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UNIQLO: 20% Upsized Cashback (Was 2%, Capped at $20) @ Cashrewards


Greetings everyone, just spotted this in a banner on the CR site and seems like a great increase for UNIQLO :)

Runs for 4 hours starting from 5pm 18/6 so plenty of time to search for something you need.


  • The following are ineligible for cashback: the Marimekko collection (effective 20/05/21), the +J collaboration range (effective 06/05/21), AIRism face masks & Roger Federer RF caps (effective 08/09/20).
  • See offer details for any special promotion terms.
  • Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
  • Cashback is ineligible on orders made via the UNIQLO app.

As always, enjoy!

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  • only excludes RF cap, but other RF items allowed for cashback??

  • Seems like there's almost no stock in activewear tops range? Shame, some nice looking stuff in there

  • I wish they did the old school cartoons like Tom&Jerry, Dragon Ball Z and the other classics like they used to. I've been trying to get my hands on some of their apparel for the last year but in vain.

  • I’m really curious as to what guys buy (is popular) at uniqlo?
    I have walked into the store and had a quick browse in the past and everything seemed really plain, and didn’t catch my eye.
    Am I missing out on something that the cool kids are liking/buying?

    • +1

      Just like any fashion retailer, it is not for everyone.

      I buy socks and heatech shirts so nothing on the outside 😁.

      • I used to buy but find their socks are not the best and dont last long. The heatech again wasn't the best heatwise for the price. Have some teeshirts and find the Target ones better at half the price. Just my personal experience.
        Their fleece lined track bottoms are great. Very warm but very baggy fitting compared to previous years so look awful and plenty of room for a nappy. Perhaps that's the idea, saves getting cold……….just stick on a nappy :-)

    • What brands you usually wear then?

    • My understanding was that they offer decent quality basics for the price you pay. Their Supima Cotton T-Shirts seem popular.

      • The quality isn't as good compared to a few years back. I used to always buy the Supima T-Shirts but these days are not as thick and get haggared looking much quicker. I suspect prices remained the same but they just use a thinner or lower grade cotton material? Shame as I used to like them. Again, just my personal experience.

        Regardless, they have some ok stuff at good prices if their designs suit your tastes.

    • +1

      Airism undershirts and underpants

    • Heattech (and the ultra warm variant) for winter, and airism for summer!

    • I love their Airism underwear and heat tech long johns+sweater

    • Currently (if its still available) the +J stuff is very good, designed by Jil Sander.

      The workout hoodies and airism U tees are also good.

  • does it include all face masks or just some

  • +3

    Offcourse…just made a $100 order 2 days ago…Just arrived this morning.

  • +2

    Most of the Heattech sales items are sold out…

  • -1

    What am I missing here? I am seeing %8 casback? Can someone inform please

    • +4

      Starts at 5pm

      • Oh thank you!!

  • +2

    Hi guys. For those subscribed to this thread, ensure you enter our new competition prior to purchase for a crack at seven prizes. Each new transaction (after registration) of $20 or more gets you a new entry. Good luck!

  • Tracked almost instantly. Cheers!

  • Okay now.

  • Note they don't offer instore returns anymore and charge you $8 to return something by post. Poor form…

    • -1

      The do offer instore returns and refund for items purchased from a store. If you mean buying online, then that's correct if one wants a refund. You can however exchange items purchased online in any store. In regards to the $8 return if not happy postage, what's wrong with that?

      • The do offer instore returns and refund for items purchased from a store.

        But you have to return them to the store you bought them from. I can't return things I bought at the Parramatta store to the Miranda store. And what about people from Tasmania or South Australia who bought in store in Victoria?

        • -1

          Well if you want a refund, then that's correct i.e. needs returning to original location. All stores will exchange regardless where purchased.
          My guess is that this prevents some people that buy say 3 items to get free shipping and then just return x2 for a refund to any store?

      • +1

        So we get penalised for buying online ?

        Can't try it on so it is likely I may need to return something so why make me pay $8
        There is no store near me…meanwhile Uniqlo sales revenue is in the billions..

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