Owner Not Picking up Their Dog's Poo and Leaving on My Nature Strip

I was taking out my bin today and saw dog poo left on my front nature strip.

Last week the same thing happened and I thought this was a once off and it picked it up myself however I don't want to continue to have to do this and it seems the dog walker thinks they can get away with it. I mow the front nature strip consistently so there is no reason to think my lawn is a dumping ground for dog walkers. My fence I around 1.7-1.8M tall so the camera at the front door won't detect who the culprit is.

Any advice?


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    Shorter fence ?

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      Move the camera?

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      OP could get one of these, apparently the are dog’s natural predators.

      Coyotes and birds or prey are excellent hunters and are easily able to take down dogs weighing less than 25 pounds.

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      Move the house?

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        No no, put the nature strip back BEHIND the fence.

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      So the councils right? If I catch the culprit then will they get a fine?

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        If they catch them in the act maybe. Depends on your council's laws I guess.

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          You could say its just a dog act

          • @lngnnk: But life's a bitch and you just have to deal with it some times.

          • @lngnnk: Every passionate dog owner felt a disturbance in the force just now. Dogs are so loyal and friendly! :P

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        Probably because most people consider it theirs seeing as they mow it. I gave you a +1 to even it out.

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        Because it is actually the home owners responsibility to maintain the nature strip.

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          Yes but it still doesn't give you ownership.

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            @Cheapo Moose: So what is your actual point about ownership then? I can't see one.

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              @MrBear: Not much of a point really. OP just referred to it as their lawn. 😀

              I'd be dirty too if some dog kept taking dumps on the nature strip, especially when you hit a fresh canine mine with the mower without warning.

        • but anyone can park their car on it or the utility company can decide to come dig it up for pipe work.

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    The verge is Crown land. Get the council to clean it up.

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      It's Council owned land, not Crown Land.

      • depending on the road, it could be state land

      • Your state legislation may be different.

        Control of this strip of land is with the local council which, under the Local Government Act 1995, provides the council is to care for, control and manage public land. Put another way, this land is “crown land” under the control of your local government.

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      I'm sure council will pick it up right after they're finished mowing and weeding

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        I've never seen council mowing the nature strip in front of someone's house.

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          And I've never seen council coming out to pick up dog poo

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    A fake camera on fence pointing at lawn?

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      Make it two. They will know that you mean business.

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        A camera on each fence post is required for non-dog-poop-scooping owners!

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          put a sign to say i have eyes on ur dog poo-ing

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            @squidz: I've considered getting a camera, and printing off evidence and posting it on nearby lightpole.

            If I recognise the culprit and know where they live, they'll be getting thier lost items returned to thier door step.

            (I once had a bucket of oily dirt left on my door step when I had a leaky car that was polluting our body corp car park. I thought it was very effective.)

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              @SlickMick: Username checks out…

            • @SlickMick: oo.. there are fb groups that name n shames all sort of bad behaviors….
              u'll b surprise these people know where every1 lives….

      • One of these should really scare them off.

    • And some fake cameras pointing at the fake cameras, for extra security.

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    The dog can recycle the 💩. 😆

    Found this google comment about dog poop.

    Save your bacon grease, then pour warm bacon grease on the poop by using a zip lock sandwich bag (like icing a cupcake). I did this after repeatedly (and politely) asking my neighbor to stop his dog from pooping on my yard. Neighbor repeatedly stated "wasn't my dog" so I "treated" the dog poop. The dog gleefully recycled the new bacon treats and magically poop disappeared from my lawn!

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      lol this is brilliant. I bet the doggy spread the bacon goodness to owner as well.

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      What if another mutt happened to stroll by, craving some bacon grease?

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    • Dude, this is ridiculous and sadistic! Why would you take vengeance on the dog when it knows not what it does? Be a man and take it up with the owner.

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    Not sure. But the owners are inconsiderate pricks. Once didn't see it and mower splattered it on my shoes and pants. Another time passenger stepped in it putting foot out of car.

    Clean up your dog poop inconsiderate pricks.

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    Pick it up, dump it on their lawn.

    Perhaps they'll get the message.

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      Well the point is that they don’t know who the culprits is, in the first place…

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        Then he should put a Covid Sign-in sheet for all his visitors!

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    Eye for an eye mate, follow them home and poop on their nature strip.

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    If its the same woman who does it at my house, shes pregnant with a giant dog that basically sh1ts the size of a small child.

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      Similar here. Although not pregnant, there is a “insta-thot” that walks her small Shetland pony sized dog past and has at times let it shit on my nature strip (and other houses close by) and not picked up after it.

      Problem is, I know where she lives (about 10 houses down), so I take the small hatchback sized dog turds back to her house and either mailbox her a note with them and/or just toss them back onto her yard/walkway/driveway/doorstep.

      She still lets her dog shit anywhere.

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        Throw it at the window. Only doing a favour and returning her property she forgot.

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        Throw it on her roof. It creates stinking magic when its drizzling.(read it somewhere).

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      From the other comment; "Save your bacon grease, then pour warm bacon grease on the poop by using a zip lock sandwich bag (like icing a cupcake). I did this after repeatedly (and politely) asking my neighbor to stop his dog from pooping on my yard. Neighbor repeatedly stated "wasn't my dog" so I "treated" the dog poop. The dog gleefully recycled the new bacon treats and magically poop disappeared from my lawn!"

      • Wow. This is an awesome idea.

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      The woman or the dog?

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    Subscribing to this for solutions. I know a couple that watches their goldie take big shits at a regular time twice a day.

    Will police or ranger take any action against the couple for clearly ignoring the poop? Can one sue them for costs ie replacing lawn or hiring cleaners?

    • take pictures and post it on their facebook

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    I saw a message some house owner wrote in chalk on the footpath something to dog owners shitting on his lawn in a polite way not lol :)

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    Had the same, first time I picked it up, 2nd time I figured its going to be a regular occurence. Checked the survelliance and attempted to find the culprit by doorknocking the area with picture in hand, no dice. So I printed it out and put her pic on the tree on the nature strip as well as a sign to clean up after herself.

    Well I got the footage of some older lader literally running to tear it down. Next time i saw her, she was yelling about how I was spying on her. I just yelled back - clean up after yourself. Never happened again :)

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      Them: it’s crown land
      You: it’s crown land


    • Brilliant work mate!

    • Hilarious 😂

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    spray some vinegar around that area, may help.

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      I’ve had success with dried chopped citrus peels. Dogs hate the smell and avoid the area.

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      i used vinegar, seems to kill grass too….
      i've since used it on the concrete sidewalk, but that runs off with winter rain

      • Use used coffee grounds, it helps the soil too.

        This definitely works for cats. Untested for dogs

        • I tried putting used coffee ground on our lawn as a fertiliser, our lab thought it amazing and started eating it. We had to drag him away an monitor him in case he got sick from the coffee - so unfortunately I don’t think it would deter dogs.

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    Best way is to keep an eye out for this owner and go out there and remind them to pick up after their dog. Not always possible. Mabe leave out a picket sign facing path inwards with please pick up after dog. Just be polite, but firm if you see the owner. Any owner walking past may not be the culprit. Maybe even leave some doggie bags on sign. Owner may have forgotten or run out on walk.

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      Normally the pro dog pooer's on lawns walk em at night .
      Night vision googles required lol :)

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    Motion activated floodlights?

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      That's goimg to be triggered by everyone going past not just the culprits!

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    https://youtu.be/haJltM7pSqo This explains everything to you. You’re welcome.

    • The hell with this guy. Trans up is important for his molly. And not the community?
      Okay get her little away and clean after?
      I am sure his tone will change if some dog owners allow trans up at his property.

  • I installed IP cameras.. That's a good deterrent.

  • Pass on your stress to the council. Their land, their job. If it’s not cleaned up call them again - and again, and again, and again - you can see where I’m going with this.

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      Snap, Send, Solve. The App works for most things.

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    A local guy with a big dog on a leash always let's it drop these humungous shits 1cm off the walking track. He scalds me about my little old dog always well behaved off the lead. Ah well…. I picked up his shit once and passed him the bag as he just happened to walk back. He is a little more enthusiastic about reminding me to put a leash on my dog…. It's a dog eat dog world….

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    Not nice, but don't let it get to you. Just pick it up and move on.
    The chances are that they will be sharing it around to other nature strips too, and so you might only cop it 'now and then'.

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    MY Neighbour used to let their dog out once a day to go crap and piss wherever it pleased in the neighbourhood. decided our lawn and the wall near our front door was a good spot about half the time. The poop I moved each night to the cement in front of their door and I have a gel gun that has "encouraged" the dog to pee elsewhere.

    They now don't let it out, I believe one of the other neighbours reported them.

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    Happened to us last year too, neighbor in the street lets her dog poo in our grass nature strip and so many times in our driveway path too. It was so ridiculous, there was a week that we kept on getting poo in our wheels every morning. We do not own any pets because we just do not have the time and patience to clean up and there we were, cleaning up after someone else's pet! Anyway, ours was during summer, we sprayed apple cider vinegar around the perimeter of the grass area - on the cemented walking path, partner also sprinkled chilli flakes on the grass. Since then we did not see any more of it. I am sure we would have spoken to the neighbor if it still kept on happening but we wanted to avoid any negativity or confrontation so we tried what we researched online first and luckily it worked.

    • Exactly this. Worked for me as well. If you have grass, vinegar can damage it so keep it in small caps or ketchup container you get with take away food. White vinegar works just fine. Ensure you spray it again after it rains as rain will wash away the earlier spray.

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    follow dog walker home and shit on their lawn.

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    Happens to me quite a bit as my front door opens directly onto a main road. I initially put up a sign with a set of doggie bags I bought. The sign blew away/was taken away, and the bags got stolen :(

    I've currently got a meme sign on a telephone pole telling people to pick up their dogs presents. Seems to work so far. Next step is a ring doorbell and printed pictures of the culprits on the telephone pole (public area so recording is allowed).

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    My neighbourhood is a dog poo minefield. Nature strip, local park, including where the kids play equipment is, and the local school oval, where dogs are prohibited anyway.
    I've tried council complaints about the parks and nature strip, but they need to catch them in the act.
    The school is another thing. People think that outside school time it is a public park.
    Forget about kids falling in crap when they play soccer, footy etc at playtime the next day.

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    Put a polite sign on the fence. I'm sure you can find a cheap one in ebay. That would be an easy first step and would probably sort out the majority dog walkers

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    Public enemy Number 2.

  • Thanks OP for your post, it happened to my house too and I have put up for 7 years - I think I will try the bacon grease next time 😇 thanks to @SF3 for the idea

  • Throw it back at them

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    Just hope it's a dog doing it? Not a jogger?

  • Sprinkle chilli powder on the grass.

    Watch and wait - when you see the dog take a dump, use a small shovel to fling it back at the owner.

  • Put a passive aggressive sign on your lawn about it.

  • This happened to me once, I saw the guy with his dog doing a 💩 on the nature strip. I went out of my house and told him to pick it up. He didn't have any bags but went home and got one, picked up the 💩 and I haven't had any problems since!

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