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ASUS DUAL GeForce RTX 3060 Ti OC Mini V2 LHR 8GB GDDR6 $1159.42 Delivered @ PB Tech via MyDeal


Some might say this in not a deal but I have not seen a 3060 ti available for dispatch at this price in a long time. Performance is close to that of a rtx 3070 and presents great value for those looking for a small form factor itx build.

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  • Please clarify the price of the card?

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    Lhr model

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      better buying a 6700xt for $1049 then. XFX Radeon RX 6700 XT Speedster SWFT 309 Graphics Card $1049 + Shipping @ PLE - OzBargain

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        I feel like the 6700xt is a better buy regardless, unless you need to go green team for a specific use-case or really want better ray-tracing. It seems to bench in between the 3060ti and 3070 (beating the 3070 in some games), and for less money than a 3060ti. Although obviously 'better buy' is relative, still getting scalped…

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        The 3060 ti has better Ray Tracing and DLSS which pretty much plucks fps out of thin air. Unless you're playing order titles, I would purchase the 3060 ti.

        • Ooops, should have mentioned if you can find stock and are the same price.

    • should i care about this if all i'm doing is playing games?

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        • thanks

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        6700xt is a better buy

        • any deal on this card?

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    $499 is the right price for a rtx xx60Ti

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      That would be a deal. It's way lower than MSRP.

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      I will buy all of them if $499, my rig 6x3060ti evga is doing well

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    Wasn't there some issue with a similar post a few days ago?

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      The store that people had issue with was Techno Point

      The seller in this deal is PB Tech, which is a fairly well known New Zealand based computer shop. You can just buy directly from PBtech website without going thru mydeal marketplace.

      • I've bought Antec cases from PBT in the past, legit business.

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    honestly you are better off waiting a few years until computer prices go back down to something near reasonable, there isn't a whole lot that makes gaming worth it right now and some of the most interesting games are still a few years away. bonus is if you wait you will have a backlog of games to play through and not have to spend years waiting for something in particular like me and TES VI

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      While your comment's suggestion is not the best, it does have a good point. If I was most people, I would have bought a console, found a Keyboard and Mouse adapter, and used that for two years. When the 4000 series launches, prices should return to normal. Yes, consoles don't have ray-tracing or DLSS, but at least the series X has performance ~ 3060 ti for only $950 (worst case if you can't find one for $750).

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        hard enough to find a non scalped console these days too. gaming is becoming less and less worth it. i've only been excited for 3 games in recent years and one of them was a big disappointment.

      • To be fair, the consoles do use some ray tracing in some titles I'm pretty sure? And they use dynamic resolutions/upscaling. Maybe not as effective as Nvidia cards but still used.

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    Good to see the prices going down, with the arrival of the LHR series cards.

  • I remember getting the EVGA 3070 FTW3 Ultra for 1100 a couple months ago. And NOW a 3060Ti is 1300!?

    • I sold my RTX 3060 Ti last month on eBay for $1,699. Not a bad price.

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      Yeah, we just have to accept that there's no point in pining about how much cheaper GPUs were a few months back. If I had a time machine I would have stocked up and made a killing but *harrumph*

      Short supply and increased demand will mean that prices will go as high as the market will bear.

    • These cards were $630-$650 on Amazon at launch without the LHR and stupid me didn't buy one. By now it would've more than paid for itself from crypto…

      • Not too late to start. If you game, then even if cryptos crash, you still lose nothing.
        I got one at around $750 on boxing day, people said it was not a deal at all.
        Now the card had paid for itself with a few extra hundred bucks (mining when not gaming);
        And card itself still have 2.5 years warranty on it, now worths over $1200 used.

      • I got one from Amazon for 750 and thought i got ripped but there was nothing else lol

  • These are LHR cards, i'd suggest putting this in the title.

  • Just NO!!!!

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    Shouldn’t LHR cards be sold strictly at msrp? Retailers still scalping cards that are shit for mining, smh.

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    sorry but not a deal if it’s over twice of what it should be

  • LHR, it should be titled gimped.

    Morons think this fixes things but it's just NVIDIA milking more money from more people whilst making your card shitier then it should be.

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    Isn’t the LHR feature easily bypassed by a dummy hdmi cable?

  • When these crappy cards are priced beyond 3070s you and that company can gtfo

  • WTF? mid-range gaming card is over $1000. Send help!

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    What are people expecting to pay for this card these days? Everyone has in their head that this is a $500 card but the cheapest models available on release were $750 in Australia. On top of that you have the chip shortage, increased prices for goods manufactured in China due to the taxes imposed by the US and of course inflation from all the free money floating around. I posted this deal because I thought it would help people get a decent rtx 3000 series card at the lowest price I have seen in months. Ozbargain (particularly for computer parts and consoles) has become a community of cry babies.

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      Let's not kid ourselves that this is anything but it inflation caused by crypto mining.

      Idiots literally wasting finite resources to mine intangible assets. Meanwhile probably blaming boomers for how fecked up the climate is…..

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        Ok boomer lol

        • Not my bitcoins.

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      increased prices for goods manufactured in China due to the taxes imposed by the US

      Just as well we're not in the US.

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