This was posted 4 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[QLD] Unleaded 98 Fuel $1.384/L @ 7-Eleven Southport QLD 4215


98 octane for 91 octane prices at Southport
Treat your car.

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    Normal fuel cycle. Just 3 cents cheaper than the next cheapest U98 price (141.7) on projectzerothree

    • It's the same price as the 91 fuel if you look at the 7/11 store locator checker which shows the price in real time

      Technically it is cheaper but not by much

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      No it's not, it's cheaper by minimum 20 cents a litre than every other petrol station on the gold coast for 98 octane.

      • If you don't know how to mock your location to lock in 7/11 fuel from any servo in Australia, irrespective of your location, that's on you.

        • On iOS?

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          Yeah dude like how on iOS??

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    Time to warm up the chopper

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      Is there actually a way to fly a chopper to lock in these days?

      • Yeah, iPhone or rooted Android

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    Do most Ozbargainers drive high compression cars in need of 98 octane?

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      Depends what your fuel cap says and what high yield investment you have

    • most modern turbocharged cars need 95 minimum.

  • does Ifake location support most recent itunes update? My husband decided to update the itunes today.

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    Rear rotor on my chopper not spinning properly… will have to call the Jet.

  • Thanks, just flew my chopper over!

  • I also saved after getting the notification
    But as other says, it seems only 3c cheaper than the 2nd lowest price

    • Prices might go up a lot though, seems to be the trend right now

  • I just filled up here.

    Better get in quick, the tanker truck just started pumping into the tanks.

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    It’s not a deal

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      Where is the better price?

    • If they can beat Costco's price for 98 it's a great deal. Haven't seen a price lower than Costco (in Vic) for 2 weeks.

      • The Costco fuel price for 98 in Vic is $1.417, which is pretty much the same as what the lowest national 7-Eleven 98 price has been for the past few weeks. Unless you mean compared to general fuel prices in Vic?

        • Is, not was, Costco had 98 for 136.x and 138.x 2-3 weeks ago and 1 week ago respectively.

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    Just got myself a tank full. The reason the U98 is this low is because they ran out of U91. It's being refilled so the deal probably won't last long.

  • just went back up

  • if one resides in another state, can we chopper over to cheapest state? Any issues?

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      yep, never had issues