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Samsung The Premiere Laser 4K Smart Projector $4495 + Delivery (Bonus $1500 Gift / EFTPOS Card) @ JB Hi-Fi / The Good Guys


Spend a night in at the cinema
Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector, up to 120" Screen Size
4K Resolution & 2,200 ANSI Lumens
Smart TV Experience with Built-in Voice Assistant
Bonus $1500 JB Gift Card!
Purchase this selected Samsung The Premiere Laser Projector and get a bonus $1500 JB Gift Card!
Online purchasers will receive a gift card via email 2 weeks from order completion. In-store purchasers will receive gift card at time of purchase.
Offer valid until June 30, 2021.

or the good guys with $1500 eftpos card by flashi007

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  • Very similar deal


    But I would still prefer the previous one, giving me flexibility to spend the $1500

  • +5

    This one is better


    Comes with a $1500 eftpos card. Not tied to JB.

  • +8

    They should just knock 1.5k off the price

    • $1500 to you isn't $1500 to them though.

  • Is this 3d compatible? Thx

    • Samsung and 3D divorced long back :P

  • +12

    Seriously was almost excited, thought you get 2 $1500 gift cards

  • +4

    If a business buys it then it can write off the full amount on tax, and pocket the $1,500 Good Guys eftpos card…. nice! This will result in say a 30% tax saving on $4495 = $1,348.50, bringing it down effectively to $4,495 less $1,348.50 less $1,500 eftpos card = $1,646.50. Good deal!

    • don't know why you've been negged mate but I agree with you. Might be seen as a bit of frivolous expenditure esp if you're the tradie type

      • +1

        I am also intrigued by the negs. I run a business and can write this one off easily as per my comment. I currently have a projector putting out 120" inch which I use for presentations, however I also have my consoles and gaming rig connected to it too (which I use during breaks).

      • If the projector sits in my office then it is 100% deductible. Consoles are nicely hidden away in cupboards behind my desk.

        • Whoa, really? Sounds epic. I wouldn’t have thought you’d be able to relax playing games in your office, but I guess if you have downtime and are disciplined in how much you play it…

          • @Meconium: Work is stressful and need some downtime every now and then

        • The location of the asset has nothing to do with the deductibility. Making a false declaration on your tax return is your choice, but you should try not to encourage others by giving misleading information.

          • @Summoner: Where is the misleading information? My clients have pool tables in their office rec rooms and other items….

            • @Logical: My understanding is that a pool table is also not a deductible unless pool is the business activity.

              • @Scrobo: It's part of the furniture in the office and depreciated over its lifetime

    • +2

      Actually, you would claim VST input tax credits first, and then 30% tax, less 1500 csrd….works out $1,380.45

      • +1

        Sold. I will leave that to my accountant ;-)

  • https://www.videopro.com.au/p-14076-samsung-the-premiere-las... $4250 but comes with a 100" screen that's "worth" $1700

    • +1

      JB tried the free screen earlier this month but theirs was "worth" $2995

      As per the comment above, if there's still so much mark up that they can give away a $1500-2k bonus with them, they should just lower the price.

    • Isn’t that the one that JB has for $8795?

  • There's $1500 of on
    LSP9T as well… At the good guys

    • $2000 via JB on the LSP9T too.

  • Is the LSP9T much better than the LSP7T?

    • +2

      LSP7 and all other UST's have single laser. LG has RBB laser but LSP9 has triple laser (RGB). There is a significant difference in picture quality, I've seen them both.

  • LSP7 is a steal for this price.

  • Is this a true 4k or using mirror shifting like to get 4k?

    • +1

      All UST's use pixel shifting but Samsung has larger chip so it's really good. Most Chinese brand use smaller chip.

  • Noob question, how much is 65" projector screen or if we can just project to a wall? Also anyway to project TV as well? Thanks

    • At this price why not just get a 65" OLED screen?

      • For $3k? N possibly tax deductible? Thanks

      • Btw why are you suggesting OLED instead of projector? Thanks.

        • +1

          Noob question, how much is 65" projector screen…

          The big advantage of projectors are that allow a much bigger image at a reasonable price, compared to a TV.

          The big disadvantage is that the image is not close to being as good as an OLED TV, especially in normally lit conditions. For best results projectors need a dark room and a projector screen.

          For projecting a 65" image, it will be cheaper and look better on a 65" OLED TV.

          or if we can just project to a wall?

          You can project to a wall, it just won't look as good. Because of how they work, UST projectors like this one are recommended to be used with a CLR/ALR screen which will help minimise reflections from other light sources.

          Also anyway to project TV as well?

          This projector has an antenna input/digital tuner for showing FTA TV, if that is what you mean.

          • @ChiefAJ: Ah thanks very much, yes i would like to use the projector as my main TV and work. Assuming we can project laptop as well. I m thinking to buy 65-75" TV but don't want the bulk and want the simplicity of projecting to any walls. If we can dial in any digital TV then it is perfect. So oled is the real deal hey? Not super fuss of picture quality tbh as long as it's decent. Thanks again.

          • @ChiefAJ: To be fair to the laser UST projectors - with an ALR screen, the lighting of the room doesn’t need to be that dark to get a good picture (when compared to a normal bulb projector)

  • +2

    For those interested, today I went to Harvey Norman and made a purchase under the finance offer.
    You get $100 for every $1000 you spend.
    So I ended up getting $a $1500 and a $400 on the spot at the expense of applying for finance.
    On the spot approval.

    • interest free or whats the interest and terms

      • Its stupid.
        Latitude go mastercard is the finance option you have.
        0% interest however its $8.95 monthly keeping fee.
        If you can pay everything off in first month then its likely to cost only 8.95 for the month.

    • So Harvey also offered $1500 cash back? In HN gift card or general eftpos? Thanks

      • Yes unfortunately.
        So $1500 HN cashback + $400 HN finance promotion

        Also note, I hear the finance promotion ends on Wednesday 23rd.

        • Ah ok, thanks. So how much total did you pay in HN? Thanks. Btw do you know if they had the tv socket in the projector? Thanks

          • @Bargain-er: Finance you don't need to pay anything.
            The finance kicks of the date you collect the item or get it delivered to you.
            Stock, I do not know how many but not a lot.
            However the guy did say that there are more coming in if I decided to not take it on spot.
            I think he said July.

            • @mr chow: Ah ok, thanks. Do you know if the projector has any tv connection socket? Thanks

              • @Bargain-er: Can't tell you that sorry, i ordered it yesterday in store at 5pm which by then the warehouse had truely closed.

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