Free - 3 Months Discord Nitro (New Users) @ Epic Games


Another freebie.

The MEGA sale isn’t just the biggest sale of the year on the Epic Games Store - it’s also a time to celebrate games, and the people we game with. That’s why we’ve partnered with the folks at Discord to offer 3 months of Discord Nitro for first-time Nitro users, on us!

Head on over to the Discord product page here to claim the add-on, and you’ll be emailed a code at the address registered to your Epic Games account.

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  • If anyone’s waiting on the email (like me), this was in the FAQ

    Allow for up to 24 hours for email delivery and kindly check your spam folder.

    Ps: Thanks dealbot! :D

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    Worth noting that it auto-renews after 3 months. Good deal nonetheless!

  • you need to put in your credit card details, that's an instant no from me dawg

    • Good time as any to test out the free disposable virtual card from Revolut I guess

      • I never sign up for any free trials without it

      • Where does it say it's free? Had a look and it seems to be under the paid subscription.

        • They may have changed it recently? I signed up a few months ago and the disposable virtual card has been really helpful in saving me from headache having to deal with dodgy services requiring you to call up or use live chat to cancel free trials.

        • They made it free around Februrary or something. I signed up for a new Revolut account last week and the disposable card was free to add to my account, without paying a cent or turning on their monthly sub thing

  • What is Nitro?
    With Nitro, you’ll get many awesome chat perks to enhance your Discord experience! Upgrade your emoji, enjoy bigger file uploads, stand out in your favourite Discords, and more!

    What will happen when you insert your payment details?
    After your three month period, you’ll be able to continue enjoying Discord Nitro as a paid service. You’ll automatically be charged the standard monthly rate for a Discord Nitro subscription in your market unless you cancel your subscription. AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED!!

  • got the code maybe 1hr after i 'purchased' this, used paypal as billing info, cancelled re-subscription immediately with no issues. One caveat is if you want to boost a server, you need to do it before you cancel, but cancelling your subscription afterwards won't affect anything.

    • Discord isn't owned by Microsoft. Nitro has existed for 3-4 years, it has changed a few times in what it provides though.

  • Just a FYI, you're able to change your discord tag number (name#xxxx) however once your subscription lapses you'll get a random number again.

    • Thanks, always wondered what happens after the subscription ends but never cared enough to google it.

  • That's weird. I managed to add the Discord Nitro to an existing user and it had Nitro previously.

  • Be careful subscription auto renews if not cancelled for $9.99/month! Please make this clear in the deal I wouldn't want anyone to pay money because of this

  • When I hit submit it said the code had already been used, but I still got Nitro and was charged 0, very strange… Another weird thing is it says 'subscription will renew on 11 Sep 2021 and you'll be charged $0'? No idea what's going on here.

  • Didn't work for me so someone else can try my URL

  • A quick FYI for anyone to remember three months from now who choose not to cancel immediately.

    I had the free Nitro from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate I think. Forgot to cancel, was charged a month automatically. After I noticed the charge, I lodged a support request and got a refund without hassle.

    I believe their requirement is for you to lodge a refund request within 5 days of initial purchase (renewal date) and they will do it as a "one-time exception" as per their refund policy.

  • You can use ozb deal reminder to set a future date to remind yourself to cancel

  • checked out yesterday but still havent got the email from epic yet? wtf

  • I haven't gotten the email either… maybe I missed out or something although it's in my purchase history on Epic account.

  • Thanks OP!