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Up to 50% off + Extra 20% off @ adidas Outlet + 15% ShopBack Cashback - Ultraboost from $100


Nice deal for adidas when stacked with cashback.

15% cashback @ ShopBack - cap $25

Ultraboosts - from $100 before cashback.

Free delivery with $100 order.

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    Hmm dealbot you're sexy af, much love! <3

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    Nice! Finally a deal for runners with size 15 in stock, hope they run larger than nike…

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      Well hello big boy

      • Hello

    • Got my runners! Fit nice definitely bigger than nike!

  • Haven't bought anything directly from Adidas before. Does anyone know why the code isn't applying? :/

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      Should work at checkout. "EXTRA20" is the code.

      • It didn't apply any discount at checkout. I must be doing something wrong! 😅

          1. Is the product you're buying from the outlet? The code doesn't work if not.
          2. Whether viewing your bag or in the checkout, there should be a box for you to enter the code underneath the order summery section.
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    Code working, Cheers for Shopback heads up. This deal got me out of bed to order on the PC to make use of the ShopBack. Nice stacked deal mate!

  • Is it $25 cap per order or per user?

    • Yea, I'd like to know this too. My order is at the 220 mark post discount, so it would make sense for me to place two separate orders, if I could get Cashback twice!

      Let me know if you find out.

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    I just want Ultraboost that taste like real Ultraboost

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    Is it just me or are the new Ultraboost 21s really ugly? Maybe I'm being harsh?

    • No you're right. I have a few pairs of the 20s because I really like them, but the 21s just look terrible to me.

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      It's not you, the 21's look stupid. I'll be getting another pair of UB20's to last me through to '22.

    • Yes I don't like them. The black ones look weathered and used.

  • What are the best shoes for long distance running?

    • The Adizero range for pace

    • +7

      Not adidas (or Nike). I’d look to brands like Asics, Brooks or New Balance if you’re serious about running

      If you’re doing distance running go to somewhere like Atheltes Foot and get some recommendations after they assess you becuase your feet and gait will make a massive difference on what shoes are good for your feet.

      • +2

        they assess you because your feet and gait will make a massive difference on what shoes are good for your feet.

        This is often underrated advice. Shoes that look cool are quite often not the best for the task at hand. And since we all have different shaped feet, ankle/knee/hip geometry etc an assessment will be the biggest advantage to comfortable shoes

        • That’s correct. Bodies aren’t built the same and what works for someone will not work for others. Me for example, my body does not like the full ‘knit’ type shoes to run in as they just don’t provide the overall support I need, esp in the front foot. The toe box and mid foot are too loose and my feet squirm too much. It’s a shame becuase I do quite like the look of them

          It’s a pain when you just want ‘an answer’ on what to buy but anyone with sensitive feet who has bought the wrong running shoes to save a few bucks can attest to that $100 saving being wiped out by visits to the physio to fix the problem. Once I found the right shoes for me I just buy the same (updated model) each year. Nimbus is my pick of shoe (or rather it works best for my body and running style)

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      Boston 9s are at an incredible value under $100. They are do-it-all trainers and many runners' favorite.

  • +8

    Just went through 19 pages of products, not a single item I wanted was in stock/right size

    • +12

      You should use filters

      • I normally do, but I just wanted to have a look at the range of stuff that was on sale

  • Why is it always Adidas with the good cashback deals? Can't it be Nike, just once? :(

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      Yeah I want to try the pegasus 37/38

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    Still waiting for the extra 50% sale:(

  • anyone knows the size difference between men and female adidas shoe sizing?

    • 1 size different ie. woman 10 = man 9.

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    Adidas: Order today…. cancel on Monday

    • +1

      Totally agree!!!!

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        Sounds like the boss needs a short interest free loan over the weekend.

  • +1

    Thanks DB !! ordered a pair of UB20 hopefully it isn't cancelled like the last order lol

    Really wish companies like this would backorder stock instead of refunding a week later !

  • +1

    Cheers DB. Bought my first UB 21s. Let's hope shopback gets tracked and they are as good as the older models.

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      Shopback is shockingly terrible for me. Sometimes it tracked the purchases and most other times it won't. Lodged complaint about missing cashback transactions on many occasions and later the result: REJECTED - Their reasons are BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  • Cheers thanks

  • Looks like they haven't really restocked anything since April 2021 sale when I bought a few pairs.

  • is there anyone have trouble to pay?
    I tried all the method but it says payment failed.
    Btw, I am using 40% off code.

    • Which one is the 40% off code? I tried CASHREWARDS and it's expired already

      • +1

        I guess I got many points, so I have both 30 and 40% off code

  • All the pants are sold out :(

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    All day i dream about sales

  • Can i use prepaid coles MasterCard for this. I tried to use it on After pay but it doesn’t accept prepaid cards

  • Is desktop vs mobile better for getting tracking to work?
    I turn off add blocking and its hit and miss

    • Most fail safe way is probably using the browser embedded in the cashback app of your chosen cashback provider.

      I usually don't have any problems with desktop either. On the other hand Chrome browser on Android mobile fail to track a lot of the times.

    • For big tickets I go via the app to make sure.

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    BEWARE Shopback! - in a previous Adidas deal, Shopback never honoured the cashback simply stating that "We have investigated and found that the merchant has deemed ShopBack ineligible to earn commissions on this transaction which results in us being unable to pass the Cashback along to you."

    I wouldn't rely on the cashback when considering the price, think of it simply as a bonus.

    • Agreed, have had the same happen with cash rewards for me also.

    • Did you cause anything to void the cashback? Like return/refund?

      • No, it was nothing on my end which voided the cashback.
        Seemed like Shopback just reneged on their offer.

  • Is anyone else having trouble applying the code? It says "code not recognised" for me. Very frustrating.

    • +1

      I got the same issue but after trying a few times the code has gone through, so good luck!

      • Yep, cheers mate. Just tried again and it worked. Bingo bango.

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    Extra20 not working anymore

    • Same for me, could be finished

  • It worked for me, but my cashback didn't track on both orders.
    2 orders - 1 on chrome on mobile, 2nd on the shopback app browser.
    Will have to chase them as it's a lot of money. I hope they don't stuff me around.

    • Didnt track for me also, lodged a report already got half my order too.

      • I've had to log a report too. It's now 'pending'.

    • Mine tracked fine, 10 bucks cashback

  • Ordered 19th june just got the email today 30th order cancelled what a colossal bunch of Fwits

    Maybe next year I will own a pair of new shoes

  • Just realised that they sent me a us size instead of the UK size.

    Is that normal?