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$30 Per Kilo of Our Five-O Blend + $5 Delivery (Free with $35 Spend) @ Kai Coffee


About two years ago my wife and I were traveling (remember that?!) to Hawaii with our kids on a little getaway. While we were out, two brand new organic coffees came into the roastery and the team did a sneaky test roast without our knowing. The blend was a 50/50 Colombian/PNG of the two fair-trade organic coffees. They then decided to name it after Hawaii Five-O the TV show and surprise us when we got back. To our surprise we not only loved the name but the coffee was incredible. We wanted that heavy toffee chocolate style blend made of organic coffees and boy did this one deliver. A couple years later she's still going strong and we wanted to offer it to you as our monthly special!

Simply go to Five-0 Blend on our website, select 1kg and how many 1kg bags you want (you can have as many as your heart desires). Then tell us how you'd like that ground (or not ground) and enter the code FIVEOH in at checkout! The rest is easy. You'll be paying $30(25% off) for this very popular blend. You can also simply click the link and all that code etc will auto populate for you.

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    Thanks what’s the roast date on this?

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    All within a week!


    I thought the last deal for the Arrow blend was nothing special, but I'll try this one and hope it's better.


    I thought the Arrow blend from the last deal was tasty. Currently enjoying the Colombian San Sebastian, that one makes some very tasty espresso.

    When does this deal end?


    Scomo is that you?!