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Chemtech CT18 Superwash 20L $48.99 (Was $122.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Not as cheap as last year but still a good deal nevertheless. I've never used it before (stocked up on Autoglym from the Amazon UK deal a while back) but apparently is not too bad in a snow lance which you can pick up for cheap off aliexpress. If you haven't switched to snow foaming your car do it, you will have no regrets.

Product Description from SCA:

Chemtech CT18 Superwash is made for the driver who wants to wash their ride once, and wash it properly. This super concentrated pH neutral cleaning gel is made for jobs of all sizes from scooters and motorcycles all the way up to the biggest truck cleaner, with a biodegradable formula that is friendly to the planet but tough on grime.

Capable of breaking down caked on mud, dirt and mess encountered when driving through regional areas, this Chemtech truck wash detergent is suitable for spray, foam and handwashing applications to suit whatever facilities you have available. Safe to use on any surface, you can rest assured that whatever the scenario, Chemtech CT18 Superwash will have it shining like new in no time at all.

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      Im a huge car detail nerd;
      What ingredients do you look for personally to make it "better" ?

      Ive found this amazing, from my fathers prize winning show cars, to my drift missile; cleans amazingly and doesnt screw up matte wrap either!

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        Is it true that it will remove wax as well? Do you also wax or apply sealent everytime after using this for washing?

        Saw someone commented on it in the review section

        • +3 votes

          The old formulation with formaldehyde strips wax.

          This new one, will only wear it away as much a any other wash.

          i always spray wax during the drying phase anyway, because it lets you be less precious about drying as it prevents water spots.

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for that informed opinion.

  • +2 votes

    Yep, amazingly thick foam at 1/3rd Wash, 2/3rds water. Lasts whole minutes and lifts some really serious stuff.


    Looks like coolant…

  • +4 votes

    If you haven't switched to snow foaming your car do it, you will have no regrets.

    Is this only for really dirty cars with mud and stuff, or also for cars with general suburban use?

    Does it soften those little black spots caused by tree sap? Baked on bird poo?

    Will it make life easier for a lazy person who hardly washes their car? Is this just a prewash or is it the whole deal?

    • +2 votes

      Snow foam is a good pre clean for all uses, you want to remove as much dirt and grime as possible before washing it with a mitt/sponge to reduce swirls and marring occurring.
      I also snow foam and rinse one of my cars that lives in the garage and just gets dusty without using a bucket wash.

      Can't comment on this but most snow foams will have a hard time shifting sap and if they do, they're probably not the best to be using on a regular basis. With bird poo, you really shouldn't be letting that bake on as it will etch the clear coat very quickly.

      This product is a shampoo/wash so you can put it in a bucket and wash with a sponge or use at a stronger dilution in a snow cannon.

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        Thanks. I was looking for a silver bullet but this appears not to be it. Guess I'll just stick with the regular routine of getting to kids to wash the car once every 6 months or so.


          FYI there is no silver bullet in car washing/detailing if you want a decent result without scratches, etc. No, not even a ceramic coating will protect in the way people are led to believe.

          The closest I can think of to a silver bullet would be wrapping your car in PPF (Paint Protection Film), but even that has its own care procedure and a huge upfront cost on top. Plus it doesn't last forever.

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    I read a lot of mixed reports about it being pretty harsh and stripping wax/protective coatings?

    Some say that was the old formula and the new "pH neutral" one is better…. pH neutral doesn't mean it won't touch coatings though, depends what surfactants are used and how much you're diluting it really. Using it 1:3 as the comment above is pretty hefty


      there was an older formula that some reported being harsh and stripped paint. I use this on my jetski and car and really cleans well. no issues with the paint on either the car or ski.

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        Stripped paint? Doubt it. Used in a 9l bucket with a few capsful this will reduce (but not remove totally) some of your protection ime but it's very unlikely to harm modern car paint or clearcoat when used properly.

        20l is HUGE overkill unless you're washing a car fleet on a regular basis.

        Haven't tried it in my foam cannon but will give it a burl after reading MasterScythe's comment.


      On my bottle that i bought last sale it does mention different concentrations for difference uses. From memory something like 2 cap full for regular wash, 4 cap full to remove wax.
      On my first wash I did 4 caps, then clay bar, and wax. It's been 8 months and i wash the car every month or so with snow cannon and just the 2 caps each time in a 15 litre bucket. Wax is still there


        Thanks for that, interesting that they say a stronger concentration will strip wax. Sounds like the post above using 1:3 will definitely strip it lol

        Do you use it in the canon or just in the bucket?


          A similar acting product would be Turtle Wax Max-Power. The higher the concentration you use, the more it will "strip". Can be used in a foam lance or per normal in the bucket.

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    I would not use this as a general regular wash however I do have a 20L drum bought on special that is used in my foam gun for a multitude of things, mud covered vehicle or wheels, under car, oil spills, paving cleaning, house wash etc.


    Thanks op great price but I'll pass…. Still have about 19l left from the last deal 😀. I no longer use it on the car as I find it cleans a little too well, but it's great for the boat and caravan both in a foam Canon and a normal bucket wash.


      Can you not just use a more dilute solution?


    anyone got a link to a good snow cannon on aliexpress (or other good value option)?