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Gigabyte M32Q 32" 165hz QHD Gaming Monitor $699 Delivered + Free Mechanical Keyboard via Redemption @ Scorptec


Free shipping until the 30th and seems like a good price for an IPS, QHD 32 inch, 165hz monitor and gigabytes promotion which scores you a free mechanical keyboard via redemption

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    Don't trust gigabyte to redeem the promo


      Do they have a bad record with promos?


        %100 failure rate for me. Never bothering again and avoiding gigabyte / aorus products


      I bought a laptop at the end of April and it came with a free M27Q promo which I redeemed immediately after purchase.

      It stated that the free monitor would have been sent within 8 weeks since the promo ends (not purchase date) which was 30th of April.

      I received my M27Q monitor about 2 weeks ago and came with an invoice for warranty (3 years). Obviously the invoice didn't have any payment information.

      I've only done a Gigabyte promo once so it's been a 100% success rate for me…

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        I ordered likely just a few days after you. There was nothing on the page indicating the promo had ended. Went to redeem and they refused it on the grounds of them cancelling the promo at any time.

        Not having enough gift stock to fulfil the duration of the promo is bait advertising and very dodgy.

        Also, the promo also needed the physical ID number on the laptop or device being claimed for, so if your having it shipped to you you need to wait a few days which in my case meant the promo being cancelled.

        Doesn't really matter to me if others got theirs. I still think gigabyte are dodgy as sucking consumers in with lucrative gifts that may or may not be fulfilled. If it was a mousepad or some shit cheap item I wouldn't care, but buying a 3k laptop and the gift being around 400 rrp, its obviously at a point where people are basing their purchase solely on the gift.

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          interesting how i got negged for sharing an actual experience…

          anyway, when the laptop deal was on, it was mentioned in the deal (which later got moved to the forum due to insufficient quantities) and also in the terms and condition that the deal was to expire on 30th of April.

          I bought the laptop on 28th of April, registered for the redemption on 29th of April (had to wait for Computer Alliance to send me another invoice with the serial number) and was approved by Gigabyte on the 29th of April as well.

          what i think is dodgy is you claiming 100% failure rate out of a single redemption period when it is in fact your failure to read the terms and condition (the end date) and also your lack of action in contacting the seller for the serial number of the product. Computer Alliance was really helpful and was understanding of the promo and was willing to send me another invoice (outside of the one generated by ebay) just by contacting them via their website's chat support (their phone support was busy).


            @4iedemon: Lol not that I participated this time, but they actually pulled this promotion before the end date as well. Hurr durr.


    When are there gonna be deals for 4K 32inch monitors 🤣