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Reolink Argus 2E Indoor/Outdoor IP Security Camera $79.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


Other prices on the market at the moment:

  • Amazon $142
  • eBay $148

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    How's the reolink compared to Arlo? Considering either brand at the moment

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    solar panel shown in photo is NOT INCLUDED. it is optional accessory.
    and no mention of battery life.

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      yes, the product image is a bit misleading

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        Or a lot


    As a side note, I have installed the solar panel (purchase separately) for my Argus 2
    and have been running without issue for over past 1+ year
    just checked on my Argus 2 and it is still being charged at 100%, never run out of battery

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      I did the same, theyre amazing. Upgrading to 4k PoE versions when sale is on, just for person/vehicle identification and 24/7 recording (and better quality is nice too)

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    Can anyone provide with battery info without solar please


      Depends on how much motion it detects


      About 1 to 4 weeks with normal use [source]

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        More like 2-3 days battery life in real life if you check the camera a couple if minutes in a day.


    I read on their website that the free cloud storage only supports one camera. I need 4 is there a way to avoid paying for the premium storage?

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    EBay cheaper with solar panel Inc delivery $117 if you have ebay plus with code peofy22

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      Why neg?
      Shopping square $80+$10 delivery plus $37 solar = $127.

      Reolink eBay support is very good.

      Am I calculated wrongly or because you don't have ebay plus account?