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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte G32QC 32" Curved QHD Gaming Monitor 165hz + Mechanical Keyboard via Redemption $413.40 @ Futu_online eBay


Very good monitor for the price, looks like the cheapest it's been seen on Ozbargain (not even including the keyboard)

Free keyboard via redemption, I messaged futu and they said they are a registered dealer to be able to claim this deal.
AORUS K1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (MSRP $159inc)
- Some people have had issues redeeming promotions from gigabyte in the past but I'm keeping my hopes high.

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  • How quick.

  • Looks like 3 more back in stock, probably worth it to keep checking it.

    • 3:23pm: Sold out again

      • 3:37pm: 2 more in stock

        • 3:47pm: Sold out again (I'm going to be slacker in checking now)

          • @Borris: Couple more… will be OOS again in a min

  • Damn that's a lot of monitor for the price. 1 left available!

  • Major difference between Curved / UW?

    This better for gaming? UW for work station?

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      A lot of games do support ultrawide, just a larger field of view usually. Saying that I still prefer 16:9 in most instances. I do use an ultrawide at work though as a secondary monitor and it comes in handy to have some extra desktop space sometimes.
      Also you also need to go larger to get the same height measurement, for example a 34" ultra wide will have the same screen height as a regular 27" monitor (but of course longer width) just something some people overlook.

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    If it is the same panel as the G27QC then I would give it a miss. Mine was horrendous for back light bleed and ghosting, couldn't live with it even for the cheap price I picked it up for.

    • Just looked up the differences. "The 32 inch model has a separate power brick rather than the inbuilt offering on the 27, it has a tiny bit higher color saturation, a tiny bit less height adjustment and a bit higher brightness. There is a distinction in the two HDR types with the 32" having HDR400."

      Don't know if any of that would be a noticeable difference but there's some info.

      • Yeah I had a look at the rtings review and it gets marked down for the same things, bad black uniformity and black smearing.

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    This or xiaomi 34 inch?

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    Missed out. My bad for trying to watch a 20 minute review before dropping $400.

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      You should watch the reviews on all the monitors now so you're well informed for the next deal

    • I think if going 32" then 4K makes a big difference over 1440p.

      If in a few months we start seeing ~$500 deals on high refresh rate 32" 4K IPS monitors then you won't feel bad about missing this at all, if anything you might have regretted getting this.

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        I wouldn't expect that too soon - hope I'm wrong though!

  • Damn it missed out.

    Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on running a dual side by side 32" set up?

    Currently got a main middle display as Samsung 31.5" Curved Gaming Monitor (144hz) 2K display with 2 old Dell 21.5" 75hz FHD displays rotated to portrait mode on each side of the Samsung in a tri-monitor set up going on.

    Dunno if a dual SBS 31.5"/32" set up would be overkill but the screen real estate is pretty nice to be honest

    Anyone else with the proposed above setup?

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      I'm currently trying to decide between the following options
      - 2x27inch (= 1 UW 49inch)
      - 1x 34 inch UW
      - 1x 32inch
      - 2x 32inch

      I have 25 UW as well - it will become a portrait monitor

      In a way possibly the same end scenario as you. My friend suggested to go 2x32inch if you have a table that can support it and enough depth so you don't move the neck too much, otherwise 1x34 UW or 2x27inch is more ergonomic with a third vertical monitor.

  • Was following many of these deals to buy a curved monitor for work. Any high recommendations guys please?

  • Was actually cheaper during the 15% off promo with the after pay code. $479*0.85 = $407.15 last week.
    Feedback from previous deals was to not trust Gigabyte with their redemption, apparently they have a bad record.

  • Just got my monitor today, went to redeem keyboard… "All items have been FULLY REDEEMED"
    Stupid gigabyte :(

    • Gigabyte has a notorious record when it comes to redemption. Hope you are loving your new monitor though.