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Everbeam E90 LED Tactical Torch Flashlight 600 Lumen $9.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Everbeam Amazon AU


Currently selling for $26.99 USD ($35.50 AUD) on the official Everbeam store.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Bought this last week. Cool little torch, great value for the price imo. Not extremely bright running off AA, it's fine, but if you're looking for super bright consider buying 14500 batteries as well

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    bought … another item that I didnt know that I need it till this morning

    • ITs Ozbargain, not OZ do I need it.

      So it's perfectly fine.

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    "If you use AA batteries, it still boasts an impressive 250 lumens with a 3 hour runtime"

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    clicked in thinking this was a deal for a Bazooka
    left disappointed

    • Get hit in the head with a AA battery, Yeow!!

      • time to fire all those eneloops at possums

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    Nathan Drake essential flashlight

    • Was about to say, essential kit for Joel and Ellie cosplay.

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    would have bought if it was 18650 battery.

      • I bought that, reflecting off my hand it was still blinding. Not very wide though.

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          Not very wide though

          Thats called 'spill'. Try the convoy c8+ for better spill and a great thrower. The S2 has an intense short throw beam, good for indoors. Convoy make great budget torches.

          • @Skinnerr: Do you recommend any that would have a spill more like the old dolphins?

            • @DisabledUser40256: Yes there are but they wouldn't have the throw (projectile distance) of that dolphin (at reasonable prices). The size of it gives that torch a unique light profile. Modern LED's usually focus on one strength or the other.

            • @DisabledUser40256: But gun to my head, I'd recommend the BLF Thorfire Q8. Biggest spill of any LED I've seen with my own eyes and a powerhouse of a handheld torch.

  • OOS

    • :(

    • Sorry i think i just bought the last one - didn't really need it - just like the magnetic bottom and 90 degree head

  • Just missed it, was at checkout but errored due to stock :(

    Edit: Refreshed and was able to purchase one, not sure whats going on, stuck is fluctuating?

  • How is it possible to put either size battery (AA/14500) in it?

    • They're almost identical in size

    • Same size just different voltages, it's using a boost driver to make the AA work.

    • They use different materials.

  • Wow that was quick!

  • now i missed 2 torch sales

  • +19

    I had a few concerns before getting this and looking at this review confirmed they still exist

    This flashlight is from another era. Indeed, a max 250 lumens output is pretty much nothing by today's standards. My other Chinese flashlights have max output between 900 lumens and 4000 lumens. And they're not bigger in size. They simply use the latest technology in LED chips.

    - Sturdy housing
    - Head rotate 90 degrees
    - Three brightness mode
    - Two spare O-ring included

    - Nothing tactical about this flashlight (I’m tired of the Chinese using the “word” tactical to describe everyday life products).

    • Very dim light output. A maximum of 250 lumens is nothing by today's standards.

    • No rechargeable high-voltage hi-output Lithium battery is included and once you factor in the price of such battery (and a lithium charger) it easily doubles the price of this flashlight.

    • Strobe and SOS mode gets in the way in normal operation. You need to cycle through them every single time you wish to adjust the brightness: HI-MED-LOW-STROBE-SOS-HI-MED-LOW-STROBE-SOS…. Bad design!

    • VERY counterintuitive operation to turn it off. You need to press and hold the power switch a few seconds to turn the light off, otherwise you'll cycle through all the modes (HI-MED-LOW-STROBE-SOS). Why changing something people have been used to for almost a century: one press to turn on, one press to turn off (which is simple, hassle-free, intuitive).

    • Description says with standard AA battery you get 250 lumens while with rechargeable 14500 Li-Ion battery you get 650 lumens output. Not true. I tested with three different fully charged batteries: standard AA, rechargeable NiMH and 14500 rechargeable Li-Ion. No difference in light output, nothing, rien, nada, niet!

    😊👍 If my review helped, please consider giving me a helpful vote, thank you! 👍😊

    • +1

      You're just not 'tactical' enough m8.😎

    • @havok44 would appreciate if you have any alternative recommendation for this price point?

    • Its this one I was mainly worried about. I have a couple of torches now one is just on/off one goes through the modes like this one and its really annoying!
      I use it everyday when taking the dog for a walk

      • Strobe and SOS mode gets in the way in normal operation. You need to cycle through them every single time you wish to adjust the brightness: HI-MED-LOW-STROBE-SOS-HI-MED-LOW-STROBE-SOS…. Bad design!
    • +3

      Nice review, but no need to ask for votes

      It's frustrating that so many manufacturers of cheap torches pay no attention to usability when it comes to switching modes. Having to cycle through strobe and SOS modes in normal use is just bad design. I would never buy or recommend any torch where you didn't have a separate and distinct action to invoke strobe or SOS.

      • exactly! you said what i meant better

      • I dont need votes, thats from the review i copy pasted

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        A new flashlight from Walson is online. This rotatable flashlight caught the eyeballs of those who are curious. The sound of spinning is full of metallic texture, which makes people feel itchy.

        Don’t think I really want that.

        • +1

          Hilarious! well I obviously missed that part, but the concept is more of what I meant. Ideally you want one with a decent LED but also has USB recharging. Maybe even with a replaceable battery.

          I actually use a small stick like power bank that I run a USB LED with like these but better, it works better than a torch for most cases around the house or the garage.

          But I do need to find something like the Warsun hopefully without the itch

    • Good summary. Question: how would you implement different mode selection if there's only one button? Mode cycling is what I've seen in every light (incl bike lights) I've ever had.

      • have two buttons

      • +1

        You can do different things even with one button. Think about the different gestures you have on your smartphone touch screen; you can tap, double tap, long press, etc. On the Wurkkos FC11, for example, a single press on the button turns it on or off. Holding the button for 1 second turns it on at the lowest brightness. Double-pressing turns it on at the maximum brightness. Triple-pressing turns on strobe. Quadruple-pressing locks the torch to prevent accidental use. Holding the button for 3 seconds toggles to a different method of switching between modes. It's been designed by someone who actually uses a torch.

        • Fair enough. Cycling through light settings never bothered me, so didn't really consider other users may think it's a must have.

  • Looks similar to the Nicron N7

  • Just canceled the order. So if anyone wants one, better be quick.

  • Back in stock

  • Just ordered one. Still showing as in stock.

  • clueless white girl about to be murdered "hello?? is anyone there?"

  • Out of stock by the looks.

  • OOS

  • +2

    Too bad I missed it. Judging by this image it can clearly bend light.

  • back in stock

  • -3

    It must be the “heavy duty clip” which makes it tactical.

    Edit: Just down voted this as the seller/manufacturer is clearly using doctored images to deceptively market the product. Also the fact that it is clearly a piece of crap compared to proper torch makers like olight. It’s called tactical and it doesn’t even have a glass breaker or seat belt cutter.
    Save your money peons.

    • +2

      Chill bro… it's just a torch.

      The Olight torches you're referring to are $100+, this is $10.

  • Mine came dead on arrive. I get a green light on the on/off switch but no output whatsoever. Anyone else?

    • Mine works, but on high using a 3.7V cell it flickers. Using a standard 1.5v cell it works but is very dim.

      What battery are you using?

    • Myself and two guys from work ordered them and they arrived the next day which was amazing…. however, one was completely DOA, one will only work on 3.7V (AA won't even power it on) and the other must have dry solder points or loose internals because it flashes on and off when moved around or knocked.
      I originally asked Everbeam for a replacement for the faulty ONE at the time (other guys hadn't opened theirs yet) but they only offer a refund and I have to drop it off somewhere like 40km from me :S not really worth it.

      Everbeam….. more like Neverbeam! Am I right? haha, I'm funny.

    • Ok at least it’s not just me then. I’m using standard AA eneloops. Don’t have any 3.7v laying around

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