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LEGO 10289 Botanical Collection: Bird of Paradise $103 + Delivery (Online & Delivered Only) @ BIG W


Delivery from $7.90. Even though the website allows C&C, unsurprisingly there doesn't seem to be any stores with stock that you can collect from. (It does specify "Online Only" after all.)

Looks like BIG W have dropped the $135 Toy Mania sale price to $103.

Will not last long, even less now that it’s on OzBargain.

Note: As mentioned by a few OzBargaineers below, if you bought the item at the previous price of $135, just contact BIG W's Customer Support and they will refund you the difference.

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  • +2

    Fairly repetitive set, and very quick build. Not the best out there.

    If you’re keen on it though, great price.

    • It's it that much larger than the bonsai to warrant that price hike?

      • +3

        There’s a definite size difference: https://thatbricksite.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/LEGO-10...

        Edit: just looked at Big W listing - second photo does the job.

        • +4

          I'm guessing the "soil" pieces are one easy way for Lego to rack up the piece count too!

          • +2

            @Sammyboy: I can't believe people go by pieces ( easy enough to put in 100 of tiny pieces in any set ) than weight .
            These people need to do some thinking .

          • @Sammyboy: Exactly what I was thinking last deal post.

            The "cable ties" of Lego.

            (I do like the look of the set, I just find it hard forking out for Lego)

          • @Sammyboy: Perhaps, the bonsai tree has soil too, though, albeit not as much.

          • @Sammyboy: That can be fixed with araldite :)

      • +1

        If this helps apparently 10289 'Bird Of Paradise measures 47cm tall and up to 40cm wide, depending on positioning of the leaves'. Not sure if it is full height for the bonsai ie inc the stand but Lego website says about Bonsai 'display piece measuring over 7 in. (18 cm) high.'

      • +4

        Here's a comparison. It's noticeably larger.


  • +1

    Great price, been watching and waiting. Thanks.

  • +$7.90 postage.

  • Thx op, got one

  • From $7.90 postage…..which turned out to be $9.90 postage. Item price is great though. Very tempted.

    • 3 or nothing because of the postage only if 5% off cards in your hand is my summary :)

      • ???. I did cave - used discounted gift cards to use towards it so ended up being $108.38 delivered with gift card disc. Not a fan usually of having lego delivered as I'm a stickler for perfect condition Lego boxes but Big W packed my last lego order very well, everything arrived in perfect condition.

  • Cheers got one

  • Tbh this doesnt look and feel like lego…

    • For some that’s the charm but to each their own.

    • +2

      Yeah, I’m not feeling it as much as I did for the bonsai and flower bouquet sets. Bought one anyway because I don’t want to regret later on after learning the scalpers and florists hoarding them like with the other sets.

      It’s a case of, “OK, I bought this now, I’m done.” Waiting for next set.

      • Don't want it, don't complain, just buy it and wait for the next one to buy. You've got to be the perfect customer :D

        • +2

          Can’t resist any Lego that is on special and the collector in me want them all 😁

    • Put it on the group and step on it and see what you reckon :)

  • Thanks op got one. Returning Kmart order. Haha

    • +1

      Yeah, I'd be waiting for a dispatch notice before returning anything.

  • Already bought one earlier for $135. Can I get a refund?

    • on the same boat :(

    • I'm planning on doing that

    • I rang Big W on their general enquiries line - the person I spoke to was very helpful and told me she would process a refund of the difference.

  • Bought one just in case I need to track down one at rrp later. Thanks OP

  • thanks OP

  • Urgh, caved in at this price as I had $20 rewards credit. Added a couple of thermal underwear items and postage became free.

    • All I can figure out is the rewards is some kind of hack . I can't get free postage ( except for layby but $5 fee defeats the purpose ) .

      • +2

        It's free delivery on $45 spend on clothing, footwear or fashion accessories. If you order these at the same time, the Lego delivery became free too.

        • @sparkles: Now that's a surprise. According to the Terms & Conditions: "If any excluded product categories are added to the order, or 2 Day Delivery option is selected, then the related delivery charges will apply."

          Has this always been the case? Have you ever added any items where this "hack" didn't work?

          • @robinCTS: Hmmm, maybe I got lucky. Checked my Order Acknowledgement email and the postage is listed as "Apparel free delivery promotion: $0.00".

            Edit: I replicated my order WITHOUT the rewards and it's still coming up as free delivery.

  • Thanks OP. Now to return the Kmart one once it arrives.

  • Bought the flower bouquet a while ago for the Missus. This one is not as beautiful. If you like it, go for it. I pass this time.

  • They have a shit load of stock lasting this long guys similar to their last flower deal .

  • sent back the $135 and got this with the bouquet as well. Thanks OP

  • Cheers OP! Grabbed one for delivery :) Great price!

  • Bought one online for $135 on the same site 2 days ago, I messaged them and they will refund me the difference of the price drop. Good customer service.

    • Online help desk or called them up?

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    • Did the same & received the set today, however no refund processed yet. How'd you go, have you received your refund?

  • +1

    Unless I’m missing something I can’t actually order this???

    • OOS finally lol .

  • +1

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124775701774 - still available for this price on their eBay page (although it's showing $7.90 postage for me… but I got $10 off by paying with Afterpay… and it's also showing that I can get a further $10 off - after I've already ordered it - using the code PPSS100)

    • Thank you, i think you can only pick one…

      don't forget cashrewards too :)

  • Did anyone receive shipping notification yet ? Mine is still awaiting for processing, think they might cancel it as they cancel my eBay order :(

    • I ordered it 3 days ago and I'm still waiting.

  • Mine has finally dispatched.

    • Same. I just got an email with the tax invoice and tracking number (which doesn't seem to be active yet).

  • Received mine but the lego box is damaged, there is a massive crease down the entirety of the box.

  • Back in stock

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