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Nissin Ramen Kyushu Black Garlic / Hokkaido Miso Instant Noodle 5 Pack $5.95 @ Coles


Amazon AU also has it for the same price, but a minimum quantity of 3 is required for the order.
Thanks to the mod for pointing it out.

Nissin Ramen brings the real taste of Japanese Ramen restaurant. Satisfy your taste buds with springy and smooth texture wheat noodles served in a generous rich broth. Proudly brought to you by our culinary expert. Kyushu black in rich roasted garlic flavour.

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  • Amazon has

    Minimum order quantity: 3

    • Okay. Will change the deal to Coles only.

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    kyushu black is probably one of my most favourite instant ramens you can get at colesworth. make your own ramen egg, add some bean sprouts + bamboo shoots and you got yourself a meal that's really damn good.

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      Agreed. Nissan is the best instant noodle brand (they did after all invent the instant noodle). Kyushu black is one of their best flavours.

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        The founder of Nissin (a Taiwanese-Japanese) bought the patent from another Taiwanese-Japanese guy who was born in Pingtung Taiwan and claimed he invented it. Both of them were from Taiwan originally.

        • My impression that the founder of nissin, momofuku ando was the inventor of instant noodles and later cup noodles. He was indeed a Taiwanese Japanese.

          • @Ezuku: "Modern instant noodles became instant products. The inventor has two claims. One is Zhang Guowen , a native of Pingtung . Zhang Guowen filed a patent for instant noodles in 1958 and passed it on November 16, 1960 (Special Gong Zhao 35-16974 No.) [1] . August 16, 1961, when San CEREALS 2,000 to $ Baiwan Riyuan price, instant noodles patent will transfer to the Momofuku Ando"

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      where's the meat?!?

      • What's a quick and easy meat recipe to throw into an instant ramen?

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          1) meat

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          Just add spam

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          Any crumbed chicken/meat/pork schitznel from Colesworth will work. Fry up quick and easy and slice to preferred sizes. Lay on-top of the ramen. Good to go.

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          I use bacon to replace char siu. Add corn, butter, shallots. an onsen egg and a piece of seaweed and Bob’s your uncle.

          I prefer my noodles firm so I drain it a little earlier than the instructions and rinse in cold water after draining so it becomes more springy. I boil a new pot and add all the satchels before adding the noodles back in.

          It’s a tough choice between Nissin and Mi Goreng especially when you’re hung over.

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          I get those bags of shredded veg from woolies and thin sliced chicken, mix em together, throw a hand full on top of raw noodle cake, empty season mix over the veg/chicken, pour boiling water over that and put the whole thing in the microwave for a minute or two

          Tokyo Shoyu is meh (the red one)

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          This is what I was after - OzB approved recipe hacks! Thanks everyone :)

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          Add hot dogs.

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          Pork slices from Deli or shelf if any

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          Hot pot meat all the way. the thin slices of lamb or beef, u put it in and it cooks instantly

          • @saifury: Oof, that's an excellent idea!! Thanks for sharing!

          • @saifury: never thought to do that! even though we usually do hotpot at home monthly, it never occurred to use the meat for ramen.

            you have my, and my waistline's, thanks as well

    • I prefer the Tokyo one with Chicken Fat packet

      • Does the Tokyo one taste fishy? I noticed it mentioned bonito on the front.

        • tastes like Chicken

    • Can buy some chashu and make it legit.

    • Totally agree. My family loves this one too. We amp it up with either air fryer salmon or air fryer duck legs as the protein, ramen egg, corn kernels and boy choy.

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      Put noodles into 600 mL of boiling water and cook for 2.5 minutes (not 4 minutes). Stir occasionally. Remove from heat. Add seasoning powder, seasoning paste, and stir well.

      Add 3 clove of garlic and cook for 1 min + a can of Sirena Chilli Tuna In Oil 95g for 1 min + a tablespoon of butter for 30 seconds + 2 tablespoons of milk + handful of spring onion for 10 seconds and serve. It's the quickest way to make 魚介豚骨 Fish+Pork Ramen.

      Following this recipe allows you to cook the best Ramen at home!

      • sounds yummy is there a video somewhere for this haha

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          I actually want to make one. Will post it if I did :)

    • if you beat an egg so egg and yolk mix(or at least take the yolk only) the egg yolk has enzymes in it that make the fat and the water combine better. It ends up making the soup a lot thicker. This works for any packet noodle, probably best for the thin soups with the glistening oil on the top but does add a bit of depth to even this. kewpie mayo can do something similar.

      • Is this true? I thought enzymes take awful long to work and the heat from the soup would denature the enzymes

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          yep, the yolk in the egg contains lecithin with allows the water and the oil in the ramen to create and emulsion. Its not perfect but it works pretty well. I generally don't put the boiling finished mixture into the yolk and wait a little but have very few issues even with nearly boiling water. The yolk mixture gives a better mix since the whites sometimes do end up being slightly cooked so you can see little slivers of cooked white in the soup, not an issue for me as you cant really taste it or feel the texture.

  • Product made in Indonesia

    Reportedly inferior in taste and mouth feel.

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      Seems pretty good to me. Actually, had one today.

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      Not true. This is good as you'll get in an instant packet. If you are expecting something approaching real tonkotsu of course you will of course be disappointed but I do like the taste. Although I much prefer the Kyushu Black to HM.

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        I take it you haven't tried the instant ichiran ramen then….

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          No I haven't and definitely won't at those prices. I'd rather make a trip to a decent ramen shop where I'll get chashiu and egg with my order.

          • @gadget: Try it, its worth it for the broth alone (prefer the hakata style) but don't blame me for your addiction…

            There are very few local restaurants that are comparable in terms of broth

            Obviously its not quite the same as the real deal but the instant kits are worth a try

            • @teh_gimp: Where can you buy these from? I really want some now!

              • @Xastros: What state are you in?
                I'd suggest trying your local japanese grocery store and if that fails then there are a few places that sell online. Price is roughly 40~45 for a 5-pack

                • @teh_gimp: I'm in Perth. Don't think there are many Japanese grocers nearby but I'll look out for them. Willing to pay $45 for a 5 pack if it's good. Thanks for the info.

                  • @Xastros: Miyu japan in carousel usually carries them they also have a shop at the dfo but last time i was there they only had the noodle cake types

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    I love Ramen and would like to try these but is 80c savings that much?

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      Coles is already cheaper than Asian grocery though. Once I realised this I pretty much do all my groceries there especially because my local has a large Asian section.

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        I usually get these at Asian grocers for 3.99

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          Fair enough. But for all the pantry staples like soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, chilli oil whatever I've noticed Coles is cheaper. And I live somewhere with like 70% asians and an asian grocer on every corner.

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          I usually get these at Asian grocers for 3.99

          Where? They are typically ~$9 for a 5 pack at asian groceries. Wholesale price maybe $3.99 if you order 10 pallets….

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            @kfcfatfat: Usually like $8 at TongLi

          • @kfcfatfat: The shop next to chao Kong Eastwood sell these for $4.99, and now for $2.99 because it expires at July.

          • @kfcfatfat: Canaan in campsie is 3.99

        • I also saw the 5-pack Nissin ramen for $3.99 when I walked pass an Asian grocery last week (Tokyo Super in Kingsford). However I think it was the original favour Demae Ramen with sesame oil (these ones).

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      the path to a million dollars begins with 80 c

  • They're not bad, but very salty. And yeah it is made in Indonesia rather than Japan.

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        Yes.. both.. these do not come close but they're ok for instant.

        • Never said they did - just that tonkotsu is salty by its nature.

    • Look at the ingredients list.. no doubt yummy but geez, lot of preservatives and flavours.
      Buckwheat and green tea noodles are a healthy alternative..

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    The black garlic is literally the best and closest japanese tonkotsu ramen you will ever taste for an instant ramen.
    sauce: I'm a ramen connoisseur and Japanese

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      OK I am sold.

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      Second this, I'm no connoisseur but the black garlic ones are really good.

      • Same. Hands down my favourite.

    • Doesn't Tonkatsu imply pork? These are made in Indonesia so wouldn't they be catering to the majority muslims?

      • That is interesting. I believe they were made in Singapore when they were first brought out.

        However from your comment I guess you don't work for a company that actually makes things for sale.

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        I'm still trying to find how they got the chicken into my Smith's chips

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        Tonkatsu is crumbed pork but yeah tonkotsu is pork broth but proper proper tonkotsu is hard to find

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        I believe these do not actually contain any meat, according to the ingredients list. It's mostly artificially flavoured.

    • I like the sesame oil one. Kyushu black is my second favourite of Nissin noodles.

    • And a cheapskate?

    • +1

      Fellow ramen connoisseur here and I disagree. Myojo's Charumera Barikata Men Tonkotsu flavour is a superior experience.

      • Where do you buy these?

        • Asian mart. Pretty uncommon tbh, only 1 store in my area has it.

          • @Kibbelhs: Ah ok damnit.

            • @Xastros: It's well worth the hunt imo. Or you could try googling online. I think there are some stores which sell online, tho would depend on which state you're in. I'm in Tassie so if you're on mainland, your odds are way better.

    • did you mean "source"? Although sauce is a funny alternative given the context

    • Always trust the cheapskate asian.

    • I do agree though that the black garlic tonkotsu is good for curly type instant ramen but I wouldn’t say it’s the best instant ramen, the Ichiran instant ramen is better. Also Nissin have come out with fancier instant ramen (not the curly noodles but straight noodles and I think it comes with a liquid stock) which I haven’t tried but look nice.

  • Love these so much!

  • It's perfect for a hangover!

  • +1

    Just had one today, I didn't like it much. I prefer Nissin Tonkotsu Instant Noodle.

    • Interesting. I just had this for the first time today. It was nice. Will try Tokyo and Kyushu this week.

    • +1

      That's Korean though, Korean instant noodles are in a league of its own and are usually spicy and sometimes toned down with milk or cheese. I don't think many people would do the same to the Japanese ramen, I could be wrong though.

      • +1

        Yeah different I think, I was just watching it then saw this post, so added anyway for them nongshim fans lurking lol

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    Perfect for weebs UwU OwO Arigato

  • Pop an egg in while cooking for real ramen action 🍜

  • Do these have Msg (621 or 627)?

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