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Weber Baby Q Titanium/Black LPG BBQ $259 + Delivery or Free Pickup @ The Good Guys


Black LPG BBQ Model - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/weber-baby-q-black-lpg-500102...

Great to cook on, I just snagged myself an extra for camping.

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  • Very tempted. I have the Family Q and its by far the best BBQ I've ever had.

    I don't have enough of a use-case to justify the baby though…

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      Buy now, worry later

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    Have this. Perfect BBQ for Monday-Thursday. When I don't have time to turn on the Weber Kettle or Hibachi.

  • what do you guys use for drip trays

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      a drip tray

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    • Aluminium foil shaped into a lil catch tray

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      Cheap Coles/Woolies aluminium foil trays don't work? We use them for the family Q

    • Anything like these that you can get from Colesworth or Bunnings. Definitely don't pay $15 for the Weber ones lol.

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        88 cents for single use….. nah

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          Yeah nah, no-one says you have to throw them out every time

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          unless I've cooked a crazy amount of stuff (or chicken, which is fatty), I just wash the trays to get more uses out of them. I can also line the trays themselves with foil. So it's not single use

    • Bought some cheap ones from Bunnings

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      Cheapest I’ve found that fits. It’s a little bit small but still fits. 46c per tray and i don’t replace it every time lol.

  • Cheers OP. Bought one!

  • Hey, any recommendations for a cheap natural gas BBQ? New apartment I'm moving into has a gas tap so I figure I might as well get one

    • Can't you get an adaptor for it?

    • You can get the regular Weber Q in NG

  • Can you convert this to use Natural Gas?

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      Yes, although the (proper) conversion kits is > $100. Unless you really don't have the space or use the BBQ a lot buying a bottle and refilling will be cheaper & you still have the portability. Also keep in mind it's not endorsed/approved by weber so if there are any mishaps insurance probably won't cover it.

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        Nah don't need portability. Ok so not endorsed if I buy the conversion kit huh? But is is safe to convert?

        • heat output is different, slower to cook from my understanding

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          If you want Natural Gas, maybe look into buying the Q2000 which comes in NG? More space to cook too

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          I'm not a qualified gas plumber so can't tell you hand-on-my-heart that it's safe, but know of people that have used the kits and so far no issues. As stated though NG has a much lower energy content (93 vs 39 MJ/m3). On a small burner like the baby Q I can see that being an issue

        • The heat would be much lower. Honestly you're better off just getting a large gas bottle. I fill mine up only once a year, maybe a bit less if I use it a fair bit. Very cheap and convenient.

      • Weber won’t just sell the conversion kits to anyone.

        You’ll need a signed form from your licensed gas fitter before they’ll sell you the conversion kit.

        Alternatively, Weber can arrange the conversion on your behalf.

  • Great price - I have the Family Q and often wish I had just gone the Baby.

    • Oh how come please explained?

      While looking I can see they also sell this one https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/weber-family-q-black-ng-56017... it use NG

      • The baby is just super portable - on mine the stand is bolted on as well as the "body" of the bbq not having a flat base so needs the whole setup to be used. I've since just bought a decent LPG camp stove for this use - but having a Weber in a festival campsite is great!

        I love the Family Q… I guess I just haven't needed its size as much as I had anticipated.

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          You need the Weber Q (the Q2000)!
          It’s portable but bigger than the baby Q, I think it hits the sweet spot.

          • @JTTheMan: Hmm the Baby Q does look pretty small, maybe the Weber Q will be better suited for family use!

            • @exc3113nce: I have the Weber Q Premium and it's fantastic. Took it to a local park on Monday morning and had a massive cookup of eggs and bacon with hash browns and toasted rolls.

              Plenty of cooking space but small enough to throw into your car easily. The inbuilt temp gauge works a treat.

              Recommend getting a plate for cooking and swap out one of the grills with it if doing onion, eggs etc, or the rack for a roast.

              • +1

                @ctg: You can also get a nifty cart for transporting the Q (or Baby Q) easliy.

              • @ctg: Actually decided to look at the family q now haha

            • @exc3113nce: The Weber q can be click and collected for around $380 from good guys on eBay with code plusf5

              • @maverickjohn: Good price, but no temperature gauge. The Q2200 is not available.

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    I'm tempted. But then I need a trolley. A cover a flat plate etc. Starts getting expensive.

    I don't use my current gas bbq!

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      This happened to me. I bought the Baby Q and just put it on a table before I bought the trolley. Shortly after a cover, grill plate and scraper/brush were purchased. I do use mine frequently though.

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      You don't need a trolley if you have a table you can put it on. You don't need a cover; just put it somewhere it won't get rained on. You don't necessarily need a hot plate either depending on what you're cooking. You only really need a brush like this (or you can pay $30 for a Weber one).

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        You definitely need a plate. I cook bacon and egg on flat plate and the flavour is just on another level compared to the ones cooked in pan.

        It can also be used to cook small cut vegetables.

        • Genuine question, yet to buy a BBQ. Whats the difference? Isnt flat plate same as a cast iron pan on a gas cook top?

          • @EchoNoob: Can’t answer that as I have never cooked bacon and egg in cast iron pan.

            I just like using my baby q :)

            • +1

              @freakunow: I use a small cast iron pan in the Ever Q alongside other cooks. Stuff like onions and bacon for the burger patties cooking direct on the grill. Have done Mac and cheese slow then removed and turned it up to cook a steak. Just needs to fit with the lid down.

              A plate might be easier to flip etc. Think lodge griddle as an alternative on Prime day.

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    can this use the small 400g propane cylinder? I don't want to carry a 4/10kg bottle just for a few hours of use.

    • +1

      with an Adapter, yes.

      • Is the adapter included? Or will you need to get it as an additional accessories?

        • Not included. Can’t find one locally but I was able to get one from AMazon US. I believe it is called 1lb propane tank adapter to POL Type 1

  • Personally I find the thermo gauge on the premium lid super handy. Never goes on sale though

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      Buy it for five bucks on Ebay and drill a hole

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    Great find OP. Good way to get this cheaper could be to:

    1. Price match at BCF. Will have to be in-store based on gift cards below.
    2. Stack with 15% off UItimate for Him Card at Woolies.

    Should be $220.15 after these :)

    • Or ask a first responder friend to buy from BCF for you with gift cards from Woolies on the 25th June. Comes down to $201.71 after 30% + 15% from gift cards

    • Cheers, went and grabbed one today!

    • +1

      Yep bought for 220.15 then sold for 290 then bought another for 220.15

      So my weber baby q ended up costing $150

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    great deal - I bought one for $279 which was a good deal. I've used mine many times since. this is even better - especially if stacked with discount gift cards or cashback. I'd only suggest getting a plate for it if you intend on cooking eggs or bacon or similar.

  • +2

    I have enough Nando's Peri Peri rewards points to redeem one of these bad boys. May just pull the trigger!

  • +1

    Dont particularly like the Q, affected by wind too much with the shelf holes on the side which leads to not being temp stable enough even in light covered conditions. They should also include half grill, half flat plate as standard. Otherwise they are good portable barbecues and a less bad to pack shape than say the beefeater big bugg which is supposedly great to cook with.

    • Something you would recommend instead?

      • not that ive found, guess I want an amazing camping portable barbie all in one. Have heard great things about the beefeaters but think they are a bit more exxy.

  • These days with lot places have ban solid fuel use, gas BBQ is the way to go.

  • Really solid barbeque for feeding a small number of people and great price. Well recommend going for one. Webers aftercare is apparently second to none also

  • +1

    I wonder if BCF will price match then I can use gift cards I have

    • +1

      Yep I did it today

  • Does the base around the element need cleaning after every use? Looks like a hassle to clean

    • +4

      Not in my experience. Use mine daily for the past year and weekly for 2+ years before that. All I do every use is clean the grill with a stainless steel brush (and some damp paper towel if required).

      I clean mine every time I switch out the gas bottle. Probably would say every 6 months.

      A 99c plastic putty knife from Bunnings works great for cleaning the base, and I just immerse the grills in a laundry tub with some non toxic degreaser (simple green or orange) and then scrub with a wire brush after it's been soaking for an hour or two.
      Any really stuck on bits can be removed with a metal scraper.

      Then after giving the gas pipe a clean I pretty much wipe the outside over with a damp cloth and same for the hose. Cleaning the gas pipe can be the most tedious part if it has any holes blocked. A sewing needle and some pliers to hold it with work ok for clearing any blocked holes but I'm sure there's a better way I just haven't thought of yet.

      After it's all reassembled I'll do a burn off for at least an hour before I cook on it again.

      • +1

        Cheers for the reply. Sold.

      • +2

        Now I feel bad for not cleaning mine in 5 years but I only use it weekly.

        I just do a burn off at most after I cook anything that had a marinade, and spray the hose with soapy water to make sure no leaks once in a while.

        These BBQs are also the most GAS efficient BBQ I've ever used, I was given a couple of GAS bottles from friends who got rid of their BBQs, its still sipping the gifted gas..

        • haha, I'm the same. My first grill rusted out and I did a warranty claim.. they said my BBQ was a fire hazard because of all the shit in there. I scrape it out a bit more often now

  • Ordered….thanks

  • Got one. Bit of cash rewards too. Thanks OP.

  • Thank OP. Bought one

  • +2

    Thanks OP, I got the Weber 2000 at BCF via price match. Used the 15% off "Ultimate Gift Cards for Him" to get it down just under $340. See this deal

    For reference I was thinking about getting the 2200 premium model, the best that "Home of Fire" in Holden Hill SA could do was 5% off. That would make it ~$455 down from $480. The higher lid and temperature gauge would have been nice, but they weren't worth an extra $140. I didn't push them too far with negotiating, so you could probably get it down further. Even if I did well I assumed it would still be a delta of around $100, and still not worth it.

    BCF were also super cool about using four $100 gift cards. Highly recommend the Modbury SA store, they were champs.

  • Just bought

  • +5

    If you dont want to spend $150 on the stand, I've been using this $19 kmart portable camping table. Works well.


  • +1

    Great price with BCF price match and 15% off gift cards

  • Ok bought one. Now what accessories do I need.

    Recommendedations please.

    Im looking at roasting pack and pizza stone. Do you recommend Weber branded or can the stone be from anywhere as long as it would fit.

    Any drip tray recommendations. Does anyone put tin foil at bottom of bbq or not needed.

    Also looking at the roltisserie. Any thermometer recommendations.

    Wow this is gonna get expensive!

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