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[Afterpay, Refurb] HP Z230 Workstation SFF Intel i7-4770 3.40GHz 16GB RAM 256GB SSD $254.15 Delivered @ Bneacttrader eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Cheap price for these powerful workstation, which could be used for home servers/VM ESXI/Labs

HP Z230 Workstation SFF
Intel i7 4770 3.40Ghz
16Gb Ram (unknown configuration: 2x8GB or 4x4GB)
256Gb SSD

Further detail in https://support.hp.com/au-en/product/hp-z230-small-form-fact...

Pretty expandable system:

  1. Memory: 4 DIMM slots, supporting up to 32GB ECC/non-ECC, DDR3 1600 MHz

  2. Expansion bays
    1 external half height 5.25" bay
    1 shared internal/external 3.5" bay.
    1 internal 3.5" bay
    1 internal 2.5" bay

  3. Expansion slots
    1 PCIe Gen3 x16 slot
    1 PCIe Gen2 x4 slot /x16 connector
    1 PCIe Gen2 x1 slot/x4 connector
    1 PCIe Gen2 x1 slot

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  • -1

    can you use to mine bitcoin?

    • +1

      You probably could not fit a full size GPU inside. Or power anything above 150-200w reliably.

      You could use it to store video from security cameras with Blue Iris, and a 8tb-10tb-14tb “archive” SMR/Helium hard drive, at a competitive price to a NVR with motion detection support for 4k cameras

      (HEVC decode at that size/bitrate might be an issue with the 4770, so it might not be the best option for newer h265/HEVC enabled cameras, I’d ask or check what works)

      or that new storage crypto … but not very well.

      It can’t really be upgraded to anything beyond a server or expensive desktop, because it doesn’t have a wide range of M.2 SSD or USB3.0 / thunderbolt support, which would improve the overall price, and quality/reliability and utility.

      You may be able to install a PCIe m.2 storage card for fast 1-2tb SSD support or a 10GigE fast network connection, probably faster than the CPU/RAM/mainboard can handle.

      Overkill, but possible.

      • Confirm you can only fit the low profile cards inside, work had few of those and needed to get a low profile cards to connect to the 4 monitors per PC.

  • +3

    These are actually super reliable workstations, even at this age. We have heaps of them in our office and they just go forever.

    • 4770 is solid af

      • I can second that! Re-cased my Dell XPS with new fans and all the upgrades over the years its still my main PC…..

  • Is this good for casual gaming, say GTA 5 ?

    • Might need to ask someone already have this pair with Low profile GTX 1650

      • yeah, need some more info on if this case has space for 1 or 2 slot graphic card

  • 16gb ram is super sweet too at this price.

  • Could I take out the internals, chuck them into a bigger tower with a RTX 2070 and call it a gaming PC?

    • +2

      I dont think this is a good idea:
      1. PSU might not be enough + mainboard might use non-standard connection
      2. Mainboard might not be standard size (I really struggle with Dell OptiPlex before)

      • Ah yeah fair enough! Cheers for the advice.

  • Perfect home server, office machine and at that price would make it a good tax deduction.

  • can it run Plex and Roon with ease? tnx!

    • Would run a Plex server easily

      I've never used Roon so can't say

  • It looks like it doesn't support 4k monitor/display.

    Can anyone who has it comment on that? Thanks

    • It’s probably limited. DisplayPort 1.2 is quite old now.

      There are some models with an improved NVS chipset, look for more than 2GB VRAM and Mini DisplayPort or other signs of DP1.4 or HDMI from 2013 onwards

      Or see if you can find an old clunker Nvidia or AMD Low-Profile GPU from 2014-2016 that isn’t “mining capable” or under $200, or both.

      A Raspberry Pi 4 probably has similar specs with newer components, sic. If you need 4k, check if it meets your requirements.

      • Thanks so much for the info.
        Got a Dell 27' 4k monitor from previous deal and contemplating getting a pc which supports 4k!

        • DisplayPort 1.2 does support 4K 60 no worries - but the NVS 310 video card in this machine doesn't support 4K.

          You'll need to change the card to another low profile card - a 2GB nVidia 620 or 720 will work 👍 These only cost $30 a couple of years ago…

  • Good for a music production computer and some light gaming?

    • +2

      Very light desktop work. It’s not 4k, barely 1440p. YouTube would probably be difficult, as would finding 8-16gb DDR3 RAM to run modern chrome/Firefox.

      You are also bandwidth limited with the USB3 ports, a mixing deck or multi-input audio encoding board may struggle to keep up if you wanted to record lossless or use as a studio deck.

      For simple things, sure. For AD, samples, editing, and effects, yes. But it’s not quite powerful enough for multi track NLE and loops, the storage and RAM isn’t likely to be low latency enough to handle live streaming via USB devices.

      If you need to do composition or mix, it’s capable, but it probably will struggle if you add too many USB devices since it shares PCI / Storage bandwidth with the USB hub on these older Xeon systems. Moving the mouse might add audio latency (sic) if the devices are older.

      • Great reply thanks for taking the time. Appreciated 👍

        I wanted something that could run Cubase and other DAWs plus a bunch of VSTs like Kontakt and effects.

        • Im presuming Tolliman as only just started doing any audio work on a PC and doesn't realise even an i3 has heaps of power for music production for the average person.

          Almost every multi channel (20 I/o ) card on the market is still USB 2 and it won't even saturate that bandwidth. Mouse audio latency ?!? is not a thing.

          How about a trip down memory lane… https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=125571 from 2013 (an i3 is fine) ..

  • How is the power consumption? I was thinking to use it as a cloud storage and plex media server

  • +2

    This is a great price for a 4th Gen i7 where its also possible to retrofit with extra ECC RAM (which is cheaper on Ebay than non-ECC modules).

    I just bought a Dell Optiplex a few months back for a second device in living room to run Plex and Xpenology, and even with an i5 (and ESXI), it works flawlessly. The i7 has 4 cores (with 8 Threads presented in esxi) compared to the 4 in the i5. If I hadn't, this one would be my choice. Also have an i7-4790 in garage running as my Network Video recorder. Does not skip a beat.

    For a homelab/plex/NAS system on ESXI/Hyper-V this will be quite cheap to setup and quite powerful/flexible.

  • Are these relatively quiet?

  • Another noob question, can this be used as NAS with FreeNAS or OpenMediaVault?

    • You could but how many drives do you want, its a low spec'd powersupply with limited expansion ports. For 1 or 2 drives sure. For a raidz with 5-6 drives nup.

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