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Lenovo Smart Clock Essential for $58 (or 2+ for $49.50 Each) + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C) @ Officeworks & Harvey Norman


Lenovo Smart Clock Essential at $58 at Officeworks delivered or C&C. They also have it for the same price on their ebay store

Also bulk buy 2+ for $49.50 each

Price is also $58 at Harvey Norman for C&C or + Postage. HN have 2 for $98.


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Bulk Buy Price

    • I've updated the post to include

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    Great clock with Google assistant built in.

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    Google nest hub is better

    • What are the advantages of the nest hub over this?

      • you can cast videos, youtube,Netflix(2nd Gen), display photos, multiple timers etc

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        This is essentially just a Google Home that displays the time

      • Is there any Google Nest like device but rechargeable that displays a calendar?

        • +1

          A phone?

          Haven’t seen a wireless Google home device except by buying seperate battery packs.

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      They are two totally different products

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    $59 at JB, or 2 for $99

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    For those only purchasing one, it's the same price on Officeworks Ebay store which includes free delivery.


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      Officeworks site has free delivery over $55.

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    Got one in the bedroom. Really useful for the Google integration. The biggest downfall in my opinion is the clock is too bright at night and we have to cover it. It would be great if you could dim the clock it barely visible.
    In hindsight, a Google mini would do the job nicely without the clock.

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      oh non dimmable is a deal breaker.
      surely the market for this device is 99% bedside

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      Thanks for the comment. Non-dimming no good for me.

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        Saw this on a review
        "The night light is also quite welcome - and it can be turned on/off via voice command or by manually holding down a topside button. The clock can be set to dim itself of an evening and the cool, white illumination of the digits is appealing."
        Hope it helps.

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          I think that's yet ANOTHER light at the back of a unit. A night light. Separate to the front LEDs.

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          Hey @sherbet.
          We already tried the night mode when we first got it and use it for the volume control over night. Clock is still too bright even at the lowest setting. This is a personal thing though, I need near total darkness to sleep, this just isn't dim enough.
          The night light was an easy fix in the beginning just by telling Google to turn off night light.

          • @Chenzo: Have you tried using eye mask? (not being sarcastic, just suggesting it as I use it and found it effective with blocking light)

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      I have one and the clock is definitely dimmable. In your Google Home app go into the clock's settings, enable night mode, and you can then adjust the maximum brightness.

    • Are you able to set the night mode and let us know if it dims down enough when it's dark? People who indicate there's a night mode don't comment on how dark it goes.

      • Hey @bargainshooter
        See my response above. Night mode did not have the desired result for me.

      • Some ppl are very sensitive to light and they cannot have any light in their bedroom.

    • I’ve had this clock for a few months , the time display isn’t bright at all?

    • You can dim the clock, just say, for example, ‘hey google dim brightness to 20%

      • hey @Wizz
        the lowest setting is still too bright for my taste

  • Does this unit play music over DLNA, or do you need youtube music?

  • +1

    I have one which has coloured display, this one seems monochrome display only.

    • Different model probably? Yours is potentially this.

  • Its a smart CLOCK?

    So how smart a clock is it? Does it have battery backup so it keeps showing the time through a power outage? If it doesn't, does it set itself to the right time for the time zone its in from an internet time server when it comes up so its not one of the dumb clocks I have to walk around and set to the correct time? Does it adjust automatically when daylight saving comes and goes, so its not one of the dumb clocks I have to walk around and change?

    Or is it only "smart" in the non-clocky things it does?

    I do wonder whether I want a clock, or anything else, listening in my bedroom.

    • +1

      It will automatically adjust based on your timezone, but you neeed to initially set it up from google home app. In fact, It is so smart that you can talk to it and ask what time it is anywhere in the world and you can get the right answer. You can even ask what time does woolies open/close in your area, This has google assistant built in. The only thing it doesn’t have is a battery.

  • Still holding out for a good deal on the non essential one. Good to use as a doorbell screen as well.

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    I have a couple of these and use them as clock radios in the kids rooms. It also has a built-in night light. Can set routines like when you say 'good night' it will turn the night light on then play a radio station for a certain amount of time (done via google home app). In the morning you can say 'good morning' and have it turn off the night light, let you know the weather, play news, etc. It has a nice big dimmable clock display despite the small size of the overall device. Can also serve as a bluetooth speaker that can stream music from YouTube music etc via Chromecast function.

    • How dim do the clock numbers go? Dark enough to not illuminate anything around it?

  • $56.05 delivered, from Good Guys eBay Store for eBay Plus members using code PLUSF5.

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    For those with UNiDAYS coupon code can save extra $10

    • Need club catch for that price or is there a workaround?

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        Club catch only needed for free delivery. You can do half price click and collect if you don’t want to pay for club catch

  • It's not special it's the average price online, Good Guys $57 (and a little bit cheaper for cash) Bunnings & Office Workers prevents a lot of retailers from buying items in Bulk to give us great specials. They only price match to kill competition and they very rarely give specials.

  • They were $49 at JB a while ago. Got 2 of them, one for each daughter. If you speak too loudly they both respond. Not overly impressed. Don't understand why it can't show date on it, but i think that is a google limitation.

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    Was about to purchase and was curious about OS. Running Android Things. Discontinues next year. See wiki or


    Maybe XDA could help salvage it?

    • This would mean no more software updates, but does not mean that the devices would stop working. I have a few devices that did not receive any updates for ages (Chromecast Audio pucks, LG MusicFlow speaker, Chromecast gen.1), and they all keep working perfectly fine.

  • Makes more sense to get the Google hub with a proper screen

    • +1

      Depends on your use case, google hub is also double the price of this.

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