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10% off TCN Gift Card (Kids, Teen, Him, Her, Baby, Home, Cinema, Pamper) @ Coles


Full credit to Vooks

From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday 9 June.

Participating Retailers
The Him Card Academy Brand, adidas, Aquila, ASOS, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Diesal, Drummond Golf, Edge Clothing, Foot Locker, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JB Sports, Neverland, Nike, Pivot, Platypus, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Universal Store, Van Heusen, Xbox
The Her Card adidas, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Aveda, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Forever New, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Kookai, MAC, Nike, Platypus, Princess Polly, Seafolly & Sunburn, Showpo, Sportsgirl, Tiger Mist, Tony Bianco, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique
The Home Card Adiars, House, JB Hi-Fi, Matchbox, MyHouse, PETstock, Provincial Home Living, Robins Kitchen, The Good Guys, Urban Home Republic, VIP Home Services, Wheel & Barrow Homewares, Zanui
The Kids Card adidas, ASOS, Booktopia, BOUNCE, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, H&M, Holey Moley, Hype DC, IMAX, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, New Balance, Platypus, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, The Athlete's Foot, Toyworld, Xbox
The Teen Card adidas, ASOS, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, Glue Store, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Nike, Pivot, Platypus, Surf Dive N Ski, SurfStitch, Tommy Hilfiger, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique
The Baby Card Adairs Kids, Baby Bunting, Booktopia, Purebaby, Ripe Maternity, The Trybe, Toyworld
The Cinema Card Use this gift card at cinemas that accept eftpos around Australia
The Pamper Card Use this gift card at salons, day spas and beauty clinics that accept eftpos around Australia

Credit to RichardL for gift card details.

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    • Had the same issue, $100 wasn’t working but $50 were

  • +1

    I just bought 5x$100 HIM giftcards, scanned @ $90 each.
    I then redemmed them for 5x $100 JB vouchers. All good so far.
    Then I tried to purchase 1x$500 JB gift card using the 5 vouchers - and the order was declined.

    • Will you be able to share any related link for redeeming him gcs for jb gcs?

    • Why do that, out of curiosity? You trust the JB Card more than the TCN? No expiry?

      I just want to buy JB Vouchers, when they're 10% off (does this ever happen?) stacking my savings?!

      • Yes I think jb would be more trustworthy. I'm waiting for a good deal on a tv, so might be a few weeks before I'm ready to use them

        • I wanna figure out how the heck to stack them eventually. I want JB to offer like Nintendo credit at 10% less or something like that.

          I can't imagine JB ever offers their own discount cards at 10% off, right?

    • Can you redeem for JB vouchers yourself online or did you do it via a store?

    • I tried the same and got the same error.
      I emailed JB and they have advised me that we cannot purchase gift cards using gift cards.


      • Yep same issue here. It must be a new policy because I was able to do so just a few weeks ago.

        I was actually trying to HELP them to consolidate lots of little gift card values into one larger GC amount to save them time in store. Customer service person on email didn't seem to care about that.

        I wonder if you can try pay $0.01 in credit card and the rest with GC to make the order go through?

  • +6

    I tried to buy with coles gift card but the cashier got me at self check out said I was committing fraud…

    • +2

      The heck? they sure have a low threshold for what they think constitutes fraud lmao.

    • I’ve never had any issues buying with a coles giftcard. I guess it depends who you get at the checkout

    • +1

      Go with the young staff and not the senior ones.

    • +2

      Lol taking advantage of a discount is not fraud. The cashier asked me if I was getting forced to buy them.

      • The cashier asked me if I was getting forced to buy them.

        And you said yes because you have a need to bargain?

    • I normally at the most get the scam chat ( buying for others ) never that one . That staff member needs a grilling from a Manager .

    • +2

      LOL suddenly Coles cashier is lawyer and judge.

    • Radiculous. Some staff get so officious. Little people with little lives.

    • Got the same result. Only able to buy 5 x $100 card. The senior cashier stopped me from buying more !!

      • +1

        The senior lady at the self checkout thought I had more than 5 cards and was encouraging me to use 2 terminals at once to checkout LOL

        • +1

          You are lucky then…lol

  • "Invalid transaction", yet my money taken. Oh boi..
    Anyone else?

    • Resolved. Coles store said they were a bad bunch and activated me new ones.

  • My experience was the same in Melbourne. Bought 5 and charged full price

    I have submitted a complaint online

    • I got 15 cards today (total only 1k) and all discounted.

      None of them 100 dollar home though, just ten X 50 home and 5 X 50 him

      • ? Even if not discounted total should cost at most $750 not $1k.

        • No total was $1000 of value at 10% off, so $900 cost.

          5x100 and 10x50

          Save 5x$10 and save 10x$5

  • +3

    Thanks OP.

    100 dollars Home cards not working but coles staff called help desk and added discount at checkout.
    Purchased iPad pro 12.9" and saved 165 dollars from JB Hifi without any issues. the receipt at JB Hifi is 3 meters long

    • For how long were you at the JB register??? 🤣

  • Will continue the hunt tomorrow! 24 cards bought today, 77LGC1 here I come!!

    • whats the best price you can get on the 77 C1 before any gift card discount?

      • +2

        I haven't tried going in store yet, my plan is to buy Oct-Nov when the prices have somewhat dropped. Seeing that the CX went as low as $5795 in clearance, highest I'll bite is $6k.

    • Don't work too hard, save your energy for 15 % off deal.

      • Happy with 10% that I can buy now, than hedge my bets on 15% that may not happen again :)

  • Is it worth scanning flybuys card for this? Do gift cards earn you points? I don’t see any advantage considering it doesn’t meet criteria for the minimum spend promotion and would only push your minimum spend threshold offer higher in the coming weeks?

    • +4

      Third-party gift card purchases at Coles earn base Flybuys points, but no bonus points whatsoever.

      It will cause your Flybuys bonus points minimum spend criteria to skyrocket (as it did for me in a previous third-party gift card promotion earlier this year), and I think it took my Flybuys account a bit over three months before the minimum spend criteria returned to more reasonable levels.

    • Not worth it for 50c.

  • +1

    Looks like Home $100 is scanning fine…just picked up 5 cards and got the $10 discount on each

    • +1

      Can also confirm the $100 Home cards are working now.

  • This thread seems to be very quiet… are these all out of stock?

    Want to buy the 2021 iPad Pro 11 from JB or TGG…

    5 card limit means I need four separate trips to Coles to get $2000 worth of GCs?

    • Heaps of stock this morning at my local so not too sure

    • This thread seems to be very quiet

      I’d say it’s because:

      • The discount is only 10 percent, not 15 percent
      • HOME cards are included in the deal, so there are more cards available for people wanting JB Hi-Fi gift cards
      • TCN has a patchy track record when it comes to these gift cards, which has made a lot of people hesitant
      • TCN cards are no longer sold at Woolworths supermarkets, so it seems like more stock can be sent to Coles stores where needed

      5 card limit means I need four separate trips to Coles to get $2000 worth of GCs?

      Yes. You may need to do it at different stores or on different days (or different times on the same day) if you don’t want to arouse suspicions from staff that you’re either being scammed or committing fraud or some sort.

  • So could I theoretically purchase 14 x $100 Home gift cards at a discount across a few trips through Coles [assuming they scan at a discount, which some people have said they don't] and use them to buy a $1400 washing machine from The Good Guys?

    Will The Good Guys turn me down or anything?

    • +1

      That's pretty much the idea. No reason for Good Guys to turn you down, gift cards are just another form of payment for them. In saying that, might be worth calling ahead and checking if they have a gift card limit.

  • Coles World Square out of HIM cards all denominations.

    HER cards $30 left.

    HOME card not on store banner for 10% off.

  • +1

    Typo under the "Him" card I think. Says JB Sports instead of JD Sports

  • Anyone else having issues with the TCN app to redeem giftcards and exchange to online giftcards?
    For example I downloaded the app, entered my mobile number, it doesn't seem to send out a text with an authorisation code to get in and start using the app.

    Edit: Scrap that, I noticed the little 'online' box was hidden on the right and its done via a webform which then emails it over to you.

  • Lots of stock in coles at broadway. $50 & $100 ones

  • Lots of stock of $100 home card at Coles Lynbrook. Managed to get 5 (and 5 more elsewhere), but they had like 15 (the hanger thingy was full) still hanging up at both places.

    Combining this with the $25 for latitude pay, brings a disc PS5 to $659.10.

    • Can you still find a PS5 at this stage? Unless if you pre-ordered it though I understand.

      • Yeah, that it true. Just wanting to see how cheap can it get.

  • Issue with 'Home' cards is now sorted, guys. I was able to buy 1500$ worth of cards today (3 Transactions separately). Planning to buy 500$ cards tomorrow. There were 20-30 100$ Home cards in the store I bought from.

    • What issue is that?

      • 10% discount was not getting applied when buying.

        • Ah. I didn't get the issue though. Maybe it was already sorted when I got it.

  • Only $50 and $30 left in my local stores.

    Can't find any $100 card.

  • My local Coles store told me only the $50 cards are on sale with 10% off at their store, the $100 ones are not included?

    • As per messages above, this should be sorted now so I suggest just scan and check.

      • Tried yesterday no luck

        • I bought 5 today

  • I googled and found JB Hifi discounted the Nintendo shop cards at least once historically (??) so we could double stack value there.

    Anything else that could be double stacked against via JB?

  • Lots of $50 vouchers at Coles Miranda (Westfield).

  • +1

    Lots of $100 cards at Lachlans Square (Macquarie Park).
    Redeemed today at JB (15 cards), however the cashier had to manually swipe & enter in each PIN.. (they kicked up no fuss at all - great customer service)..

  • Can I please know if I can swap 100 home card to JB online gift card. Then somehow combine the 100s into a bigger denomination? How do I do that?

    Also can I now swap him/her to jb online gift card? Seems like the option is available on TCN website but i remember previously him/her is an instore only card.

    This would greatly fasten the check out process at JB for me.

    • Redeem at TCN website for JB card.
      For combine, I used to just use 100x5 to buy 1x500 from JB website. But I saw people report that does not work. haven't try recently cos I am not sure where am I going to use these JB or TGG. Maybe they've made some change. If that doesn't work, guess you will need to use them one by one. It's a little pain as I used 20 last time, but the staff seems fine as they were just chatting while doing this.

      • I just tried myself, seems like they fixed it. Or say won't allowed anymore. Anyone know if there is a limit for JB gift card use instore. I know the home/him/her is basically unlimited. And the JB card has 5 limit online. If there is a limit, I better keep it home/him/ not redeem to JB unless I really have to.

    • JB doesn’t let you buy gift cards with gift cards via their website any longer :(

  • Too boring today while waiting for kids finish class. Brought another 500 home, was surprised that all GCs are still available at this coles. I guess either they learnt from last time stocked more, or 10% is just not that attractive for ozbargainers. Anyway let see how long until we see 15%.

  • What is the maximum number of gift cards you can redeem online on TGG?

    • It's only 2! Just got caught out with this as they have the $80 credit for online purchases only, thought I was on to a good deal but they only allow 2 gift cards per transaction online. Now I have to buy in store and miss the $80 credit

      • What is the limit instore?

        • No limit

  • +1

    I bought $600 worth BABY gift cards because we needed to buy a car seat $469 on sale at Baby Bunting. And because I have the rewards app of an Earn 5%, so we decided to purchase online and pick up in-store. However, after I successfully redeemed 1 x $50 BABY for $50 Baby Bunting voucher to be emailed, the second one failed. The second 1 x $50 BABY gift card was redeemed but the voucher never got emailed. I sent a "contact us" message to TCN. As full-time worker I chose to do these admins on a Saturday night. It's just annoying now I have to wait for Monday or Tuesday for them to get back to me. It's very frustrating. If you have deals and we can save money, please don't make it so hard TCN.

  • +1

    Anyone received an email from coles for the TCN Home $100 which didn't discount when bought?

    • I contacted them 10/6
      They asked for copy of front and back of cards and receipt, did that.
      They responded 19/6 stating they have referred it to relevant team.
      Its been two weeks since I purchased the gift cards, not impressed.

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