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Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Pro Access Point (5 Pieces Set) $639.56 (Was $941.60) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was looking to upgrade my Open Mesh gear (given EOL) and stumbled across this. Other places have the 5-pack in the $900 to $1100 range and this is even cheaper than the 5 pack of AP5-lites. Maybe in response to the AP6-Pro availability improving.

I know that they are not Wifi6 however given most people (including myself) probably won't have any Wifi6 devices for a few years yet I think that this is a good investment. Anything that I need gigabit speeds for is hardwired.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Love Unifi gear but I wouldn't say $640 for 802.11AC is a 'good investment' with AX becoming increasing common and AY around the corner.

    • All my current gear is still 802.11ac at best

      Might need to overhaul all my devices to take advantage of 801.11ax?

      But talking about pricing… $127.91/each…

      I bought my UAP-AC for ~$76 when it was on sale… :S

      • But talking about pricing… $127.91/each…

        I bought my UAP-AC for ~$76 when it was on sale… :S

        Was that the UAP-AC-Pro for $76 you got? Because if is wasn’t, the comparison is way off.

        • If it was the square UAP-AC, my condolences.

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    How fn big is your house?
    5 APs seems like a lot.

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      I could cover my entire house with the above (1x) UAP-AC, but while I was out, someone moved something and they're complaining about bars…

      I've got a UDM at my other place and it covers everything…

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      Why does it have to be a house? I've fitted out the LRs at work in 4 sheds so the whole factory has wifi.

  • Do I need anything else to use these to distribute WiFi? i.e. a base station or management device or something like that?

    • You'll need a cloud key or dream machine to manage the devices

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        You don't need a cloud key or dream machine. You can install the controller on any PC. Once the AP is configured you don't have to leave it running unless you want stats.

        Also might want to clarify that this is the UAP AC Pro. The UAP Pro has gone EOL.

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          +2 to the AP Pro being End of Life - there's an orange triangle in the controller devices screen.

          You can also manage these via the UniFi Network app

          These are noisy - so don't install in a quiet room

          Pros - range is very good on 2.4G, pretty indifferent though on 5G. Advertised speeds 450Mbps 2.4G, 300Mbps 5G.

        • I'm thinking about configuring them with my controller before I send them off-site.

          They need PoE, don't they?
          Wondering if this comes with 5x PoE Injectors? :S

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      you can use the phone app also, set and forget

  • Would these be able to mesh with each other?

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      From memory they can, but they’re not really designed to be in that they don’t have dedicated wireless backhaul. They’re generally connected to a switch via Ethernet cables running in the walls/ceiling and powered over that same Ethernet.

    • Yes, but mesh Wi-Fi is an inferior topology which should be avoided if possible. https://youtu.be/w1hFHDV_UjM?t=204

      • A friend was asking me about mesh wi-fi.

        Care to elaborate so I can try to get them onto unifi? :p

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          Care to elaborate

          I have given up and I won't be wasting my time. Almost every time I explained it in the computing & internet forums I was negged by people who didn't want to know. "Buy mesh Wi-Fi" gets upvotes regardless of its suitability and the relative high prices of mesh points & router. "All you need are multiple access points (or repurposed old routers) and some Ethernet cables" gets automatic negs. Marketing has fooled these people into thinking mesh networking is Wi-Fi panacea.

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            @alvian: I had a wifi extender, was a nightmare to work with…

            They currently have an asus, I was going to get an older/similiar one that they could mesh with.

            • @NGPriest: I assume you meant a Wi-Fi repeater when you wrote "extender"? A repeater is the worst way to extend and expand a wireless network. Mesh technology developed from repeaters and many implementations have corrected the shortcoming, specifically the repeater's lack of a dedicated backhaul radio, thus resulting in a halving of bandwidth.

              Mesh Wi-Fi works very well in the right scenario, and the self-configuring and self-healing "smarts" made it easy to set-up and manage. It also gives an illusion of seamless roaming between mesh points. It is certainly a good, but not necessarily the best, technology choice for an end consumer. But as I wrote, it is not cheap and it is not a panacea.

              Check your friends' ASUS for AiMesh support. If it has then buy another ASUS AiMesh device. Don't go the Unifi route unless you enjoy working as their network support person for free.

              • @alvian: This was back in the days of 802.11b/g

                Yes, I've checked and it's got AiMesh support.

                And I'm already down the unifi route… USG, UDM, UAP-AC…

                Was aiming for a UDM-Pro in future :S

  • Showing as $999 for me.

  • I’d look at the 6 Lites which can be had for around $160 on sale and generally out perform the AC Pro nowadays

    • Where are these on sale?

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        Wireless1 eBays often that ballpark. Currently listed at $172 with a further $10 off with code PPSS100 taking it to $162.

        During the eBay 20% off sale earlier in the year this dropped down to $143, however that’s a pretty rare discount. I got mine then and have been happy with it. Had wanted a 6LR or 6Pro but for under half the price, I bit the bullet and got the Lite.

        The 6’s don’t include the PoE injector so that’s something to consider, but I don’t believe this multipack for the AC Pros do either so that’s much a muchness anyway.

        Edit: here’s the listing I’m referring to thats current