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Tecware Nexus M Mid Tower Micro ATX Case TG Black/White $39 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 NSW C&C) @ PCByte


I was looking for the smallest microATX cases I could buy in Aus that wasn't absolutely ultra-expensive $200+ like those boutique mini-iTX case makers and came up with two options, The Tecware Fusion or SAMA IM01.

To my suprise, Tecware Fusion was available, and at a sale price! So I'm leaving it here for the rest of y'all to get a (not really that much smaller than normal to be honest) mATX case.

Reminds me of those clean and straight-cut NZXT cases, take a gander if you fancy cases like that with a side window.

And if you all know where I can find a SAMA IM01 in Aus, let everyone know in the comments, chances are if you're interested in this, they're want to know about it too.


  • Full length magnetic air filters on top and in front, behind the front panel.​
  • Positive air pressure is provided out of the box with 2 x 120mm fans included in the front.
  • Air vents are full length along the right side of the front panel as well as the bottom.
  • 120mm fan is included at the back for exhaust.


I/O Super speed USB 3.0 x 2
HD Audio

2x 3.5”
2x 2.5”
4x PCI Expansion Slots

Front 3x 120mm (2x included)
Rear 120mm (Included)
Rear: 1 x 120mm fan (Included)
Top 2x120mm (optional)

Supports ATX / mATX / ITX motherboards
340mm Max GPU Card
155mm Max CPU Cooler
Cable Management
ITX, mATX motherboard

Black case wires, PSU filter
Front & top dust filter
Side tempered glass

Dimensions : L 385 W 185 H 400mm - 4.1Kg

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    Good find.

  • +3 votes

    If you're looking for smaller than most, and at a very reasonable price (although more expensive than this) according to this post the Cooler Master NR200, and it's NR200p variant, is unofficially compatible with 'some' mATX boards up to 244mm x 226mm sizes.

    Was posted up here as a special just over a week ago by flatwhitepls, for $69 + Del for the NR200, and $89 +Del for NR200P.


    Seems as big as my atx case


      Despite my search for smallish matx cases, I wasn't successful, this case ended up being pretty standard, but posted just in case the price was all people were looking for.


        Yeah I've been on the same search trying to find an matx case thats small to convert an old pc into a home theatre pc, and found the same issues as you have.


    So much airflow from those front fans.


      Now you can understand why I'm looking for the SAMA IM01if it existed.

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    Minimal airflow from front the blocked front panel, tight space for cable management, no thanks

    Good find on the budget end though.


    Got this case, there isnt much room to cable manage behind the motherboard tray, the metal feel thin comparing to nzxt h500 but those cases have different price point. Air flow isnt great but at this price point you wouldnt put anything to high end that going to produce a lot of heat anyway imo, but for 40bucks you cant really be disappointed.