expired iPod Touch 32GB Black or White, $297 @ Harvey Norman


Harvey has iPod touch 32gb models for $297, which is the cheapest I've seen so far.

Some comparisons:

Officeworks - $307
JB HiFi - $307
Dick Smith Electronics - $309
The Good Guys - $310
Apple's Online Store - $329

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    +1 for comparisons


    Hopefully Officeworks haven't lowered their price to match it in store yet, $282.15 with lowest price guarantee.


    U get a "Bonus Dick Smith FM Transmitter A2172 valued at $49.98" with the DickSmith deal.


    matches the price i paid in HK last year, minus the airfare. but now its ~286 in HK.

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    hook it up to an apple peel and you're set.


      …or a 32GB iphone 3GS off Gumtree for about the same $.

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    This has been HN's "on-sale" price for nearly 2 months.