring your own trolley, haul it from the shop floor to the register and to the car?

    • They might if you ask nicely, zi got a guy to help me with a 68cm TV back in the day, it will probably depend on the persona Nd how busy they are

    • It's a 2 person job. You should bring a large trolley to carry the item as well as your exhausted partner who
      had to fight a pensioner for the last dishwasher.

  • Any ideas on quality of the 75" TV?

  • Does anyone know if the Aldi Air Resistance Rower is any good and how it compares to buying one from a Retail Sports Outlet ?