Returning Jeans (Worn Three Times) without Tags but with Receipt to David Jones

Hello community!

I am in a bit of a pickle here.

I recently purchased jeans and without thinking too far ahead, cut off the tags and wore the jeans with the thought that I'd be keeping them for a long time.

After 3 wears of the jeans, I realised the pair of jeans are quite stretchy and now the jeans are way too big for me….

It's still less than a month since I purchased them from David Jones. I've had a look at the refund policy and it says they'll refund them if tags are attached.

Unfortunately I've thrown the tags out….I've got the online receipt with me but no tags….

I'd really like to get a refund on these pair of jeans or ask for a size change (but I don't think they have anymore of the size below).

Any recommendations, tips or pointers? I'm all ears here!

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    I don't think you can return clothes after you've worn them 3 times.

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      that is true…its that I've thrown a few hundred dollars down the drain….doesn't sit well with me. I'll just be honest and see what comes of it

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        Username doesn't check out.

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        A few hundred? Wow you got scammed.

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          Right? $12 at Kmart baby

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            @HelpMeiCantSee: Because who doesn't enjoy supporting sweatshop labour!

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              @peterwilliams83: To be fair, OP's expensive jeans probably came from the same factory.

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                @GG57: But only the best 6 year olds get to work on Gucci jeans.

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            @HelpMeiCantSee: My two pairs of kmart jeans (different ones & priced differently) wore out in the wrong places pretty quick… never doing that again

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              @Loopenip: Cut holes in the crotch area. Problem solved.

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              @Loopenip: 6 years and 10 years respectively here. You must have some serious kahunas to wear ‘em out lol

      • Why not donate the jeans to charity?

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          If you check OP's username, it might provide the clue as to why not. ;-)

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        I don't think it's fair for a retailer to take a loss on clothing you've worn multiple times because it is "too stretchy".

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        Why did you buy them then? Seriously i cant believe you think you can return them after they have been worn

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        You can sell them second hand on FB Marketplace. If they are a reputable brand, somebody out there will buy them for a fair price.

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        Am I missing something? Being "on a budget" and spending a few hundred dollars on a single clothing item, doesn't gel.

      • i wouldnt want to buy your three times jeans… see what you can salvage selling them second hand, otherwise live and learn

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        lmao who spends that kind of money on jeans that lose their fit after 3 uses.

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        I am impressed at how unaware you are of how much your behaviour sucks in even asking the question. I hope you gain some self awareness from the responses on here.

      • Sell them

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      You can if they are genuinely faulty eg shrink or stretch significantly despite following washing instructions.

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      No tags an worn 3 times. They can’t sell these returns.

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        No tags an worn 3 times.

        It could have been worn 50 times. This point is completely moot as it cannot be confirmed by anyone else.
        The tag is the main thing.

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        must be a troll post

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    Refund after 3 wears because you aren’t very happy with the fit is a bit rich, but DJs are pretty generous with returns.

    I don’t think they have to give you an exchange or refund under the terms of their policy, but they might do so anyway. Note that if you return used goods they can’t sell them, so they are worse off than if they do not do so.

    Maybe pop them in the clothes dryer and see if they shrink a bit, or hit up the KFC bucket specials ;-)

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      totally understand….I didn't think they'd stretch this much to be frank

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        Put them in the washing machine and they might shrink a bit.

        • Maybe OP is flexing how much weight they're losing during the pandemic…

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          People wash jeans?

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    Returning is for when you've just tried it on once not worn them all day three times. They'd need washing by now! You can't expect them to go back on a shelf. You'll have to either put up with the size or sell them second hand.

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      Washing jeans after being worn 3 times?

      Oh, no no no.

      Maybe after 6 months, and only if you spill something like half a can of tuna on there. And do a Tough Mudder.


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        You take them off and see if they stand by themselves……
        if they do….
        time to wash them.

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          You need to stop spunking on your jeans mate.

      Machine-washing a good pair of jeans can actually cause damage to the material

      • They just want you to shell out another $399 every time you spill some lunch on your pants

      • Levi's are like cardboard anyway
        I usually avoid washing to prevent colour fade, particularly with darker jeans.

        Since people recommend putting them in the freezer to get rid of bacteria. Got some fabreeze, not sure if that affects them adversely.

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    I think the only argument you have is that they item is not as described in that the size at purchase and the size now are vastly different. Almost saying its faulty. I probably wouldn’t recommend getting another pair of the same style if you’re going to go down this avenue.

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    It’s worth trying for a refund on the basis that they are faulty ie not fit for purpose, if they have stretched a lot. Just go in store and explain the situation politely.

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      That's also the way I read this. It isn't a simple change of mind. If the story is correct they're clearly faulty - how likely this is I don't know. OP is getting the down votes dished out to them.

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        That's how I see it as well, OP tried them on in the store and was happy with the fit and then the jeans have changed size. It's not like OP has changed their mind about the fit, it's the fit that has changed.

        • this is bang on the money. I went to the store to try them on and they fit perfectly! It was after the wears that they are now way too baggy.

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          Nah, OP just demonstrating crappy consumer behaviour here.

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            @eraser215: If you bought a pair of shoes and after 3 wears they got bigger would you want a refund?

            • @shtgnjns: That does happen sometimes, especially with some leather shoes/boots that can loosen up after you break them in. That being said, I don't know the extent to which these pants supposedly stretched

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                @OzBarAnon: That is true, but OP has said they're 'way too baggy' now, I wouldn't find this acceptable for a few hundred dollar pair of jeans after 3 wears either.

                I just think it's pretty rough to accuse them of crappy consumer behaviour because they want an expensive item to maintain its structure for a reasonable length of time.

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    Goto a clothing alteration shop to have them make the jeans fit you.


    • A sensible option that doesn't inconvenience anyone else. Well done.

    • We found it is cheaper to buy a sewing machine ($50 from FB market place) than going to an alteration shop few times ($10 each time).

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        But then you gotta hire someone for $100 an hour to use the sewing machine :/

      • Don't have the confidence to work on some more expensive pieces of clothing (shortening suit pants legs and jacket sleeves for instance)

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    I've returned stuff if it is faulty after many wears but if you didn't size it right that is on you unfortunately.

    Unless it weirdly shrank or stretched.

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    I am quite shocked with the last few post in ozbargain..
    People in this country are so privileged that they can return everything even though it has been used for years. No wonder a lot of business went bankrupt and price of items are way higher here compare to other country.

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      How much is 420 a gram in your country?

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        Please give me MS Paint of 420 then I will let you know!

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      OP said they had worn them 3 times (not years). It’s unclear whether they are faulty (ie stretched more than would be considered reasonable) or if they just chose the wrong size. If it’s a case if being faulty ie not fit for purpose due the quality of the fabric and excessive stretching it’s seems reasonable to me to return them.

      By returning faulty goods, it sends a message to the retailer to raise the bar for the quality of their products. If businesses are going bankrupt because of a large quantity of returned faulty items, it is because their business strategy of making profit from selling low quality goods has failed.

      In reality many businesses are making huge profits from selling low quality, not fit for purpose items at the expense of the environment, eg Kmart, Bunnings etc.. Some retailers even sell cheaply made, low quality products for high prices (eg DJs). Most of these stores have very flexible returns policies. I believe many retailers rely on the fact that people won’t return items, particularly if they are cheap and then products end up in land fill and the energy and water used to manufacture and transport them is wasted.

      Whilst I’m guilty of buying and even posting a few deals for these type of cheap, low quality products, I would love to see a change with better minimum standards for products. If more people returned faulty items, there is a chance retailers will improve the quality of design and construction of the products they stock.

      It’s worth noting as well that retailers will sometimes send refunded faulty products back to the manufacturer/wholesaler - particularly high cost items. This means the manufacturer becomes aware of the issue and can improve their design and manufacturing.

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        So the people negging don’t return faulty goods?

        I genuinely find that surprising - but no wonder retailers think they can get away with peddling some of rubbish that they do.

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        I dunno. My youngest Kmart shirt is at least 3 years old. Jeans are about 10. Doesn’t seem low quality to me. Just cheap.

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          Yes obviously not returning things that are not faulty. Like most Australians I buy a lot from both Kmart and Bunnings and there are some good items. I’ve actually had the worst luck clothing wise with BigW. But just due the quantity and variety of stock of these and many other retailers there are dud products - returning these is what I’m talking about.

          • @morse: Yeah I find it's hit or miss with kmart & big-w,

            my kmart t-shirts are great, big w not so much but okay

            Never buying pants from either of them again

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      It's called having a robust system of legal consumer rights.

      If businesses want to sell defective goods, they should go bankrupt.

      Don't like it? You're welcome to move somewhere those rights don't exist. Enjoy your cheaper products that could catch fire some time down the track and you don't have a leg to stand on.

      Oh hey, you're still here. Funny that.

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      Yeah, it's almost as bad as the guy who thought his 6.5 year old TV should be replaced free of charge. Makes me very glad I'm not in retail.

  • Please don't try this with undies (even if you're wiser this time and leave the tags on).

    • Don’t thing under garments are refundable if you open the pack

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        They are if they are faulty, anything is.

        They just won't do no questions asked 'change of mind' returns.

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      I've returned undies. The button fell off and I don't have a sewing machine. Weirdly I was told I should have kept/found the button because they might have been able to sew it back on. That was in the early-2000s. The message stuck with me.

      Flash-forward to 2018 and I returned a pair of really nice pants/slacks with the button that had fallen off asking if it might be possible to sew the button back on? "Nup." I'm told - refund only.

      I guess the world changes but I'd have liked us to come to a middle point. Ditch broken undies, repair broken jeans. Maybe the 2020s will be the decade for this.

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        Buttons are easy to sew on yourself…..

        • +3

          to clarify…. without a sewing machine, buttons are easy to sew on yourself….

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    If you return because elastics gave in is fair point. If you return because you don’t like them after three wears… don’t be that guy!

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    get it altered or sew up the waist yourself

    videos on youtube/tiktok

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    Eat bacon hamburgers every night for 3 months.

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    Wash them and chuck them in the dryer a few times. They'll shrink.

    • This^ will work.

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        doesnt washing the jeans 'soften' them too much?

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      They are likely to shrink in length as well, depending on OPs height, this may not be ideal.

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    Put on some weight, they will fit you.

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    They can't resell them nor are they faulty so you shouldn't be expecting a refund.

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    Hi, I made a mistake and now expect the store to pay me full price for a used item. Lol no….

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    As ex-DJs staff: that’s a no.

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    Jeez so entitled… Move on Op and but better fitting clothes in the future

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