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Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) $129 Delivered @ Google Store


Good morning all!

Just received an email from Google with the subject "Deals to make home even more special". From what I can tell this is NOT a targeted offer, and the Nest Hub (2nd gen) has been reduced to $129 (amongst other products). If you were lucky enough to be targeted for this deal you can apply a further $30 discount, bringing this down to $99 delivered. Per Da dpG's comment below, the code doesn't stack :( No longer a great deal to be honest, and a dog move by Google!

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    Uh Oh… 🍿time

    Edit: Ahh, not stackable ;)

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      I was too excited to post the deal and forgot to see if the code would stack

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    Code is not stackable. Please update OP

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      thanks for letting me know! Will update now

    • Yeah, that's a real jerk move. "Hey, here's a $30 voucher!" -> 2 days later -> "Actually, it's only really $10 now…"

      Was about to purchase, not any more…

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    $30 code didnt stack. This offer is $149 then takes $20 off. When I applied the $30 code it was the same $149 but then took $30 off making it $119

  • Yeh I got an email from Google the other day, does this run like an Android Tablet, where I can sideload apps? or install baby monitor apps etc?

    • No, it doesn't use Android OS it uses Fuchsia OS. So I don't believe you can run Android apps on it

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        Gen 1 nest displays are the only ones moving to Fuchsia (I thought)

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          Sounds like you are correct, thanks for pointing out :)

          However I believe neither nest hub (gen 1 or 2) use Android, plus no USB port or external storage to sideload apps. So don't think there is much chance to sideload android apps

          • @TThomas: True true on the app front

          • @TThomas: There is a hidden micro USB port under the rubber stand. You can flash a bootloader, etc if you have access to the files… But unfortunately not publicly available. Was thinking of buying a store demo for $50 and converting into a real unit as all that is needed is a resetting of the bootloader. But no public sources available

    • I set up my Cubo AI baby monitor yesterday. It's not a standalone app on the nest hub that you download. The Cubo AI is added to your Google home devices and then the nest hub streams that device on command.

      So you say "Ok Google, show me the baby camera on the nest hub (or any Chromecast device name)"

      Then the nest hub will stream it live.

      • Does the live stream turn off after a period of time or does it keep live streaming?

  • The 2nd Gen was $124 at OW on the weekend, normal price. Not sure if changed since.

  • Yes it's still $124 at Officeworks.

  • If you've got Foxtel, check your emails as some people are being targeted for free Hubs.

    • Those are Foxtel boxes I thought

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        I'm getting a free Nest Hub, as a family member redeemed it via an email and didn't want it. Confirmed, as it has been delivered.

  • Maybe Google is just drumming up interest with the non-stackable discount code. They'll then "fix" the problem and we'll all flood in to buy it.