Nespresso Vertuo Next Deluxe Solo Dark Chrome and Free Frother + 50 Coffee Pods $216 via Lexus App (Encore Membership Required)


Per title.

Nespresso's new (not so new) Vertuo machine for $219 ($80) discount via Lexus App. Limited to first 250 people.

Offer also comes with a free milk frother and 50 free capsules "worth" $144.

Not sure if the machine is any good. I generally settle with whatever that is on sale at the supermarket, or my local barista for a real coffee.

Lexus App

In case anyone looking for a Lexus deal to get this discount, a brand new NX being revealed today.

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    Not sure if the machine is any good.

    The reviews for this model (LINK) are not very pleasing. There is probably a design flaw in the new "generation" of the Delonghi and the Breville machines because there are several reported issues of leaks and failure under one year of operation.

    We have a "gen 1" that, purchased on 2018, died early this year. We wanted to get the replacement. Upon reading the reviews we hesitated. So we took a punt and we called Nespresso. "The worst they can do is say no", we decided.

    The conversation was long (it took only ONE call) but the operator at the far end admitted that the machine is >3 years old and "officially", Nespresso can say "no". However, as a sign of "goodwill", she organized for our machine to be repaired at no cost to us.

    +1 for Nespresso.

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    Already bought the L'OR Coffee Premium Latte ($249) one from Woolworths for free, only paid for like 28 Coffee pods