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[eBay Plus] Hisense 65” Series Q8 ULED 4K TV 65Q8 $1296 Delivered @ Power Land eBay


I bought this a couple of weeks ago for $1340 and thought I did pretty well till I saw this. I did a bunch of research and the consensus was that this is the best tv for the price point.

I’ve had it for a week and it’s great.

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    I've been considering this as well so thanks for finding this great price. I'm concerned it won't show sport very well, any feedback on watching sport such as AFL or NBA?

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      I watch NBA on my Q8 and it's solid. My TV is connected to an NVidia shield so maybe the NBA app runs a bit better and has the AI upscaling so perhaps it looks a little better. For the price, it's an excellent TV

    • I've been watching Football (on Optus), NRL and F1 (on Foxtel) on mine without any issues. It's a decent TV.

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      It depends on what you’re used to. If you’re coming from a quality LCD like a Sony or an older Plasma you’re going to find the Hisense pretty average.

      However most Hisense buyers are upgrading from poor quality TVs so they don’t have a problem with the motion issues.

      Also take into account if you plan on using motion interpolation features on the TV since these are more or less broken on the Hisense.

      • Thanks for the comments phxsun and eggs.

        tp0 - That is my conundrum… I am moving from a Panasonic Plasma and recently bought a smaller Sony X9000H and was surprised that it didn't handle the AFL as well as the old Plasma.

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          The Sony X9000H is probably the second best motion handling TV on the market (behind the X9500H) however neither will come close to the performance of a good plasma.

          Have you tried enabling X-Motion Clarity on the Sony? This will boost the motion resolution and go most of the way to bridging the gap between the LCD and the Plasma.

          As for your Plasma. Don’t replace it with a nasty LCD like the Hisense, that’s a downgrade if you ask me. Keep it until you can afford something better.

  • Bought the 55' Q8 a few days ago from TGG for $970 for my bedroom. Have it also connected to a NVidia Shield…..excellent TV for it's price!

    • How did you get it for $970?

      • TGG had 10% off for the day on this TV and used a $100 concierge voucher

  • Damn no 75inch

  • Any deals going for the 55 inch?

  • nice, if only the 75" was on sale too

  • Good deal, I also bought this a few weeks ago for $1340, very pleased with it so far.

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    $160 postage to WA unfortunately

  • Thanks, Bought one.

  • I've had this TV for about 6 months - it's amazing quality for the price - rich black, very bright, great HDR.

  • In the description it says “ Google Assistant ready via third party device”, does that mean if I have google home already it will work with it or are there some small print I didn’t see.

  • I had the 55" for a few months. Amazing picture and decent UI. Mine unfortunately developed a bizarre glitch where the input info text box would randomly appear on the screen and then disappear. Multiple calls, firmware updates, and attempted fixes later, nothing worked. Because I am apparently too far from an authorised service centre, Hisense rang and offered me a full refund with credit to be applied at The Good Guys store where I bought it from. Incredible customer service. Too bad the TV was a dud. Don't think I'll be getting another Hisense, but props for their customer service.

  • Expired - not so fast

    Just bought this from this ebay supplier for $1269 delivered to the tram tracks in Melbourne

    So not expired - a new ebay code on the page delivers $100 discount and the asking price has dropped to $1369

    All good

    • This deal is already a couple of days old so it might not be seen if unexpired. It would be best to post it as a new deal.

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