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Deepcool Gammaxx GT V2 RGB CPU Air Cooler for $29 Delivered @ Mwave


CPU coolers on special at MWave for $29. Some with free delivery, normal price is $45+

Deepcool Gammaxx GT V2 RGB CPU Air Cooler for $29

Compatibility: Intel 1150/1151/1155/1156, Intel 1200, Intel 1366, Intel 2011/2066, AMD AM3/AM2, AMD AM4 -
Fan Noise: =27.8 dB(A) - Fan Connector: 4-pin - PWM -
Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing - Fan Rated Voltage: 12 VDC - Fan Rated Current: 0.14 A - Fan
Power Consumption: 1.68 W - LED Type: RGB LED - LED Connector: 4-pin(+12V-G-R-B) - LED Rated Voltage: 12 VDC - LED Power Consumption: 1.56W - DP-MCH4-GMX-GTV2 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

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    Great coolers. I have Gammax on my old i5-4690 and it's always stayed cool as a cuke!

    Good find.

    PS: you can find it at $29 elsewhere, but the shipping usually kills it. Free courier on this one sets it up a notch.


      same on my i5 4460 60c max


    Good enough for stock 5900x?


      they're only like a CM Hyper 212 clone so not really desirable, but better than nothing I guess?

      If you're only gaming it would probably be "fine", but if you're doing all core workloads like rendering or encoding maybe not so fine?

      I've got two of these things (different revisions, same heatsink with different RGB fans) one on an i7 3770 (non K) and one of a R5 2600 and they both work really well for those - the 2600 runs hotter than a 3600 or 5600x so I'd say you'd be safe if you had an 8 core Zen2/3 chip, but those 12 core units pull a fair whack more juice so I'd be wary.

      If this is a temp unit till a better long term option comes up go for it! But forever, you might not be happy with your CPU temps and all core stuff might not even boost much if at all.


        Thanks for the info. I'm just confused as to what the 5900x needs for stock use with gaming. I also don't want to break the budget, thinking up to $100 cooler is sufficient?

        I was considering the CM 212 as it had dual 120mm coolers


          I got a Deepcool Assassin III for ~$90 recently, basically a Noctua NH-D15 monster competitor, so RAM clearance and case size is problematic - so you can find much better coolers for around that $100 mark, but there is plenty of junk to watch out for too.

          If you have eBay Plus it has free shipping and a $10 off code atm - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265156719696 (same listing I bought from, pricing slightly different)

          It is a monster size/clearance wise - to fit it in my CM TD500 mesh I had to put the fans on the back of the towers in pull config due to the RAM (and mine isn't even stupid tall - Patriot Viper Steel 4400c19) and it goes hard up against your GPU if your board's top x16 slot is right up in the top case slot like mine - lets just say I'm glad my new GPU has a back-plate as I'd be worried about the fan clips shorting stuff with my old no back-plate GPU.
          (some boards put a x1 slot above the x16 slot - they have no GPU clearance issues)

          TL;DR - the 165mm case clearance in the specs assumes you put the fans on the back like I did, or you have OEM style no heat-spreader RAM or really tiny RAM even with heat spreaders.

          It dropped my overclocked/no power limits 10600KF's temps by 15-20c over the Cryorig H7 Ultimate (Quad Lumi minus RGB, better heatsink & mounting mechanism than stock H7), which is a tier above the CM Hyper 212 and the little Deepcool unit in this thread - it pulls ~140w under AVX workloads so ballpark similar wattage as your 5900x without it over-clocked - this is why I think the little unit in this thread would struggle with your chip


            @smashman42: Thanks again. I do have micro atx tower, so I'll have to take that into consideration also


              @OZTechGuy: Yeah, you'll be limited a lot then. I think there was a small scythe one that was good for what it was by the reviews, but there are two new ones and one is pretty good and the other pretty bad so you'd have to research it.

              Doubt you could get an AIO worth owning for that money, I think only the really crappy Coolermaster 240s are under $100 and yeah, no better than a hyper212


                  @OZTechGuy: I believe those are the ones no-one should buy, hence why they are so absurdly cheap


                    @smashman42: Thanks. Im kinda regretting this CPU purchase now


                      @OZTechGuy: No way, it is a great unit, just if you have a small case like it sounds like you do, it makes stuff harder. Blame your case not your CPU, lol. (I know, you might have a legit reason for the smaller case rather than just saving $$$ - I went cheap with a N200 and regretted it, upgraded to the TD500)

                      For AIOs a 240 is your minimum size, 120s are useless, while a 280 or 360 would be better.

                      The best units at the moment are the EK $125+, plus shipping and Arctic $148+ ones, but the Deepcool, Corsair etc would all be fine too, but even the cheapest of them in 240mm is over your $100 budget - can you stretch that when you have a CPU worth shitloads maybe?

                      If you want air cooling maybe check if the smaller Noctuas will fit in your case, U14S (165mm tall, about the same money as the EK AIO) ideally or U12S (158mm tall $105+ for grey "Redux" lower speed fan, $120+ for brown higher spec fan) if it won't - they're like the best of the best of a similar design to the lil cheapie tower in this thread or the CM Hyper 212, obviously the U14S is bigger but still not as huge as a D15 or Assassin III so it has no RAM/GPU clearance issues, the U12S is more borderline for this heat level but still better than all the other cheap options mentioned

                      So like, can you stretch up to $150 maybe? It'll open up your options more. The EK AIO seems best bang for buck here, but the more expensive Arctic has the option of an offset Ryzen mounting set-up to line up the cold plate with the chiplets better, that makes it pretty much the best you can get.

                      Note: StaticIce is good for getting rough pricing, but it doesn't take into account shipping which can vary wildly from free over $100 to crazy money for small orders. If you have eBay Plus or Amazon Prime, double checking pricing on there is a good idea too - might be dearer at first glance but including shipping and any voucher codes you can sometimes come out ahead, even though it is the same shop selling through Amazon/eBay anyway!


                        @smashman42: Ye, it's the case restrictions. Will check those you listed also. If all else fails then need a new case.



    It's back up to $69


    Had it in my cart for like 10 ‘min. Sold out when I came back. Oh well


      Buy now, sell later!


    I saw this earlier tonight while I was at gym thinking I could order one when I got home. Big mistake


    this or the stock AMD wraith prism?


    This or the cool master one that is currently on special.